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Who May Need HTML Admin Templates Nowadays

If you open the “Product details” page, you can see that most of our HTML admin templates are multifunctional. They come with lots of useful features and provide full control of your website or websites. Shop or brand owners can keep an eye on their traffic, sales, and customer information. You can see the sales statistics to figure out who your potential customer is, view data about shoppers’ location, and other trackable details. It will be easy to know about an average order volume or the number or unique purchases and where they came from.

These easy-to-use and highly informative admin tools fit anyone serious about their online business. Would you like to boost sales? Here is how you can become closer to your customers to know their needs. Do you want to check whether one of your branches works half-heartedly? Once again, here is how you can track the shopping stats.

Topics HTML Admin Templates Cover

So, these HTML5 admin templates make an all-in-one solution for experienced shop owners who have huge sales and want to speed up the working process. They are also helpful for beginners who want to track their progress and find the breaking point to fix it. Besides, these products would be useful for marketers, salespeople, and anyone else who want to see their work results and improve them. There are templates for the next website categories:

  • Business & Services;
  • Computers & Internet;
  • Design & Photography.

However, thanks to a versatile design and rich feature pack, you can use these templates for other businesses. They suit any eCommerce-related project.

Pre-Buying HTML Admin Template Checklist

Did you find the template you like and ready to download it? Before purchasing the item, make sure it has all the must-haves you need in 2020.

  1. Multipurpose design - makes your website admin template suitable for any topic.
  2. Responsive design - allows working with the template and its content on any device.
  3. Mobile-friendly design takes care of the small-screened version of your project.
  4. Appointment Booking - the feature lets further the working process and makes it easier for your staff and a customer to book an appointment.
  5. Retina-ready design - takes care of the quality of your interface and all its visuals.
  6. Schedule - another essential feature to further your work.
  7. At least 2 dashboards to get control of your online business.

HTML Admin Templates FAQ

What is an admin template?

An admin or a dashboard template is a set of pre-designed pages and ready-made features that control several projects. You can control used backgrounds, banners, graphics, and all the other elements of your customers’ websites. Everything is located in the same place, which is comfortable to keep more than one website up-to-date.

Where to look for free admin templates?

The TemplateMonster gallery offers over 400 website templates for free. There are clean Bootstrap templates for various topics, including fashion, game design, art, business, etc. Check them out to find your freebie.

Why do I need Bootstrap for my website?

Bootstrap is a well-known front-end development framework popular among modern web designers and developers. It allows constructing responsive websites and current applications in a quick way. Developers need Bootstrap to design elements for the website interface, like forms, buttons, and CTAs. Besides, it supports JavaScript extensions, so you need Bootstrap when working with HTML templates.

Can I get HTML admin templates with ONE Subscription?

Yes, you can! The products you can use depends on your pricing. You can choose the Al-in-One plan to get yearly access to all 28.000 digital products from the gallery. It includes 1400+ WordPress themes and 3500+ CMS and eCommerce themes. By choosing the All-in-One plan, you get lifetime access to all these products and other items from the gallery, like graphics, videos, and audios. Both variants also include assets, plugins, and free technical support.

Working with HTML Admin Templates

You can get full control of your project and all the child projects you are about to create with admin templates. It is possible to change any detail of any element, including colors, sizes, and positions. Add trendy widgets to the website design at the drop of a hat with a handy Page Builder.

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