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One Membership: Corporate Identity Templates

For more than 15 years, the TemplateMonster platform has provided a full range of services, including creation, promotion, and support of digital products and other corporate identity web tools. Our goal is to find a simple, convenient, and beautiful way to solve our customer's problems. That is why we present subscription service with unlimited downloads, projects, websites, and all kinds of web products. Become a member of our community and download corporate identity templates without boundaries. 

How to Benefit From One Subscription

There are so many reasons to benefit from One! Our ultimate web development packages include:

  • Modern WordPress Themes;
  • Professional CMS and E-commerce;
  • Straightforward Trending Plugins and Add-ons;
  • Easy to use Graphic Assets;
  • Exclusive Presentation web tools;
  • Ultimate Stock of Free Photos;
  • Most popular Monstroid2 WordPress samples;
  • Trendy WooStroid2 WooCommerce assets;
  • Various Intense HTML samples;
  • Inspirational Eveprest PrestaShop tools;
  • Premium Multifly Shopify samples;
  • Customized Magetique Magento items;
  • Bright StoreFlex OpenCart themes, etc. 

Premium Services You Will Get Together With Elegant Corporate Identity Templates

They all have a unique design, user-friendly interface, easy to use navigation, and modern layout. Apart from high-quality digital tools, you also get our premium services. Subscribe today and get:

  1. Round the clock technical assistance. We provide immediate professional help at any time of day. Have a question? Contact us. Need help? Get in touch. 
  2. We offer a wide range of services that includes professional item installation, upscale customization, and full SE optimization. The membership covers you for all types of possible issues.
  3. You will receive updates for the latest trends in the web industry. Know more about the digital world and its recent functionalities. Do not worry. You will receive informational emails from us even when your membership expires too.
  4. If you did not find the tool you need and still haven't installed anything yet, you can cancel your subscription within 14 days.
  5. Enjoy our products for an unlimited amount of domains and items as long as your license is active—no more worries about purchasing a new permit every time. Once you are a member of our community, you can select multiple web tools and choose the best product for your end-product.

Download Corporate Identity Templates and Save Your Funds!

  1. If you want to create a great project, you will probably have to try different web tools for it. It costs money. The more tools you want to try, the more you have to pay. Just think: the monthly subscription with cost like a single item bought separately! So, it makes total sense to get One package and enjoy unlimited services. For the cash you spend for your morning cappuccino, you will get access to various web products you might need for your project. If you still wish to buy a single item, visit our website and find the necessities for your corporate identity
  2. Early birds have a chance to receive 30% off. Hurry up and don't miss an opportunity to save some funds today!
  3. Receive some additional profit with enormous discounts for our products beyond the subscription up to 50%. Moreover, you can get a Draftium PRO Mockup Tool free of cost in the first year. Do not forget about extra Stock Photos for all kinds of projects free of charge. Contact us today to find out more about our hot offers. 

Key Features of Corporate Identity Templates

All who plan to launch a project want to receive a professional, high-quality, modern web design. Among numerous useful features of our tool there also are:

  1. CSS functionality, which allows you to modify your web according to your concept;
  2. A parallax effect, which is responsible for creating an impression of depth;
  3. Social Media tabs, via which you can promote your services through various social networks;
  4. 24/7 professional technical support available for our customers via different channels, such as live chat, email, contact number, and others; 
  5. User-friendly layout, which will make your website accessible from different devices and browsers. 

Corporate Identity Tools Extra Features

One subscription can build:

  • Stunning Resizable and Editable Business Cards
  • Multipurpose assets for modeling or fashion industry;
  • Responsive web tools for all kinds of agencies;
  • Multiple Handmade color variation of Project Proposal items;
  • Print Ready Companies' brochures;
  • Customizable Professional CV;

These tools are perfect for personal identity purposes, professional branding, online advertising, calling cards, commerce launches, business events, and more. If you are confused about the packages available on the market, we created a straightforward and understandable One subscription for you. There are three memberships sets: Creative, All-in-one, and All-in-one unlimited. 

Three Packages Available

Creative Package

For only $6.80 per month and $82 per year, you can enjoy the Creative subscription, which includes: 

  • Modern Graphic & Design layouts;
  • Business presentation web tools; 
  • Unlimited projects;
  • Non-stop online technician support;

All-in-one Package 

It comes at $14.90 per month or $179 per year. This package contains multiple products such as:

  • Modern WordPress and CMS Themes created on the leading CMS, such as WordPress, Joomla, etc.;
  • Various professionally build E-commerce Themes, such as beautiful Magento, effective Shopify, bright PrestaShop, and others to launch a successful online store;
  • JET plugins for Elementor, which means that you can utilize them for any number of projects;
  • Multiple PSD files, creative logos, corporate identity items, different illustrations, and other graphic & design assets ready to use;
  • Unlimited domains provided considering active license; 
  • You will get 365 days of professional online technical assistance. It is provided via live chat, email, contact number, or online form. 

All-in-one Unlimited

This membership is a single time fee package. It includes all the tools listed above but for a lifetime. It means that even if you start a new project, move from an industry to another or quit business, you still can use our products for any activity in your life. We conduct our payments through a Level 1 PCI compliant system and only via secure and reliable services like PayPal, Visa, or MasterCard. In case you do not find things needed for your business, you can always deactivate your subscription provided you did not install anything from the platform yet. 

Moreover, if you want to receive more attention to your project and attract more customers much quicker, you should use the Google AdWords option. This service gives you professional content production, full advertisement SEO optimization, and round a click customer technical support. This premium services setup can take up to ten days. Contact us today to learn more about the Google AdWords package. 

Corporate Identity Templates FAQ

How do I Get My Corporate Identity Templates?

To download One, you need to enter some essential information about yourself, like name and email. Next, you have to choose the subscription option (Creative, All-in-one, or All-in-one unlimited). Once you pay with the help of secured payment systems, we will forward you a letter with a link to download the archive to the email that you specified when ordering. It will contain the item files.

When Will I Receive the Corporate Identity Templates File?

Usually, the waiting time for an item takes about an hour. Do not worry. We carry out all the necessary operations to send it to your email. You can refer to our Ready to Use Website Service for installation assistance. At extra cost, we will set up your favorite item, build in your corporate logo if needed, modify colors, fill in with plagiarism-free content (maximum five pages and around ten different posts), and activate the contact tab.

I Never Received My Corporate Identity Templates. What to Do?

Please contact us immediately, and we will solve the problem. You can communicate with our team via email, contact number, or with the help of live chat located at the right bottom corner. When you request to resend the item, you will receive a download link to the same mail specified when placing the order.

Do the Installations Come With Downloaded Corporate Identity Templates?

No, you have to buy All-in-One Store Setup Service separately. For $579, we will do all it takes to launch a fully-featured store. It includes professional installation, Premium Store Setup ultimate sample configuration, up-scale On-Page SEO Optimization, 15 DepositPhotos.com modern images, and 1000 words of unique content. What are you waiting for? In TemplateMonster, we have everything you need for a significant corporate launch.

Corporate Identity Templates in One Subscription

To know more about the subscription, watch this informative video. It shows you exactly how to access the portal and choose the necessary items for your project. Hundreds and hundreds of products gathered under the membership service are waiting for you today!

The All-in-One Membership

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