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After Effects Templates to Add Eye-Catching Details to the Video

The world is increasingly demanding outstanding solutions and exciting ideas. In this rush, it isn't easy to make a high-quality product and not to lose inspiration. That's why we offer you After Effects templates to save your time, effort, and money. These are ready-to-use solutions to transform any video fundamentally. 

But, having unique items is not the latest TemplateMonster offer. With ONE service, creating any project becomes even easier and more enjoyable. Become our subscriber, download thousands of offerings, and implement your ideas.

What are After Effects Templates?

Let's start with the fact that After Effects is a program where you design special elements, compositions, and animation for video clips. It is software from Adobe, which simplifies the export and import of materials from other programs of this corporation.

Did you know that spectacular title sequences, complex animation, slideshows, stylish transitions, animated movie captions could be created in minutes? Meanwhile, you do not need to have experience working with animation, graphics, visual components, and editing. Video overlay, highlights, animation, objects removal from the frame, working with the green background - it's all easy to do. 

It is too costly and time-consuming to make all this from scratch, so most designers use ready-made layouts. Don't think that designers take ready-made projects and make clips out of them. Every template is flexible and easy to change to suit your needs. The same product is available for use in several movies, and the viewer will not even guess about it. 

Besides, we are all aware that it takes a lot of money to shoot a video and process it, and a lot of people have to be involved in getting a good result. And the provided items in ONE membership is a unique opportunity to create a unique project without spending hundreds of dollars. 

After Effects Templates Advantages

What do you think the major benefits of using a ready-made solution are? First of all, it is, of course, a rapid result. You have a choice between 2 ways of working:

  1. Download courses, lessons, find books on the After Effects program, and start an in-depth study of the program to learn how to create templates and ready-made projects on your own, that is from scratch. But is such time and effort costs reasonable? The answer is clear.
  2. Find and buy, or download a suitable ready-made template. Edit it in the After Effects program and get the desired result. If necessary, you can even add the work you've done to other editors, for example, to paste the processed piece into the finished movie. Not the most complicated scheme of action, isn't it? It's just a few steps to use awesome video add-ons created by professionals.

The benefit of using ready-made projects is obvious. And the extra time you should have spent studying Adobe After Effects, imagining what your template should look like, creating a complete movie project, and so on, you'd better use it for something else. The program allows you to display the finished project in files of different formats. It will enable you to use them, even in the simplest video editing programs.

After Effects Templates Diversity from ONE Community

With the built-in tools, you may: edit video sequences, develop complex graphic compositions, create animations and special effects, do color correction and post-production, create static three-dimensional images - logos, typography, and scenes. 

And due to these, our choice is extensive. In the collection, you will find layouts of any subject and for any goal. There are no limitations on the themes. On the left sidebar, you can specify your search options. So far, there is a choice among:

  • Business
  • Services
  • Video Displays
  • Titles
  • Logo Reveal
  • Product Promo
  • Special Events
  • Broadcast Packages
  • Holidays
  • Technology
  • Corporate
  • Sports
  • Kids
  • Miscellaneous
  • Backgrounds
  • Transitions
  • Lower Thirds.

The range is constantly growing, so you will soon get to see new solutions. 

Top 6 After Effects Popular Tools

The potential of this Adobe program is indescribable. Try to work with it to understand what the built-in tools can and what powerful results you can expect in the final step. With our templates, you may design anything, impose any footage, and apply any animation. However, here are the commonly used After Effects tools:

  • VFX. Visual effects allow you to make scenes that you can't do in real life, such as dangerous situations, fall, and transformations. VFX is computer graphics in movies. They are used in movie production to replace expensive or hazardous scenes and create fictional characters and locations. That's why you have a great instrument to make an impressive scene, which will fascinate everyone.  
  • Keying. It's the process of combining two or more images or frames within the same composition. During shooting, the object is placed on a monochrome colored background, usually green. It is frequently used for a combination of real and fiction scenes.
  • Compositing. It is a photo and video material-gathering by combining layers. In other words, if you have ready-made materials but need to match them somehow - the program suits for such tasks.
  • Trailer. You may easily design a clip that lasts a few seconds or minutes and shows the product's benefits or service through animation, interesting graphics, and audio sound.
  • Animated infographics. Provide a convenient explanation of complex information. Your presentation will be dynamic and highly intense.
  • Animated logos. It's another amazing opportunity for the program. Templates allow you to create impressive logos in a few minutes. Prepare an idea, and everything else is available in a ready-made version.

After Effects Templates Best Features

Working with video is always difficult because you need to add effects and animation and create a harmonious picture that will attract the audience and engage them. Layouts are almost ready-made material that only needs to be added and edited. You don't need any programming skills. So we provide you with:

  • easily customizable content,
  • compatibility with popular editing programs,
  • support After Effects CS4, CS5, CS5.5, CS6 and CC,
  • HD and 4K resolution,
  • different placement options for images,
  • compatibility with various desired fonts,
  • no need for plugins,
  • built-in detailed documentation/an easy-to-follow tutorial.

After Effects Templates Ready for Everyone

The Adobe works we may find on the television and film industry, animation, game development, music video creation, advertising industry, web design. 

And TemplateMonster goods are very convenient so that any user may enjoy them:

  • Interface designers. They make effective layout presentations and bring the static layout to life. It is interesting, first of all, by the ability to animate its projects, but it has many other applications - mainly in film production. 
  • Videomakers. This program is highly successful among people in creative professions. Because video content and animation becomes wider every day, it is impossible to avoid After Effects. Therefore, a person whose job is to create footage can become ONE subscriber and be happy to use any video and audio products for free.
  • Freelancers. You are free to choose any of the provided items, do different experiments, apply various effects, and use all the program tools.
  • Journalistic students. Often, students, especially creative professions, need unique material to design projects. That's why they may use both standard templates for slideshows and more complex items.
  • Studios that create videos to order. Subscribe and use hundreds of our products for free. 
  • Bloggers/content managers. Yes, such people are chasing uniqueness, so awesome effects become a new highlight and a completely modern trend to improve their Instagram feed.
  • Everyone. Of course, if you are an ordinary person who wants to create fantastic videos for any purpose - you are welcome.
  • Website owners. Use to improve site design. It is possible to make unusual tutorials, present the portfolio with various picture shots. You can also fill your feed with visual recipes. The feedback from users will be much more active because you will present the information in a convenient way for them. 
  • YouTube Bloggers. An indispensable thing on YouTube is the video. And it can be any subject, and the key point is to impress. But just the same, we have all the tools for it.

As you have understood, any information type could convey, and now, when people are in a hurry and try not to get lost in the modern world, you need to allow them to learn new things on the way. Reading may require more time than watching a video with explanations, eye-catching pictures, and animations.

Benefits of Using After Effects Templates with ONE membership

To give our customers more opportunities to work and develop, we have ONE service. In short, it is an unlimited subscription to premium solutions from the TemplateMonster digital marketplace. It means you are free to download an unlimited number of website themes, plugins, stock photos and audio, graphics, experiment with it, customize, use it in your projects, and do not care about any additional fees. It is a subscription that guarantees free use of the best offerings depending on the paid plan. Now you may implement any of the projects in a matter of hours with high-quality products included in the subscription. ONE is:

  • WordPress themes and plugins, Elementor items, PrestaShop modules, graphics, adaptive layouts for websites, Bootstrap themes, online store, and presentation templates,
  • ideal price/quality and price/quantity ratio,
  • additional services that are part of the subscription,
  • discounts for ONE service users,
  • no limitations,
  • incredible savings of money and effort,
  • affordable prices that will not hit your wallet,
  • professional technical support for all products (it is powerful, considering the huge items range and the number of customers).

Our subscription is suitable for absolutely everyone:

Web-studios and freelancers. The subscription contains premium quality products, developed with the help of front-end technologies. They have an adaptive design, SEO-optimized elements, and are available for any settings. Therefore, the ready-to-use items may perfectly facilitate the task.

Designers, advertising makers, illustrators. All creative people who know Photoshop and are good at working in it. So you can use any of our graphics, including logo templates, illustrations, icons, patterns, and even After Effects products.

Bloggers. These are people who need original content, but it will be very expensive to buy separate elements. That's why we offer quality and unique templates for social networking, fonts, icons, and different animations. 

Business owners. Offerings available by subscription will help solve the problem by preparing presentations of products, services, reports and creating a corporate style. ONE includes presentation layouts, social networks, certificates, logos, email newsletters, resumes, and corporate identity templates for business cards, brochures, etc. And besides great presentation, our offerings do not require programming knowledge, so you will customize the selected elements with no extra effort. 

ONE Membership Rate Plans

For your convenience, we provide three payment plans. Each tariff is slightly different in elements, sets and features, so read the information carefully before making a subscription.

Creative. This tariff includes free access to graphics, presentation templates, video, and audio assets. The price is only $82, and you have the opportunity to use our premium products for a whole year.

All-in-one. It is an extended subscription that offers themes based on the leading CMS, such as Magento, WordPress, Joomla, OpenCart, Shopify, etc., E-commerce themes, useful plugins in addition to the items specified in the Creative package. The price is only $162. You can spend this money to buy a high-quality template, but what is a better one template or thousands of unique and trendy TemplateMonster solutions? The answer is clear.

All-in-one lifetime. For now, it is our best offer. For $599, you get full access to all premium and high-quality elements included in the ONE membership for lifelong. In other words, any templates, videos, fonts, music, themes, backgrounds, patterns, icons, mockups, and more are at your disposal.

Moreover, each tariff plan includes unlimited projects, one year of professional technical support. And also another bonus is 50% on TemplateMonster services. Besides, to protect your payments and make them more user-friendly, we use secure payment methods. The purchase is available through Visa, MasterCard, or PayPal.

One Purchase VS Subscription

To decide what is better, we need to do a little analysis. If you are constantly working on different online and offline projects, you will need to use the products more than once. And to avoid being boring, you need to choose an impressive solution. There are such goods in our collection. Besides, you may pay for the TemplateMonster community every month. Then you will have to spend only $6-$14. And it can be compared with buying one video layout. But it's better to have a whole package of features. Thus it's possible to add awesome fonts, images, adjust audio, and more.

After Effects Templates FAQs

How to edit After Effects Template?

It's easier than it may seem. First, you need to open Adobe After Effects. You'll see a program with a lot of features, but don't worry, it's straightforward. Find the project window, and there open different folders: Edit Here, Assets, Footage, and more. Select Edit Here for the changes. You can choose what exactly you want to edit: music or scenes in the window that appears. You also can import your video by clicking the left mouse button, add texts, and additional information. Also, please read our article The Best After Effects Beginner Tutorials. Here you will find detailed information with video explanations of how to make amazing designs.

How to buy an After Effects template?

To make a purchase, you need to become a subscriber first. Please visit the MonsterOne homepage. Choose a suitable template. For this, you can use the left sidebar. There are necessary criteria there selecting which you can narrow down your search. After that, you need to know about the product by reading its description on the page. If it suits you, click safely Enjoin Unlimited Downloads. Or go to the Pricing page. Choose the appropriate tariff plan. Fill in Secure Checkout with your email, name, surname, billing phone number and password, and a convenient way to pay. It can be Pay with PayPal or Pay with Debit/Credit Card. The subscription is complete, which means now you have great opportunities.

Can I order services for working with the After Effects template?

Sure. If you are a member of ONE community, you can get a 50% discount for any services. Because video materials you may use for online business, we have SEO optimization improvement, viable content, ready-made website, online store installation and configuration, logo creation, and more.

Can I sell After Effects templates for ONE users?

We gladly welcome new authors to our friendly team. Become an author on the site, register, and fill out a short form. And our team will contact you soon.

Top 10 After Effects Templates with Intros

If you want to make a unique product, you need to know what is modern and apply these trends. So we have a special tutorial for you. Check out the video and find out what is popular now and how you can create it.

5 Best 1932 Templates for After Effects 2024

Product NameDownloadsPrice for One Members
3D Clean Logo Reveal | After Effects21Free
Amazing Lightning Logo Animation8Free
Elegant 3D Twist - Logo Reveal20Free
Multiscreen 3D Logo Intro21Free
Website Presentation V2 After Effects Template40Free

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