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Launch Online Business Faster with New Author WordPress Themes by MonsterONE 

Today, almost any company needs to have a high-quality and attractive web resource. Technology is constantly advancing and we see a variety of innovations. They penetrate every sphere and force owners not to stay still and develop their businesses. It doesn't matter if you sell fruit or have a car dealership enterprise, help people or trade, sell medical equipment, or share the most delicious recipes. Everyone is welcome to grow online and increase recognition, the influx of like-minded people, and profits. An interesting and well-made website boosts traffic many times over. It's especially sought after by bloggers, authors, and writers. A well-organized and structured website attracts more people to your creativity. But what if there is no time or money to hire professionals? Employing author WordPress themes is the best way out.

You get top-notch design, dozens of awesome features, and, of course, almost everything out of the box. The templates save you not only time but also money. On top of that, they are designed to suit any knowledge and skill level. Therefore, if you handle them for the first time, you'll master the tools very quickly. So, take your business to the next level. It's worth a try.

Why is It Crucial for a Business to Have a Website?

Online presence is a fundamental aspect of enterprises. Today, without the utilization of technology, it is unlikely to achieve any goals. Therefore, if you still think that a resource is useless, you are deeply mistaken. Any platform means a guaranteed inflow of customers. It doesn't matter if it's a landing or a professional full-service website. Here are the main advantages of using an online environment for business:

  • Accessibility. The company will always be accessible to customers and potential customers. It multiplies visibility and chances before competitors. Users visit pages, flip through menus, place orders, and get the desirable services at any time. Plus, they don't have to look for your physical location. You are accessible from anywhere in the world.
  • Marketing aspect. The company immediately acquired a platform for selling goods and services. It is easier to promote with the application of advertising campaigns, modern tools, and extensions. Audience engagement is also involved here.
  • Trust and recognition. The platform is very often seen as a trusted source of data. Visitors read reviews from other buyers and draw their picture of what's going on. 
  • Competition. Today, almost everyone has pages on the web. You simply can't compete with others without your own cozy space. What's more, a lack of an online presence significantly harms your business. Why look for an address and be disappointed that the company is far away when you can reach out to experts online and learn everything possible about their team? The question is rhetorical.
  • Contact with clients. It's a great tool for contacting customers. Do this through feedback forms such as chats, emails, and contact details. 
  • Company growth. If you want to reach a global market, you will never achieve this without online tools. A website enables you to work with clients worldwide without any restrictions. 
  • As you understand, having a web presence is the most crucial element today. User-friendly themes are a great solution for its development. It's especially vital when your firm is still quite small or you've just started. Then various templates are just a salvation!

What are the Benefits of Referring to Author Landing Page WordPress Themes?

As we have already mentioned, author WordPress themes are a perfect option for many cases. It isn't only time and money saving, but also a huge number of other advantages and chips. In general, WordPress is a system that simplifies many processes. Among the benefits:

Ease of Usage

This CMS is the most popular one for development. Therefore, each theme has a simple and intuitive interface. Therefore, even with a low level of technical skills, you'll still be able to work with it. 

Flexibility and Capabilities

You create small landings and huge corporate web services. No matter if it is a store, forum, social network, or news portal, everything is quick and straightforward. 

Large Community

This system has a huge number of users and developers. It means that most of the items are always maintained and updated. Also, it is very easy to find help and any plugins to deal with templates. 


Developers are actively working on improving the security of the system. There are many methods and plugins for active protection. 


This content management system is open source and available to everyone. It allows it to have a huge functionality and the ability to customize the content. 


Updates are one of the key benefits. Be sure to wait for new plugins that keep your website up to date. 


WordPress supports platforms in almost every language. This makes it a great and common option for building quality websites.

As for the themes themselves, they are a treasure trove of clean design and high quality. Everything is already prepared and the main work is done for you. Don't bother to start creating a resource from scratch, and just fill in the already prepared layout. And even though it is already a finished template, the result comes out even better than professional solutions. Here are the main strengths of these solutions:

First-class design

Developers produce a product aimed at quality. With its help, you stand out as your business regardless of its direction. 


Customize the items to suit your needs. They are flexible and stay unique. These are fonts, backgrounds, colors, and more. 

Rich in functionality

They have just a huge number of different features. It can be blogs, portfolios, articles, integration of maps, fonts, social networks, and so on. 

SEO Optimization

Almost all themes come designed with modern SEO standards in mind. It improves the visibility of your future website in search engines. 

Support for various plugins

All new deals are perfectly combined with any add-ons. This significantly expands the capabilities and functionality of your web resource.

Who Profits from Author Pro Wordpress Theme?

Our WordPress author themes are first and foremost flexible web solutions. They are perfectly customizable, unique, and of top quality. The solutions are suitable for web designers. There is no need to plan layouts, place blocks, and think about what looks more harmonious. Just browse the collection and create tailored platforms in a few hours. Coders also profit, because they don't need to write code from scratch. You get a valid and clean framework to operate on. Web studio owners also save money. It is much cheaper to subscribe to tens of thousands of premium goods. Our offerings are also appropriate for the following industries:


Educational employees should pay special attention to templates. Creating a resource ensures that you engage more learners, take your teaching strategies to the next level, and popularize new approaches to studying. Add links to your social networks, publish useful selections of books, language learning programs, courses, etc. Finally, develop an awesome platform for your school, institute, and training organization.


Traveling, medicine, cleaning, cooking, collecting, and blockchain technology - write it all on your blog. Gather your like-minded people in one cozy place. It's also a cool decision for a book blog. Book selections by genre, reviews of the latest new releases, books worth reading, authors and their life stories - write about that too.

Reading platform

Create a space where everyone finds the book they are looking for. This could be a resource with a huge library. Or develop a platform where readers quickly find the story/author they are looking for by keywords. Your creativity is limitless.

Key Features of Author Website WordPress Theme

What do you expect from our offerings? You are probably looking for ease of usability, appealing visuals, and flexibility. We provide you with such an opportunity, as well as numerous features. They allow you to fill the resource with functionality and bring the maximum to make the website a comfortable place for the user. Enjoy the following features:

Unique design solution

Our authors think through every detail. Color schemes, shade combinations, and block layout. The templates follow the latest design trends - minimalism, dark mode, animations, seamless transitions, parallax, asymmetry, abstraction, etc. Decide what you like best, and what will better convey the mood of the brand, and make your choice.

Mobile ready layouts

Responsiveness to devices is the number one priority. Your platform should display correctly on tablets, smartphones, laptops, PCs, and iPads. Now clients don't have to scroll through pages crazily looking for menus or links.

Embedded builder

Elementor, Cherry Framework, Gutenberg Editor, WordPress Customizer API, Breeze builder - these and more are already available. Let's look at the most popular option - Elementor. It makes customization easy and allows you to arrange blocks and change their layout with drag and drop. The constructors allow you to have no coding skills and develop awesome pages in a few clicks.

Variety of galleries

Pick how to display books, magazines, newspapers, and other goods more favorably. Accordion, grid, slider, isotope, and other options are out there. Try on various modes, check out what's more convenient, and make adjustments.

Retina ready

Users are pleasantly surprised when they get a high-quality and smooth image at a glance. Retina-ready design means that the visuals are optimized to work on devices with high-resolution displays. These include smartphones, tablets, and computers manufactured by Apple. The feature embraces high pixel density. Images become sharper, and text and graphics look more thorough and bright on the screen.

WooCommerce support

Connect your store to the platform. Add payment systems, payment methods, multi-currency, and run book or course sales. The plugin is built into almost all templates. Plus, it's flexible and includes many features to analyze, maintain, and manage your online store.

Powerful admin panel

You have a huge set of tools before you, helping admins manage and customize various website aspects. Change content, and structure, make general customization settings, improve security, and more. 

WPML plugin integration

It's a multi-language extension allowing you to translate all elements into the language of the user's choice. The product enables you to add languages in a few clicks, edit translations, and delete and customize versions. Plus, WPML keeps consistency between content versions for multiple languages so you easily manage and update your pages.

Integrated MailChimp 

It's one of the most comprehensive mailing and marketing services available. It incorporates an innovative approach, taking every detail into account to make your emails relevant to the customer. Customize newsletter subscriptions, analytics, and data tracking, and personalize emails to meet the needs of each client. The kit comes with pre-designed layouts for multiple purposes.

Social media integration

Give customers the ability to share info from your website on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. Add comments and like forms. 

Blog Connection

Keep a blog, write articles, use keywords, and make colorful headlines. With the optimization of your posts, you achieve visibility and recognition.

SEO Optimization 

Basic optimization steps are essential to ensure occupying high positions in search engine rankings. Our writers use clean, valid, and optimized code. Plus, the developers provide advanced optimization. Be sure to be guided through the confusing paths of SEO very quickly and stress-free.

Paid and Free Author Wordpress Themes - What to Pick? 

In the development of any online project, the first question that comes to mind is: should you opt for a fee-based or a free solution? Of course, cost-free solutions are more appealing. Pro options on the contrary surprise you with their uniqueness and require you to invest. So what to choose? Let's analyze a bit:


If you are looking for exclusivity and style, then premium templates are the right choice. They are neat, good-looking, and tailored to the latest trends. Plus, the creators include additional color schemes that change in a few clicks. The free ones are more plain. They come limited in design, layouts, etc. However, you find quality and professional deals with our membership. 


Everyone wants to get powerful features and saturate their resources with the maximum features possible. Registration forms, contacts, service pages, expanded menus, neat scrolling, slow loading, etc. Free options are reduced in this aspect. Pro offers everything possible and has built-in plugins, integration with social networks, and additional functionality that will be useful in the job.


This factor comes into play with updates as well. Free templates have less support. Here you rely more on forums and colleague support. Paid options are constantly updated. Developers listen to comments and quickly react to bugs. Thus you get stability and quality project performance.

How to Create a Professional and Effective Website Based on WordPress Book Author Theme? 

A platform is a cozy place for customers. They don't have to search for transport, find a store around the corner, or queue. Everything is easy, fast, and clear in the online space. A book or author platform is about creativity and building a community of reading enthusiasts and sharing their thoughts. But what is the perfect resource? What should the pages include? What factors should you consider? You need to focus on:

Selecting a top-quality WordPress book author theme

SEO optimization, clean code, built-in constructors, translation plugins, newsletters, online stores, registration forms, contact info, etc are a must. Check the search criteria to find the best solution. Read reviews, look at ratings, and discover the item.

Make basic customizations

WordPress templates come with builders. They make the work many times easier. You just need to install the files and start adjusting. Rearrange blocks, and add forms, tables, grids, and their content.

Beautiful typography

Think about fonts and their impact on the design. They are one of the main instruments in absorbing information. Choose a few typefaces for the project. One should be smooth and easy to read. The second can be a little convoluted and more dressy. The use of vintage handwritten scripts is super cool for an author's website. They give charm and some mystery.

Bright pictures

Your pages should engage, capture attention, and provoke action. Add high-quality images, where every detail is neatly drawn. Use free stock or work with graphic design. The same goes for video content. Clarity of presentation, clean sound, and beautiful visuals are a priority.

About us/ team

Going to the platform everyone wants to get to know the team and its services/ goods. When the client doesn't find the right page, they get disappointed. What to do in this situation? Add an information-rich page. Tell the story of your business, the ways of inspiration, the team, and their credo.


Get busy promoting your resources. Launch advertising campaigns, and use social networks and influencers to reach readers. Work with the SEO aspect. Determine keywords, and meta tags, and create high-quality and readable content.

Connect the store. The possibilities of e-commerce are immeasurable. Integrate an online store plugin, start the process of buying books, speed reading guide, etc.


Check if your resource has the latest degrees of protection. Attacks on resources are a common occurrence. Test your project for potential threats, make regular updates, and hire professionals to identify attacks if necessary.

Why Choose MonsterONE Membership - Top Reasons

MonsterONE has been delighting ordinary users and developers with unique web solutions for years. Experts offer goods for every taste, for every purpose, and for every content. 

  • First of all, a subscription saves money. You don't buy each element separately, you just choose the necessary plans and pay once. Here you find every component of your project - illustrations, business cards, video materials, sound assets, 3D objects, graphics, fonts, and templates.
  • Secondly, the community covers a huge range of items. That's over 300K flexible goods in pro plans, and over 1500 deals in free subscriptions. That's enough for years of work, creating unique projects and increasing your visibility as a web designer.
  • Thirdly, the subscription allows you to start earning now. Just imagine, you spend $174 a year to buy an All-in-One plan. That's essentially the purchase of two templates. What do you get in return? Unlimited access to content across the entire service. Create excellent platforms, handle the best graphics, and create your creative work that will later earn you thousands of dollars. 
  • Fourth, MonsterONE is constantly updated. It doesn't matter what time you subscribed. Updates come regularly.

Creating a Site Using Website Template: Before and After

It's time to realize that as technology evolves, so do web solutions. Constant updates, feature saturation, visual enhancements, and creating stylish, juicy designs are the number one priority for our developers. Check it out in this detailed review.

Author WordPress Themes FAQs

Can you help with template editing?

Plan owners have access to the web expert services. They provide SEO optimization, installation, online store creation, logo development, copywriting, etc. Select the desired one and book the professional's assistance.

Is it worth buying the author landing page WordPress theme?

Yes. It's a serious money and time saver. There is no need to know the code and learn the development basics. Opt for a base, personalize the template, and go ahead and launch a powerful online environment.

How to find the perfect template?

Determine your brand colors, and the features needed and look for a product. Check out topics, builders, features, CMS versions, plugin compatibility, etc.

How to buy an author pro theme WordPress?

Choose a pricing plan. We offer a creative package covering graphic elements, presentation templates, video and audio assets, 3d models, one year of support, and unlimited projects created. Sign up for All-in-One and All-in-One Pro to get the themes. These plans cover all MonsterOne stuff as well as Draftium and Weblium tools. 
At the payment stage, provide your email, first and last name, phone number, and password. Also, specify the payment method and its details. Wait for the payment and start unlimited downloads.

The All-in-One Membership

Get top-notch themes, high-quality extensions and professional support in MonsterONE

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