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Divi Builder 12
Beaver Builder 10
Breeze Page Builder 7
KingComposer 2
Responsive 2846
Blog 2503
Google map 2227
Dropdown Menu 2212
Admin Panel 2036
Advanced Theme Options 1986
Sample content 1781
Retina Ready 1778
Website Builder 1776
Gallery 1733
Drag and Drop Content 1639
Performance Optimization 1546
Mobile Layout Included 1500
Bootstrap 1431
Portfolio 1368
JQuery 1341
Multipurpose 1273
HTML 5 1086
Parallax 854
One click installation 850
Background video 826
Ajax 785
Tabs 746
Forum 665
One Page Templates 592
Lazy Load effect 564
Completely JS 436
HTML plus JS 412
eCommerce 406
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Static 229
Quickstart Package 206
Right to left language support 193
Themes Bundle 135
CV 126
Power Page Builder 107
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Novi Builder 60
j2store 57
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Moto CMS Landing Builder 15
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Ecwid 1342
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Download WordPress Themes with One Subscription 

Are you continually looking for cheaper options for web templates? Want to have high-quality digital products, but your budget is limited? Can't decide which package to choose? TemplateMonster presents One solution for you. This ultimate subscription service has multiple reasons to be beneficial for you. The first and most important one is that you will save your money! It is much more financially profitable to purchase our subscription than a single template. Pay $82/year and install WordPress themes without boundaries.

In comparison, a single template costs around $72 and has a one-time use license. Developers, web studio members, all kinds of graphic designers will enjoy our premium services all year round at a low cost. Moreover, if you want to create something unique, you need to try different templates that cost money. Our license allows you to use many templates you like for any number of projects without additional charges. 

Install items with our membership today and: 

  • You get professional technical support 24/7, which helps you deal with any issues if you are a beginner or already an experienced user. If you have any difficult question, there is a person here who helps you solve the problem;
  • You get the most trendy products available on the market. The content of the website is continuously growing and altering with the most popular and relevant items. We conduct a regular replenishment of new graphics, and we promise to send you updates even when your membership expires. One subscription service is there to pay once and get a whole set of modern layouts and other additional graphics to create a website. To provide the best for you, we considered all current web design trends, mobile versions requirements, usability, loading speed, popularity among users, and other essential factors.
  • The license does not limit the number of installs. No, this is not a joke. You can use all membership products as many times as you need to build the projects you are working on.
  • Membership includes items for Elementor and the popular JetPlugin that provide maximum functionality for any of your projects. Thus, no matter how complex your project is, One membership can satisfy any picky customer. 
  • No pressure! If you do not find what you need, you may cancel your subscription within 14 days.

For your convenience, we created three types of subscription:

  1. The creative membership option comes at $6.80 per month and $82 per year. Annual Unlimited membership allows you to use all graphics an infinite number of times within a year. Enjoy our projects, graphic/design items, and various presentations. To understand how low our charges are, we can compare them with your everyday expenses. Pay the price for your morning coffee and get access to our platform for a month. Pay a taxi ride to JFK and enjoy our facilities for a year. You may always try to subscribe for a month, and if you are happy with the services you get, you may extend it for a full year. 
  2. All-in-one membership costs $14.90 per month and $179 per year. You may also install free WordPress and CMS samples, creative eCommerce samples, plugins, and other professional graphic design items in addition to standard services.
  3. All-in-one Unlimited membership includes all facilities mentioned above plus a lifetime unlimited access to all our graphics. It means that you do not have to renew your monthly or yearly subscription every time. As you can see in the end, the fees are much lower in the long run than buying each item separately or ordering customized design. 

Download WordPress Themes for All Kinds of Projects

Whether you plan to open a restaurant or coworking place, hotel, or consulting agency, install our templates and beat your competitors with quality. We offer a variety of products related to all possible samples. Our graphics are suitable for:

  • IT
  • Business Branding & Related Services
  • Any Types of Design & Photography
  • Home & Family topics
  • Sports, Adventures & Travel lovers
  • World of Fashion & Beauty followers
  • Modern Society & People around us
  • Delicious Food & Restaurant Ambiance 
  • Health industry
  • Education & Books
  • All kinds of Vehicles 
  • History of Art & Culture
  • Entertainment, Games & Nightlife
  • Real Estate 
  • Electronics Templates
  • Animals & Pets samples
  • Holidays (Christmas, Easter, etc.) & Gifts Templates, etc.

Download WordPress Themes and Enjoy Multiple Features

Our templates have many essential characteristics to satisfy your needs. All of them come with an easy to use built-in drag & drop builder. This straightforward technology allows designing an original website in a few clicks. You may drag the necessary UX/UX elements from your library to the editor window and fully customize your project according to your concept. Other key features of our samples include: 

  1. Original design - all the TemplateMonster web samples have a unique layout that brings you more traffic to your site;
  2. Responsive look - your template will be displayed well on all kinds of devices;
  3. Transaction option - your customers have an opportunity to buy your products online;
  4. Browser compatibility - for any browser surfing usage;
  5. Dropdown menu, for straightforward navigation; 
  6. Stylish Google web fonts;
  7. Functional and easy to use Admin Panel;
  8. Retina Ready with sharper images and brighter, more vivid colors;
  9. WPML ready with professional content translation;
  10. Ecwid Ready with all the features you need online store;
  11. Sample Data Installer;
  12. Multifunctional Visual Editor;
  13. Elementor Page Builder for complex layouts;
  14. Cherry Framework and Cherry Framework 5;
  15. Appointment Booking and Schedule features;
  16. Install our items for eCommerce;
  17. Mobile Ready Layout Included;
  18. SEO for quality website traffic, etc. 

Moreover, we can also create high-quality content for you. Our best authors write unique and industry-optimized content. We carefully select keywords and run SEO optimization for it. This service comes at an extra cost and takes a full one week. Get a 1000 free-plagiarism text for your website or blog without delay. Contact us today to learn more about our professional facilities. 

SEO and Why It Is Important if I Want to Download WordPress Themes?

Your family, friends, and colleagues regularly search for products in Google, Yandex, or Bing. Your potential customers do the same. Why is it so important to be on the first page? The answer is simple: because most users never look at the second and further pages. They usually find the product or service they want on the first page of search results. Whether future customers find your website or not depends on SEO. Google should "like" your site. Search engine optimization is necessary to increase the number of visitors to your website. High ratings in search results are one of the cheapest ways to attract your audience. If your site is not "seen" by search engines, then its existence is meaningless. All in all, SEO is essential for any project because:

  • Your site is at the top of Google search results. It gives you constant customer traffic.
  • Your site looks presentable. Our graphics have unique content and zero technical flaws, which makes it more presentable and user-friendly.
  • Customers' trust. Once Google "trusts" a site, 90% of Internet users will treat it confidently.
  • Attract your clients at a low cost. With our optimized products, you don't have to pay separately for SEO services. Plus, your existing visitors will want to come back to the website again. To keep your available customers is much cheaper than finding new ones. 
  • The traffic to the site is continually growing. The improvement of the site never stops. It only expands, which allows it to attract the additional target audience.

How To Download WordPress Themes with One Subscription

If you are not a member of our TemplateMonster community yet, you may install our items in several easy steps. Once you choose your package, enter your contact details like email, first name, last name, email, billing address, and password. Afterward, you have to select your payment method. You have two options to pay with your Paypal account or Bank Card. Voila! You are now one of us. Users who are already members of our community can install WordPress Themes even faster. All you have to do is to log in and choose the membership from the list.

Download WordPress Themes FAQ:

How to Download WordPress Themes According to License Policy?

Once you decide to get a TemplateMonster subscription, you have two license options: Yearly Unlimited License, with the help of which you may upload any number of items included in the chosen package within a year from the purchase date.
Lifetime Unlimited License allows you to have all the necessary features of a yearly option but unlimited amounts of time. Prolonged support can be bought separately after the free a year support period finishes. There are also some restrictions you should be aware of. The main ones are: It is forbidden to redistribute our products. It is not permitted to use our tools for the Saas website. It is prohibited to install graphics from One to promote your items. All graphics you upload are applied only for end-product creation. 
In case you are confused regarding your rights and restrictions, contact us, and we will provide you with a detailed explanation. 

If I Download WordPress Theme and I Need Technical Support, Whom Should I Contact?

You have three options: Contact our professional technical team via Ticket Support service available from Monday to Friday. Round the clock general assistance chat, where are all the answers for item-related questions? Unfortunately, this option doesn't involve technical troubleshooting. Or use our advanced support option, which covers all types of technical issues for an additional fee. 

What Comes with a Template's Package? Is there Something I Have to Pay Extra to Download WordPress Theme?

The fee directly depends on the package you select. The more services you would like to get, the higher the price is. Basic options include fonts, style sheets, HTML files, design sources in PSD format, flash elements, etc. At an additional fee, you get ready to use the website premium package, conversion to the WordPress option, GDPR & CCPA Compliance option, Add Drag & Drop HTML Builder by Novi, and other useful facilities. Refer to our team for installation issues without delay.

I am Missing a Logo For My Project. Can I Download WordPress Themes and Get a Logo All Together?

Create a logo for your project at only $134! If you are not satisfied with a result, we can redesign it up to 3 times. We do understand that logos are not a simple decoration. It is a tool that contributes to the formation of your brand and its promotion. That is why it is better to entrust the creation of your logo to professionals. Qualified specialists use the specifics of your company to make a memorable symbol. The design of your corporate identity includes several basic principles:
Clarity and simplicity. Each element will become part of the whole and will carry a specific meaning. 
Readability is a must when designing a logo style. The logo should be easy to read and remember. 
Our team creates a versatile design.
Graphics, color, and font should convey a particular idea and be consistent with its strategy as a whole. We do consider it. 
The logo will be displayed well both on a small business card and a billboard.

How to Download WordPress Themes with One Subscription

Check out this informative video on how to sign in, choose the product category, and install the item you need. All the necessary steps can be performed in a click of a single button. Enjoy the One service and create your projects with ease.

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