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Catch Your Followers’ Eyes with Amazing Social Media Graphics 

Today, public network sites play a huge role in the life of modern people. We communicate, share tips and professional skills, promote our services, make sales, conduct scientific activities, etc. If you are creating a new brand or improving your public networking strategy, visual content will help you build awareness on the Internet. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram together have almost 3 billion active users. How do you get them interested in your new campaign? The answer is simple – create exciting and attractive social media graphics.

No matter how good your text is, nobody notices it unless nice visual effects accompany it. Creative and unique illustrations help content stand out in the news feeds. If your visible message evokes the necessary emotions and interest in a few seconds, you will receive more subscribers or even customers.

Owners of small online stores, webmasters, and bloggers often face the problem of the source of visual materials. If you do not have a designer on your staff, pay attention to alternative online editors and ready-made solutions. Working with ready packs is an excellent solution to boost your networking campaign with no hassle.

Best Public Media Assets with ONE by TemplateMonster

You can quickly expand your capabilities on all public networks with beautiful social media layouts. It is not a secret that the web is full of various offers and ready-made free and premium solutions. What do you think about getting an unlimited access to high-quality, up-to-date, and proven solutions in one place? All the products are quite diverse (templates, presentations, website themes, etc.) and created by professional designers. This is all about the brilliant subscription service by TemplateMonster.

If you have a massive flow of graphic stuff that you need for your networking platforms, the ONE membership is your perfect solution. It allows you to download absolutely any layout or any other digital item an unlimited number of times during the whole year. There is no need to pay for a particular design; you are purchasing a subscription and enjoying free access to the entire library. You are welcome to experiment with any item, customize it, use it in your multiple projects, and no worries about any additional fees.

Who Makes the Most of the ONE by TemplateMonster

An unlimited subscription service will be more than suitable for the following categories of customers:

  • Web studios and freelancers

The offer contains premium-quality website templates, plugins, and other stuff developed using advanced technologies. All the products have a responsive layout and look equally good on different types of devices.

  • Designers and illustrators

All the creatives engaged in public media marketing and other creative areas enjoy the benefits of the membership. The membership includes a particular ‘Graphics’ plan to find illustrations, PSD source files, logo designs, etc.

  • Bloggers and content managers

High-quality visual content is never enough. If you buy individual images, you will spend a fortune. Save your budget and receive access to all the items available for unlimited downloads. 

  • Business owners 

The service includes templates for presentations, social networks, certificates, logos, resumes, corporate identity designs, etc. There is no need to surf the web searching for these items when they are collected in one place.

Advantages of Using Free Social Media Sets from ONE 

  • Except for ready-made public media assets, you are getting access to the groups of solutions:

WordPress products;



Presentation layouts;

HTML designs;

CMS templates;

Stock photos.

  • Are you interested in any other additional services? Not a problem! As a subscriber, you can order installation, SEO optimization, customization, and other assistance.
  • New items and regular updates for existing items are coming. The library of the items is continuously growing, and you will have more bestselling items.
  • Professional 24/7 support. Whenever you may have any questions or difficulties, you know that you rely on the knowledgeable technical support team.
  • You may feel secure. In case you do not like anything within the subscription, you are able to request a refund for 14 days after the purchase.

Free Graphics or Premium One

To work with public media layouts, any designer or content manager needs a set of high-quality products to help them implement their tasks. The web is full of both premium and free solutions.

The advantages of premium sets are they usually have a larger collection, and the library is updated more often. You are also receiving better overall quality, unique appearance, and technical support in case of any questions. On the other hand, even among the free collections, there are many high-quality items, and you can also try them for your project.

Subscription vs. Single Item Purchase

If your occupation is connected with visual material and you need new products regularly, there is no sense to pay more. Let’s take an average social media post template. You pay $10 for a single download license. And what about paying $6.80/month and access thousands of flag-ship designs with the opportunity of unlimited usage. Is not it impressive enough? For a coffee price, you are getting tons of brilliant logo designs, illustrations, etc. This is a great solution to save your budget. Do not hesitate to enjoy the benefits of the ONE subscription by TemplateMonster.

Responsive Products

With the development of information technologies, more and more adaptability is required from the websites. Adaptability is the ability of the site to adapt to mobile phones and tablets. Modern web developers and marketers increasingly prefer responsive layout. And media graphic design is no exception. Modern people actively use different mobile devices to browse networking platforms. Website visuals can be adapted to the device's screen resolution and to screens with high DPI for a more detailed display. A visitor receives his best possible experience with a responsive layout that quickly adapts to any device and screen size. Make sure to choose a responsive solution to improve performance across different devices.

How to Buy Social Media Layouts 

Choose any of the three pricing plans available to meet your projects’ expectations.

CreativeAll-in-OneAll-in-One ∞
$82/year$179/year$599 single fee
Graphic assetsWordPress and CMS themesWordPress/CMS layouts
Presentation templateseCommerce themeseCommerce designs
Unlimited projectsPluginsPlugin solutions
1-year technical supportGraphicsGraphic items
Presentation designsPresentation designs
Limitless projectsUnlimited projects
Round-the-year technical supportTechnical assistance for a year
Unlimited lifetime access

You pay with Visa and MasterCard cards, or through the PayPal system. If you change your mind, the company guarantees your money back within 14 days if you have not downloaded any products.

How to Download Free Social Media Graphics

Once you become a member, you are welcome to choose unlimited items from the ONE library. Let’s see how you download a free layout.

  1. Login to your account.
  2. Navigate to the Get Started button and choose the Graphics category.
  3. Pick up the template for your project.
  4. Click the Download button once you are ready to.
  5. Enjoy your asset.

As you see, just a few simple steps will help you to make the most of your favorite asset within the subscription service.  

Modern Trends to Follow

The success of public networking depends not only on high-quality content and a brilliant strategy. The third whale that you cannot do without is a modern thought-out layout. Below you may see a few trends to follow when choosing an asset.

1. Bright colors and bold fonts. Today, creatives are abandoning neutral shades of white, black, and gray in favor of bolder and brighter colors. Using bold color accents help the brand maintain its minimalistic style. By adding bright elements to a traditional neutral background, you will give your brand a new look. Remember, catchy fonts, rich shades, and extravagant color combinations continue to hold the position.

2. Gradients and duotones. Implement color transitions anywhere: in fonts, pictures, filters, and backgrounds - trust your imagination and act. Designers have paid close attention to gradients and did not go wrong. Along with multi-color filling, the trend for forming pallets, which is similar to gradients, is also popular.

3. Minimalism of illustrations and futurism of images. Custom illustrations do not go out of fashion. And in recent years, creatives have been exploiting this trend more than ever. The trend is minimalism and primitivism in all forms and manifestations. The style's central elements are bright colors and vague, and sometimes wholly unexpected pictures regarding futurism.

4. Animation. GIFs go to a new level - branded options appear. Brands began to compete with pictures with bright visual plots, in which the product occupied the central place. From moving graphics to scrolling text, you can now create super-dynamic effects in your posts/stories to better interact with your audience.

5. Vintage. If your image is grainy and dusty, and it seems that it is restored from a damaged film, then you are doing everything right.

Social Media Graphics FAQ

What is social media graphics?

Public networking visuals is an original image and unique illustration that you use for public platforms to grab visitors’ attention. You either get ready-made sets or design it on your own. Visuals have great power, so make sure to utilize the most effective solution to build engagement and trust with your target audience.

How to edit social media layouts in Adobe Photoshop?

To customize your product, please follow these simple steps:
Make sure you have Adobe Photoshop installed and open your PSD file.
Once you open an image, activate the Crop tool on the left panel. A resizable crop box appears, and you can drag any corner to resize it manually. Also, you may set up the particular size of the picture. Click a checkmark on the top to save the changes.
Use the right panel to adjust the settings in Color/Swatches, Libraries/Adjustments/Styles, and Layers/Channels/Paths panels.

How can I get tech support for social media designs?

The ONE offers an export 24/7 technical support. The ticket team is available from Monday through Friday and glad to help you with any questions or concerns you may have. If you need assistance with simple technical issues, you will contact a 24/7 live chat. An advanced support team is available for complex problems that require lengthy troubleshooting. Support is provided in English only.

Are there any restrictions applied to the use of social media packs?

Within the membership, you should pay attention to the following restrictions:
It is forbidden to redistribute the layouts acquired from the ONE.
You are not allowed to utilize the items for on-demand services.
It is not permitted to use items downloaded from ONE by TemplateMonster to promote your products.

Social Media Graphics - How To Use Illustration in App Design

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