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Download Certificate Templates with One Membership

One subscription is our exclusive service, which includes several thousand samples for various products (for website, presentations, PSD, HTML, etc.). You can download all of them for free without limits, provided the subscription is valid. This subscription can be issued immediately for a month, one year, or a lifetime. Read about prices, benefits, and things it includes in the review below. Learn how to download certificate templates without limits with One. 

The Benefits You Are Getting If You Download Certificate Templates

Let's take a closer look at the benefits of a subscription. Once you become a member of our web community, you will enjoy the following advantages:

  1. Download our products for free without restrictions;
  2. During the entire subscription period, you may download any products from the platform in unlimited quantities;
  3. Use our products for commercial purposes;
  4. May be used for clients sites as well; 
  5.  Get 24/7 support in multiple languages, including English and Russian. So if you are from a Russian speaking country or your second language, you will get a detailed explanation about TemplateMonster's services or products in Russian. We think that it is a tremendous advantage over only English-speaking services. 
  6. The collection of products continues to grow. It means that even when your membership is over, you will still receive the latest updates in the web industry from us. 
  7. You and your customers may use any materials from the One service, but only for an end product. It means that it is forbidden to resell them.  

Who Can Take Advantage from One?

Professionals such as freelancers, developers, or web designers will surely benefit from One subscription. Moreover, if you provide digital services, then you pick up a certain number of high-quality, cool products from One and create products for your customers. With the help of our membership, you can:

  • Create modern websites;
  • Professional business cards;
  • Graphic tools;
  • Download Diploma samples;
  • Design elements;
  • Marketing kits;
  • Corporate presentation;
  • Landing pages;
  • Social network banners;

Plus, we run SE optimization for all of our web tools, which drastically improves your website's quality of traffic. It makes your rating high in free search engine outcomes as well. We analyze what users are looking for online. It helps us to provide original content, pick up the best keywords, and other steps like:

  1. website audit;
  2. technical errors correction;
  3. writing texts and articles;
  4. composing correct meta tags and titles;
  5. images improvement;
  6. building links;
  7. crowd marketing;
  8. social networks improvement;

All of these actions improve your platform and bring more audience. Save your time and efforts, subscribe today, and enjoy unlimited access to all of our exclusive products.

Download Certificate Templates For Free With One Subscription

To receive access to thousands of free products, you have to pay only for a very affordable membership with TemplateMonster. 

  1. Buy an $82/YEAR Creative subscription and get unlimited downloads of all graphic products. To understand how beneficial this package is, you should compare it with a single product's price. In general, our samples vary from $60-70. So, save money for dinner in a restaurant and get admission to high-quality tools today. It also includes professional technical assistance cover during this year. 
  2. Get a $179/YEAR All-in-one package and enjoy all kinds of web tools, plugins, presentations, audio, and graphics products.
  3. Purchase $599/LIFETIME All-in-one membership and download for free all our products. Plus, you get exclusive online assistance available for you 24/7 for a lifetime. No matter where life brings you, you may still use our products. Even if you want to start a new b, change specialty, or a field, you will always have unlimited access to all the tools available on the website. 

Download Certificate Templates and Enjoy the Following Features

If you decide that you need to get a diploma sample, you  may choose various kinds of it. Use your template for: 

  • Competition Certificate for Sports Clubs, Fitness Centers, Various Courses;
  • Graduation Diploma for Universities, Colleges, Schools;
  • Corporate Certificate for Business Enterprises;
  • Professional (Qualificative Diploma);
  • Excellence Merit Diploma for Educational Establishments;
  • Diploma of Recognition for Companies;
  • Appreciation Certificate, etc. 

All of our web tools have multiple functionalities you will enjoy utilizing. They come ready for Adobe Photoshop_PSD, Adobe Illustrator_AI, and Microsoft Word_DOCX software. Other features include: 

  • Ready to use version;
  • Modern and Elegant design;
  • Decorative Purpose;
  • Green/Red/Simple/Multicolor templates;
  • With or without Ornaments;
  • 100% Vector & Shape Layer Version;
  • Has a US Letter Size;
  • Comes with (8.5inx11in) + 0.25in Blades;
  • Includes Landscape & Portrait Versions;
  • Contains Paragraph & Character Style;
  • Has Guideline Style;
  • Document & Baseline Grid;
  • Fully Layered Templates;
  • CMYK, 300 DPI HD Resolution;
  • 100% Print Ready Files;
  • Edit & Customize with ease; 
  • All Elements are 100% Re-sizable;
  • Big collection of popular Google Fonts;
  • Templates come with Guide Files; 
  • High compatibility Templates (Adobe : CS3, CS4, CS5.1, CS5.5, CS6, CC & Above and Microsoft Word 10 & higher) etc.

Free VS Premium Certificate Templates

Everyone knows that free of charge web tools usually have lower quality than pre-paid ones. In our case, it is not entirely true. All you have to do is to subscribe to One and receive free access to unlimited product downloads. Our samples have professional IT support, useful features, and unique design. If you want to build a successful website and get high ratings in search engine results, One is your best solution. You can always subscribe for a month to decide if One meets your expectations. Once you are sure it does, select a one-year subscription and join our TemplateMonster family. 

Download Certificate Templates FAQ

Once I Download Certificate Template, What Will Happen To It Once the Subscription is over?

If you have created a certificate or website using our samples, you can continue using it after your membership expires. We will not ask you to return it. But you can always renew your subscription and stay with us longer. What you must remember is you can't build other certificates or websites using our web tools. Once the subscription's license is over, you can't create new web tools with its help.

How To Pay For Certificate Templates? And Can I Get a Refund In Case I Change My Mind?

We conduct only safe payments through Level 1 PCI compliant systems. Purchase with your PayPal account, Visa, or MasterCard bank card at any time. If you do not find web tools necessary for your projects, you may suspend your membership. In this case, we conduct a full refund, provided you did not install anything from the platform yet. The company guarantees a refund within 14 days. Do not forget, even if you no longer belong to our web community, we will still send you the latest updates in the web development industry.

I Want to Download Certificate Templates with One. How Can I Get the Most out of My Subscription?

To add to all the benefits mentioned above, you can get a 50% discount on TemplateMonster products not presented in One. It means that if you need a template, you can find with One, you can buy it with a 50% discount from the TemplateMonster website. Moreover, early birds have an excellent opportunity to receive up to 30%. Hurry up and don't miss a chance to save some extra cash today!

I Do Not Know How To Download Certificate Templates. Can You Help Me?

It is effortless. You need to choose your favorite template, download it, after run installation, customize it according to your concept, and print it. But if you are experiencing troubles at some point, get in touch, and we will assist you. Our team can also create free-plagiarism content for your project. Professional authors make original and SE optimized texts. We pick up the best keywords and run SEO optimization for it.
Moreover, we can also create a logo for your project at an affordable charge! We can redesign it up to 3 times to make sure you are happy with it. Our team will make the best logo for you because we understand that symbols are not plane decoration. It is an essential element that boosts your trademark and makes you unique among competitors. Contact us today to find out more about our premier services.

Download Certificate Templates in One Subscription

Check out our video, which summarises all the benefits you will get with One subscription. Also, it enumerates what kind of themes are available with the membership. They are WordPress, Elementor, Prestashop, Shopify, HTML, WooCommerce, and Joomla. Do not forget to subscribe to our channel to stay informed about the latest web trends.

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