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Represent Your Project Efficiently with Infographic Elements 

A picture is a form of communication that plays an essential role in the presentation of ideas. One literate picture is worth a thousand words. It can simplify the meaning and, at the same time, convey all the necessary information. Images make information more attractive and convincing. One of the most popular forms of spreading ideas through visual images is infographics. These are graphs that use complex data necessary to present a large amount of data quickly. Infographic elements are widely used in various fields, from science and demographic statistics to journalism and education. In general, this is a fairly universal tool for distributing conceptual information.

While information sharing is the primary purpose of this tool, it often serves as a supplement to text information. In such a case, infographics cover the topic in full and contain some explanations. If we talk about the style of delivering information, it can be very different. It all depends primarily on the purpose of the reporter. 

The popularity of various social networks, photo archives, blogs helps to convey your information to the public simply. In this situation, vector infographics become a reasonably useful tool that can help you spread the necessary word among the masses. Many marketers actively use this approach to promote products or websites. Finally, in business, data's visual representation is a perfect solution to provide reports on different topics. A designer needs to be able to "read" and analyze the data he works with. If you want to avoid designing your graphs from scratch, you are welcome to use ready-made bundles of vector infographic elements.  

Advantages of Infographics 

The information has always been a powerful tool for attracting people's attention. Facts, numbers, and expert analysis have great power of persuasion.

Here are a few reasons why you should consider using infographic elements to promote your business:

  • Ease of human perception. People tend to perceive information visually. They love numbers, facts, and statistics.
  • The efficiency of information delivery. Visitors of a web page try to extract the maximum amount of information in a short time. Structuring data in an infographic format is an excellent way to "pack" as much data as possible in a compact form.
  • "Viral" potential. This term refers to the audience's tendency to share certain content types on their pages in social networks. Visual representation of information is the one that people share a lot.
  • Brand awareness. Using infographic elements that contain the company's corporate identity is a powerful tool for increasing brand awareness.
  • Demonstration of expertise is a complex process, indeed. First, you need to collect a large amount of information, process it, and then arrange the data in a beautiful way.

Tons of Free Infographic Elements with the ONE by TemplateMonster

Facts and numbers do not have to be boring. With customizable colors and various formats, you can forget about the old-fashioned graphical representation of data. Using a ready-made vector template to enter your information is an excellent solution to save your time. You do not need to have any coding skills. Adobe Illustrator is the software you should have installed to make any edits. And what about having unlimited access to high-quality, up-to-date, and proven infographic elements in one place? Such service does exist, and it is the ONE by TemplateMonster.

Are you working on the presentations for a startup project, travel blog, or transport cargo and need to explain the logistics? Purchasing a particular template or even a graphic bundle will cost you a fortune. That is when the ONE is ready to offer you a bunch of benefits. The service allows you to download absolutely any graphics or any other digital product an unlimited number of times during the whole year. You are purchasing a subscription and enjoying free access to the entire library of products.

Who Will Get the Most of the ONE by TemplateMonster

The following categories of customers will make the most of the service:

  • Graphic designers and illustrators

All the creatives who are engaged in graphic design will enjoy the benefits of the service. The subscription includes a particular "Graphics" plan to find infographic elements, PSD source files, logo templates, illustrations, etc.

  • Bloggers

If you buy individual images and graphs, you will spend a fortune. Save your budget and receive access to all the graphics available for unlimited downloads. 

  • Web studios and freelancers

The subscription contains premium-quality website templates, plugins, and graphics developed using advanced technologies. All the products have a responsive design and look equally good on different types of devices.

  • Business owners 

Except for vector infographic elements, the ONE subscription includes templates for presentations, certificates, resumes, corporate identity templates, etc. There is no need to surf the web searching for these products when they are collected in one place.

Advantages of Using Infographic Elements from ONE 

  • Except for free infographic elements, you will get access to the following groups of products:

WordPress products;



Presentation templates;

HTML templates;

CMS templates;

Stock photos.

  • Are you interested in any other additional services? Not a problem! As the ONE member, you can order installation, SEO optimization, customization, and other services.
  • New graphics and regular updates for existing items are coming. The library of the products is continually growing, and you will get access to even more bestselling items.
  • Professional 24/7 support. Whenever you may have any questions or difficulties, you know that you can rely on the knowledgeable technical support team.
  • You will feel secure. In case you do not like any products within the subscription, you can request a refund for 14 days after the purchase.

Subscription vs Single Product Purchase

The subscription offer will be especially useful for those who actively work with infographic elements. In this case, there is no sense to pay more. You will spend approximately $15-$17 for a vector template with a one-time download license. ONE by TemplateMonster offers to pay $6.80/month and access thousands of flag-ship graphics with the opportunity of unlimited downloads. For the price of a coffee cup, you are getting tons of infographic elements, logo templates, illustrations, etc. Isn't it a great solution to save your budget? Do not hesitate to enjoy the benefits of the ONE subscription service by TemplateMonster.

How to Buy Infographic Elements

Choose one of the three pricing plans available to meet your projects’ expectations.

CreativeAll-in-OneAll-in-One ∞
$82/year$179/year$599 one-time fee
Graphic and design assetsWordPress and CMS themesWordPress and CMS themes
Presentation templateseCommerce themeseCommerce themes
Unlimited projectsPluginsPlugins
1-year technical supportGraphic and design assetsGraphic and design assets
Presentation templatesPresentation templates
Unlimited projectsUnlimited projects
1-year technical support1-year technical support
Unlimited lifetime access

You can pay with Visa and MasterСard cards, or through the PayPal system. If you change your mind, the company guarantees a refund within 14 days if you have not downloaded any products.

How to Download Infographic Elements 

Once you become the ONE subscriber, you are welcome to download unlimited products from the ONE library. Let’s take a vector infographic layout and see how you can download an item:

  1. Login to your ONE account.
  2. Navigate to the Get Started button and choose the Graphics category.
  3. Choose Infographic elements and make your choice on the product for download.
  4. Click the Download button once you are ready to download.
  5. Enjoy the work in action.

As you can see, just a few simple steps will help you to download your favorite product within the ONE service.  

Key Aspects of an Effective Infographic Presentation 

Designers highlight the following aspects of creating successful infographic layouts:

  • The attractiveness and clarity of the topic.
  • Beautiful and useful design.
  • Giving attention to the target audience.
  • The use of colors that bring the necessary emotionality in perception.
  • Using high-quality charts, "talking" numbers, and interesting facts.
  • Simplification and visualization.
  • Determine the scale of the infographic and analyze the distribution method.
  • Demonstrating the credibility and reliability of sources.
  • Taking into account the customer's wishes and requirements.

Graphic Design Trends for Success of Your Infographics 

Every designer must keep track of constantly changing trends. When choosing PSD infographic elements for your project, pay attention to the following trends:

  • Cyberpunk color palette. The trend highlights that a new decade has arrived, and we are living in a high-tech future. Use futuristic images, bright saturated colors, neon, and glitch.
  • Asymmetry. There are no more rules in design. The world is tired of symmetry and classic layouts. It is time for aesthetic chaos, so experiment with your infographics. 
  • Creative fonts. The text will become particularly important and will increasingly convey the central message of the brand. Handwritten and unique branded fonts will do the best job.
  • Dystopia. Modern dystopia is a dark world of the future, the result of a fatal mistake of humanity. Its distinctive features are cool colors, mechanized typography, glitch, and combining organic and artificial elements.
  • Geometry. Simple geometric shapes are always popular. Such graphics look simple, but it requires a lot of effort to create.
  • 3D textures. Internet users lack volume and texture, so formats with full immersion and 3D graphics are gaining more attention every year.
  • Interactive infographics. Remember about movements in all its forms: video, GIF. The interactive visual representation of data shows the highest engagement rates.
  • Flat design. Its simplicity makes it ideal for visualizing complex data and statistics. Great for business, corporate presentations, and business projects.
  • Combination of styles. The combination of flat elements with gradients and textures will be very trendy. If you want to experiment, do not limit yourself to one type.

Infographic Elements FAQ

What are infographic elements?

Infographic elements are images and diagrams with a minimum of accompanying text. They allow you to compose a useful visual representation of the data and quickly understand the essence of the topic covered.

What instruments do I need to edit infographic layout sets?

Usually, graphic resources come in PNG, EPS, AI, or PSD formats. Adobe Illustrator, InDesign, and Photoshop have all the tools you need to create infographics and visualize data.

What are the key stages of creating infographic designs?

The process of creating an infographic consists of a few stages. Thinking over the main idea. Collection of statistical data and necessary facts. Choosing the most appropriate type of infographic for your vision. Writing explanatory text. Selection of the proper color scheme.

Are there any restrictions applied to the use of infographic designs?

Within the ONE subscription service, you should pay attention to the following restrictions to the use of the products. It is forbidden to redistribute social media designs acquired from the ONE. You are not allowed to use the items for on-demand services. It is prohibited to use items downloaded from ONE by TemplateMonster to promote your products or services.

Discover the ONE by TemplateMonster to Access Infographic Elements

Learn more about the ONE subscription service by TemplateMonster. Here you will get access to the selection of high-quality digital products, built per all the last technological advancements.

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