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Keynote Templates as a Powerful Solution to Present Effectively  

An exciting presentation is an essential attribute of any successful performance. You can talk about a new product, an interesting idea, valuable research, or share inspiring stories with your audience. In any case, it is a successful slide that helps you make a good impression and convey your thoughts more effectively. Keynote, as a presentation software for Apple users, differs from PowerPoint in its simplicity, intuitive features, and easy-to-use interface. You might be curious about how to make your slides even more creative, unique, with no need to craft them from scratch. And an answer is simple - Keynote templates are an excellent solution to make compelling visuals. 

Why you May Need to Use Ready-Made Presentation Layouts

Let's imagine a situation when you need to create effective slides and time presses. You still need to think through the speech structure, prepare the necessary materials, and compose the speech's text. There is not enough time to think through suitable design and work out all the presentation's nuances in this situation. That is when pre-styled layouts come in to help. Most of them not only help save time but also offer a set of useful features. If you actively use the software, a ready-made theme is a perfect catch to speed up the process and craft creative visuals with a few clicks.

ONE by TemplateMonster - Unlimited access to Free Keynote Templates

We bet you know TemplateMonster as a company developing themes for various CMS's for 15 years. The company's product range is thousands of different digital items. You can find a solution for any website at the most affordable price. Not long ago, the company launched an excellent subscription service - the ONE. You can easily download any theme or other items for an unlimited number of times during the whole year. Feel free to experiment with it, customize it, use it in your projects, and not worry about any additional fees. Is it not convenient for those who work with digital solutions regularly?! The subscription service allows you to download your favorite Keynote templates and any other product you may need for your project.

Advantages of Using Ready Presentations Designs from ONE 

Here are a few advantages of being a member of the community:

  • Except for the presentation themes, you get access to the groups of products:

WordPress products;





HTML layouts;

CMS designs;

Stock photos.

  • You take advantage of such additional services like installation, SEO optimization, customization, and other services available for purchase.
  • New products and regular updates for existing items are coming. The library of the products is continually growing, and you get access to even more bestselling items.
  • Professional 24/7 support. Whenever you may have any questions or difficulties, you know that you may rely on the knowledgeable technical support team.
  • You feel secure. In case you do not like any products within the subscription, you may request a refund for 14 days after the purchase. 

Who Will Make the Most of the ONE by TemplateMonster

An unlimited subscription service will be more than suitable for the following categories of customers:

  • Web studios and freelancers

The subscription contains premium-quality website themes, plugins, and graphics developed using advanced technologies. All the products have a responsive design and look equally good on different types of devices.

  • Graphic designers and illustrators

All the creatives enjoy the benefits of the service. The subscription includes a particular "Graphics" plan to find PSD source files, logo layouts, illustrations, social media packs, etc.

  • Bloggers and content managers

High-quality graphic content is never enough. If you buy individual images, you will spend a fortune. Save your budget and receive access to all the graphics available for unlimited downloads. 

  • Business owners 

Except for themes for presentations, the subscription includes layouts for certificates, logos, resumes, corporate identity solutions, etc. There is no need to surf the web searching for these products when all of them are collected in a single place.

Subscription vs. Single Product Purchase

If your business is connected with regular presentations on Apple devices, there is no sense to pay more. Let’s take an average Keynote template for Mac. You pay $22 for a one-time download license. And what about paying $6.80/month and access thousands of flag-ship designs with the opportunity of unlimited downloads? Isn't it impressive enough? For the price of a cup of coffee, you are getting tons of solutions. Do not hesitate to enjoy the benefits of the subscription service.

Essential Tips on How to Choose Keynote Templates Efficiently

When choosing Keynote presentation layouts, it is essential to keep in mind the following:

  1. Use bundles. If you need to create the slides regularly, it is good to select the appropriate universal Keynote solution with a set of necessary tools. Such a bundle serves as a useful tool for slides. You will discover various topics, visual support with high-quality graphs, diagrams, and images. Choose minimalistic and stylish themes.
  2. Use graphs, charts, and maps that illustrate your performance as much as possible. Remember, you have a limited amount of time to show the maximum level of professionalism. Pick up the solution that will help you visualize achievements, forecasts, and statistics based on graphs, charts, maps, and visual content.
  3. Concise delivery of information. How often have you seen boring slides with incomprehensible text and randomly placed images? Choose your best Keynote design with a sense of style and conciseness, successful placement of pictures, and text on all slides.
  4. Add creativity. Poor presentations have not impressed anybody for a long time. If your specialization allows, add brightness and creativity to the slide design. This solution will attract the viewer and help to focus on the critical information.
  5. Structure your information. In addition to illustrations, it is essential to provide information in the format of lists and tables. Moreover, the text should be as concise and informative as possible. There are a vast number of layouts with charts and tables. A good option is to put as much information as possible on a single slide.
  6. Stick to trends. Why should you follow the trends? The answer is simple: trends are born in connection with the needs of the users. Follow the trends to attract the attention of the audience.

Presentation Design Trends to Follow 

  • Storytelling. If some story is in the center of your slides, the audience will not fall asleep. But it is important to remember that storytelling is about people. With all these dates and numbers, the history of the company is a bad story for storytelling.
  • Infographics. Infographics are one of the main trends in the visualization of information. This content helps you make your visuals look beautiful, stylish, and complete at the same time. It is particularly significant for situations when the slides do not complement the verbal speech, but is sent by mail.
  • Minimalism. Minimalism is still a trend. Not to make this layout look ‘poor,’ it is essential to use modern fonts. The second rule is stylish images or clean backgrounds. You can focus on pastel colors or black and white, which are still right.
  • Clean layout. A modern presentation is a minimum of text and a lot of free space. Use a regular color fill or a background image. If you use a photo as a background, make sure its plot is not saturated with too many details.
  • Atmosphere and mood. To convey the mood or atmosphere, you can use "live" photos with action, movement, and genuine emotions. Try to avoid traditional stock images.
  • Awesome icons. Modern, neat icons in the flat design are an excellent solution for your slides. You may always download ready-made options.
  • Gradients and patterns. Not always a clean background gives the right feeling. If you need to saturate the image with meaning, you may use patterns and exciting fills.
  • Animation. Good news - animation is still trendy. It is best to choose light animation with simple graphics.

How to Buy a Product at ONE

Choose any of the three pricing plans available to meet your projects’ expectations.

CreativeAll-in-OneAll-in-One ∞
$82/year$179/year$599 one-time fee
Graphic and design assetsWordPress and CMS themesWordPress and CMS themes
Presentation templateseCommerce themeseCommerce themes
Unlimited projectsPluginsPlugins
1-year technical supportGraphic and design assetsGraphic and design assets
Presentation templatesPresentation templates
Unlimited projectsUnlimited projects
1-year technical support1-year technical support
Unlimited lifetime access

You pay with Visa and MasterCard cards, or through the PayPal system. If you change your mind, the company guarantees a refund for 14 days if you have not downloaded any products.

How to Download Free Keynote Templates

Once you become a community member, you are welcome to download unlimited products from the ONE library. Let’s take a free Keynote theme and see how you download an item:

  1. Login to your account.
  2. Navigate to the Get Started button and choose the Presentation Templates category.
  3. Choose Keynote Templates from the drop-down list and make your choice on the product for download.
  4. Click the Download button once you are ready to download.
  5. Enjoy the work in action.

As you see, just a few simple steps will help you to download your favorite product within the service.  

Keynote Templates FAQ

What are the Keynote templates?

These are ready-made layouts for presentations on Mac devices. Experts have already taken care of their design, so you need to fill them with your content. The slides already have blanks for infographics, tables, graphs, and diagrams, and you can easily choose the necessary color palette.

Are there any restrictions for Keynote themes acquired from the ONE?

There are a few restrictions to keep in mind. It is prohibited to resell the items. You are not allowed to use the themes and plugins for on-demand services. It is not permitted to use items downloaded from ONE to promote your products or services.

What type of technical assistance for Keynote designs is available within the membership?

The ONE offers an export 24/7 technical support. The ticket team is available from Monday through Friday and glad to help you with any questions or concerns you may have. If you need immediate assistance with simple technical issues, you can contact a 24/7 live chat. An advanced support team is available for complex problems that require lengthy troubleshooting. Support services are in English only.

What features should I pay attention to when choosing ready-made Keynote layouts?

Here are a few features you should keep in mind when picking up a presentation layout: Multipurpose layout, Responsiveness, eCommerce module, Retina-ready, Mobile layout included, Printable.
The rest of the features and tools depend on the particular needs and preferences of your project.

Inferior - Creative Keynote Template

Check out this video to learn more about the Inferior. Whether you are presenting in fashion, business, or corporate areas, you will perform successfully.

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