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Stock Video Footage as a Great Addition to your Website

It is a time-consuming process to create a video that will look great and not as an amateur made it. That is why it is more comfortable to obtain a ready product and use it for your projects to attract more customers and followers, make elegant, impressive short videos, create advertisements for your customers. Download stock video footage countless times from MonsterONE.

Who and Why Can Use the Stock Video Footage

Recently, there has been an increasing demand for video and audio materials and ready-made templates for presentations, websites, graphics, etc. It is necessary not only for novice and intermediate designers, copywriters, and other freelancers who are gaining momentum, and more recently. Suitable for ordinary people who are looking for material for study, work, for pleasure. The MonsterONE will provide all this! 

Clips are materials that are always on demand and have a general nature, like food preparation, for example. If the author thinks the market needs it, he can shoot several of them for a specific category. Filmmakers tend to use these short clips in the mix of their own projects, and there are many reasons for this and many ways to do it. You can probably see the footage included in the shows you watch all the time but don't really notice — which is good! Video footage, if used correctly, should blend seamlessly into your video project.

There are some purposes when you need these clips for purposes like:

  1. Avoid difficult shooting.

Some of the video clips are just hard or even not possible to create. The process can range from nearly impossible to inconvenient and costly. Let's start a project with some special requirements: microscopic, aerial, and video filming in the Arctic! You may not have the equipment, skills, or financial means to photograph everything you need, and that's okay, we can't cover everything, but there is often a spare video that can come in handy. You can download it from TemplateMonster and not just one. 

  1. You are saving money and time.

Video making is a complex, costly process. To get beautiful city views, you have to pay somebody to create a professional shooting from the highest floor of a skyscraper, or you may just buy them from TemplateMonster for a lower price.

  1. Making the product seem more expensive.

Including something that your client didn't expect can be a present moment to impress them. You don't feel like it's cheating. You don't pretend that the footage is yours. A part of being the director accepting these creative decisions to include video footage that will work well with your own, even processing that footage, so they don't look different from yours or stand out from the narrative. How about a velvet serving of chocolate to illustrate the opening of your new cooking show?

  1. It is an Addition to your great film project.

A snapshot or video selection is footage that complements your main shooting. For example, you have a video of two people in a bar drinking and talking. If your main scene includes two people talking, then you can cut out a close-up of them drinking, and you get the idea. 

  1. The urge to use Archived Videos

Another reason is that you might need to use stock footage is, of course, to access a video that cannot be accessed because it was filmed either a very long time ago, for example, an archive video or something was demolished in later history. Or is no longer used or does not exist. In particular, archival footage will often be very different from the current footage you are filming and should not be mixed with the rest of your film.

You may need free videos to create your project like a professional. They will look like you have made all the hard shooting yourself. You even can download several clips and create a whole video for your content. 

Video Stock Footage Types

There are two main types of stock clips: public domain and copyrighted. Anyone can use public domain videos. Examples include the historical archives at the US National Archives and Records Administration and free (non-commercial) videos from sources such as Getty Images.

In contrast, copyrighted material requires a license fee from the user, and professional videographers mainly create such material. Stock exchanges like TemplateMonster offer millions of royalty-free clips, which means a filmmaker or news center pays a one-time fee and then has the right to use the clip as many times as needed. The downloading of any of the clips are legal and absolutely safe. Enjoy free videos and save money and time.

Features of Stock Video Footage

All the products within the membership allow you to use them on different websites and have significant features like:

  • high-resolution quality;
  • compatible with any portable device;
  • convenient to use any editing programs;
  • well known 4K QuickTime Apple file format.

Thus anybody may download videos with great resolution and install them on their templates to make the website more professional looking.

Types of Content You Can Use Video Stock Materials

Modern creators use ready materials for various videos and movies. Since the process of making short videos is time-consuming, it is better to spend it on choosing the right one for your project. Content should be catching and persuasive (if we are talking about videos). These ready, short clips might be useful for:

  • advertisement;
  • Creating stunning infographic effects;
  • as an addition to a landing page;
  • as an intro for a game or a website;
  • as an extra piece for a movie;
  • to create powerful presentations;
  • to make more entertaining your family or friends' amateur footage.

These free and totally legal videos can let you create many projects, which you may sell later to your customers. But instead of spending all your money on one product, you may obtain several at the same time. The price is perfect and decent for you. If you did not like the clip, you may forget about it and download another one, get as many as you need.

Premium and Free Stock Video Footage Products

Everyone wants to do their job faster and effortlessly. It is normal, we are all real people, and we all have our own needs.

That is why there is our site where you can easily find any video, audio, graphics, templates, and apply all this in your practice. The site contains thousands of different materials for any holiday, event, place, or just for inspiration.

Unusual professional design, unique material, quality, and ease of use will make your work not only comfortable but also beautiful to the eyes.

After registration, absolutely everyone can download any video and use it in their work without any problems.

TemplateMonster provides you with ready-made templates to enhance your sites and empower them. Free videos are just the tip of the iceberg. They are like a thriller, showing everything that you can get by purchasing a premium, but in larger quantities. We provide content for everyone interested in it, regardless of financial capabilities. 

You can find free videos on our website without any problems at any time. Graphics, the quality will drive you crazy. Each video will make you come back to our site repeatedly, and most importantly, it's all completely free.

And for the most interested employees, we have a super offer — a premium subscription.

Premium includes unlimited access to 32,500 content. You can choose the package that suits you best and thereby open the door to a huge amount of materials for your work.

Premium is:

  1. Unlimited videos.
  2. Professional expert services.
  3. 24 / 7 Live Chat Support.
  4. 50% discount on exclusive content.
  5. Most importantly, access to a constantly updated content database.

It is not possible to force a person to do something until he wants to. We can facilitate your work and make it as convenient as you like it.

Only today, and only now, you can purchase any premium package with a discount.

Do not miss this opportunity, and better go to the website to register.

Advantages of the ONE Membership

What is the ONE? An ultimate web development kit for freelancers worldwide that helps create websites easily and with unique designs. This page is dedicated to numerous stock videos to make your web design. You can find filters on the left to pick any theme for your system - different tags, topics, resolutions. At the bottom of the page, you can see the most used stock videos and statistics. On the page with our stock videos, you are unable to get lost. Just by clicking on the video, you can get more details about it. Besides, you can order videos in the way it is comfortable for you, sorting them by popularity, trending, newness, and even go through the undiscovered ones. 

All of our videos are high quality with resolutions such as HD 1080 and 4K. All of this is available for free to our ONE members. The All-In-One Membership offers you access to all of our videos. Just with ONE subscription, you get more than 32500+ premium assets. Every video for our members is free, so instead of buying each video and spending even more money on them, a fixed price subscription offers you unlimited sock videos and much more. Not only do our members get high-quality stock videos, but they also get professional support if anything is needed in ONE by TemplateMonster. 

You can reach out to our crew members and professionals on every page on our website. Just in the bottom right corner, you can click on an icon, and you can type any question that pops up in your head. The membership allows you to be as creative as you can be because by paying just one price a month, you go unlimited in your actions. Join us now, and experience freedom in web design making.

5 Serious Reasons to Prefer ONE Subscription Instead of One-off Orders

Visualize your ideas using a unique and outstanding TemplateMonster stock library. Get inspiration with our collection, which is perfect for business commercials, social media content, and personal use! Choose a convenient ONE subscription plan and try unlimited items from our collection: a wide variety of high-definition videos, photos, different templates, graphics, etc. It's a great idea when you need many stock products, and you need them regularly.

The Convenience of the ONE Subscription for your Business

  1. Profit. 

Buying each product separately can bust your budget, especially when you need various quality stock products. The subscription allows you to purchase many videos and pay only once a month (or once a year). And the final price is always more favorable compared to what you'd pay for each clip individually. 

For example, the average cost of the stock video for a single-use is $49. The price of the Subscription option "Creative" is $6.80/month. The benefit is obvious!

  1. Flexibility.

We have three different levels of ONE membership, which are suitable for various reasons and goals. You can also buy a subscription for a month, for a year, or a Lifetime Access. 

  1. Unlimited.

ONE subscription is the best proposal in the TemplateMonster marketplace: you pay a fixed, periodic payment, and you get an unlimited number of downloads from our wholly-owned library. It gives you hundreds of thousands of high-quality clips for a very low price.

  1. Updating Access.

Our collection of stock products is constantly growing, and it is available to you in high-quality formats. There are always new updates in each category of the products.

  1. The simplicity of use.

It is a simple and comfortable system that helps you find the perfect products for building your website or making commercials. It's easy to get started. Also, we provide professional support for our subscribers.

ONE is the perfect option to save money and time for your business! 

Restrictions of the Subscription

To enlist, become a subscriber and access the assortment of all things given by the TemplateMonster ONE membership, you should initially give total and solid data about you and round out the enrollment structure in consistence with the accompanying conditions:

  1. To become ONE subscriber of TemplateMonster, you should provide incredibly reliable information about the registrant.
  2. TempateMonsterONE subscriber must be at any rate 18 years of age.
  3. You have to affirm that all the data you give is finished and precise. If there are any changes, it would be ideal if you try to refresh your record data. Memberships are not adaptable.

Beneath, you can get some answers concerning unapproved forbidden activities.

  • offer any items remembered for the TemplateMonster ONE membership in any capacity (through Torrent, LBRY, through any web-based media courier or different assets), whether or not it has been adjusted or not;
  • give items to dispersion or resale;
  • sublicense, allot or move the above items to anybody;
  • exchange the item or separate it from the thing before utilizing any piece of the pictures, textual styles, cut quality, and recordings used in the object contained in the ONE membership of TemplateMonster (these components are an essential piece of our article);
  • exchange items with changes on any site, outsider market, stage, or in some other way (courier, discussion, and so forth);
  • transfer, send by email, or different methods. Present any substance that is illicit, destructive, undermining, hostile, corrupting, abusive or derogatory, explicit, indecent, disgusting, encroaching on protection, impelling racial disdain, or other substance;
  • download components that you won't use in the web venture. If you speculate countless downloads, your ONE access from TemplateMonster will be confined or shut;
  • after the permit lapses, utilize the things downloaded from TemplateMonster through ONE membership;
  • on the off chance that the estimation of the result is equivalent to assessing the item bought from TemplateMonster's ONE membership, at that point, exchange it to the client (the eventual outcome itself must be exceptional and important);
  • you can't utilize the item for on-request benefits. For instance, make SaaS (software as a service);
  • denied utilization of items as a reason for advancing products or administrations available.

You can't claim your rights to any products offered under TemplateMonster's ONE membership. TemplateMonster's ONE is completely qualified to utilize all membership things.

How to Become a Subscriber 

There are many themes within ONE Membership. All of them are quite general and have a common meaning. It could be a 20-40 second video about cooking, working, or traveling. Anyway, filmmakers tend to use these short clips in their projects. Probably, you have not noticed it, and this is rather good. Correct video footage should blend seamlessly into your video project.

Visit MonsterONE, create a free account, and become a member by choosing any payment plan you want.

You may find categories, types, license items, and topics on the left part of the main screen. Also, choose the tags and resolution you need. Moreover, at the bottom of the page, you may see the five best stock videos for 2021. You can use any items you need for unlimited domains and a total number of projects as long as your license is active. But for unlimited access up to 32500+, you have to get the full version. Choose your plan and get it. If you are not satisfied with the membership, it is easy to cancel the subscription within 14 days after making a payment.

Free Stock Video Footage Downloading Guide

It is simple to download a product or a bunch of them. Follow these clear steps:

  1.  Log into your account.
  2. Find the stock video you like and go to "Details."
  3. Press on the "Download" button.
  4. Repeat the procedure as many times as you wish because you have access until your subscription expires.

As you may notice, it is very convenient and time-saving. Imagine how much effort you would use for shooting something like these clips yourself. It is an expensive and monotonous process. But here it is enough to subscribe and download and start creating special projects involving your products.

The Most Popular Products Among Stock Video Footage

Stock Videos is a huge catalog of short footage and clips that consists of 144 items. There are videos of a lot of types for every case of life. You can use them anyway and anywhere you want: in presentations or designing websites, for social media and your aims. The majority of videos are high-quality (4k, 1080). We use the format that any software can get. Be creative and edit them the way you want. Every video accompanies really pleasant background music.

The Best Stock Video Footage FAQ

Who can help me if I have additional questions about free stock video footage?

The personal manager will provide you with emotional support if you become a member of ONE. Our live chat works around the clock to address any of your issues there.

Are all free stock video footage accessible within the membership?

You can download most of the presented videos, templates, and extensions. We release new products weekly. Some goods are available for an additional price, but we guarantee you can get countless unique products and be the first one to try them.

Is it possible to sell the free stock video footage to my customers?

You can download stock video footage and install it on a website; that way, it will be a ready project to sell to your clients. Otherwise, it is prohibited by the agreement to sell separate programs and templates from the TemplateMonster.

Can I download free stock video footage and become an affiliate?

You may purchase the ONE membership and become an affiliate by signing up for the program here. There will be assistance to help you earn within the program using your referral URL.

Free Stock Video Footage Tutorial Video

TemplateMonster gives access to free stock video footage and special effects video. You may check out the most popular of them and use them for your creative Internet resource.

The All-in-One Membership

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