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Download Graphic Icon Sets With ONE Subscription

Business is developing at a furious speed, and now it is essential to be in the trend and have a reliable online platform. And our digital marketplace has a solution. With 15 years in the digital sales world, we've been able to analyze all of the visitors' actions, desires, and be closer so that we always come to the rescue. This desire has led to ONE membership development. And now, over 25,000 items are available to you. That's if we don't count more than 1.5 million stock images. In this broad collection, we have included 1500 graphic icon sets. Read about the advantages you have with this excellent membership!

Premium Icon Packs For Powerful Online Presence

Properly arranged accents on the website help designers, marketers, and business owners get the user's attention and direct them to their actions. It may be registration, purchase, communication with the support team, or understanding the provided information. Images are such a tool. But is it hard to imagine such an important and cool premium solution for a penny? What if we say that it is free? It is a surprising fact, but it is true. And ONE is the explanation for it. We have never offered so many free products suitable for any topic:

  • Business & Services
  • Fashion & Beauty
  • Design & Photography
  • Home & Family
  • Sports, Outdoors & Travel
  • Food & Restaurant
  • Medicine & Electronics
  • Computers & Internet
  • Society & People
  • Cars & Buses
  • Art & Culture
  • Education & Games
  • Animals & Pets
  • Holidays & Gifts

Another option you consider is a package with stylish emojis for social networks. Each subject includes a diverse images set. So on the "education" topic, there are 2, 5, 7 goods. 

Download Free Icon Sets For Various Purposes

The use of graphic elements is quite broad, and you should not focus your attention only on websites. Although here, they also play an essential role. Icons make their interface friendly, attractive, and professional. They show that you care about even the smallest details. Please turn on your imagination when working with them: headers, side panels, footers, and lists are great places for location. These details are everywhere; you do not even notice how they surround us. So, let's look at a few examples:

  • Presentation: indication schemes, chains, or thematic titles that take up a lot of space on the slide. In this way, you save space without distracting the audience from unnecessary inscriptions. They are also used to structure information, make it visual, create a unique style,
  • Website: it is suitable for navigation, "purchase," "basket," "technical service," "goods," "account," and others. Also include lists of services, a visual invitation to try new offerings, headings, and sections.
  • Mobile apps: all applications use icons without exception.  It is the first thing users see when they find the Apple App Store and Google Play application.  It is also worth mentioning social networks. Here we talk about the design of publications and stories (Instagram, Facebook).

These graphical products are found not only in the examples given but also in life: on the navigation boards, road signs, instructions. They are met on public signs: in the subway, airports, shopping centers.

Best Choice of Free Icon Sets

Images not only save screen space but also connect to the customer. They simplify the perception of information because they cause associations with specific actions. Icons are divided into linear, differ in color, flat, volumetric, illustrations, typographic. All these types there are in our ONE collection. Follow these rules to make a perfect choice:

1. Diversity: if you have selected 1 type, use only it, because different types make the site worse. And you may get an impression of the low quality of work.

2. Size: the size of the selected items should also match each other. It looks harmoniously, and each element will complement the other.

3. Style: different sets are also various elements. It may not be visible at first sight, but the thickness of the contours, the lines' size, and the roundness may differ. Therefore, choose 1 package for quality design.

4. Fitting: make sure that the images correspond to the provided information.

5. SVG format: this format allows to color and change the images in PowerPoint. And its quality does not be affected.

Enhance Website Conversion With Vector Icon Sets

Conversion is an indicator of the efficiency and profitability of your resource. If used correctly, images become another tool for increasing conversion and managing visitor behavior.

  • User focus. They help website visitors concentrate on important information, keep their eyes on offers, deals, bestsellers, links, etc. They are also great at controlling the actions of the audience.
  • Site/application work explanation. Use icons to explain how to make a purchase, register, leave a comment, etc. It will reduce the time for clients to read instructions and the like.
  • Promotions and best offers. With the help of eye-catching images, you attract customers' attention, send them to view the advertisements, and eventually purchase.

Subscription VS Single Product Purchase

Our prices are quite democratic. The price is only $7-$15, and it may be a lunch or your favorite flavorful coffee. But what is better coffee or a year of unlimited creation of impressive projects? The second variant, of course. Especially analyze: for 1 project, you do not spend 7 dollars. If this is a website, you need a quality template ($40-$150), fonts ($15-$20), logo ($20-$30), illustrations ($10-$50), services ($15-$300). And to sum it up, it is clear that 1 purchase will not compare with a subscription, which opens the possibility to choose any items.

Buying graphic icon sets with ONE subscription 

Our best service is ONE membership. And it is not surprising at all: you are open for an incredible number of ready-made solutions. Among them are WordPress Themes, CMS and E-commerce Themes, Trending Plugins and Add-ons, Graphic Assets, Presentation templates, Free Stock Photos. 

This collection is continually growing. So we suggest you subscribe right now. And from now on, start doing awesome projects with the best premium TemplateMonster items. We offer three rates for unlimited access: Creative, All-in-One, and All-in-One Lifetime.

Creative: this rate allows you to choose impressive presentation templates, thousands of graphic elements without charge for a year. Also, our technical support team will always be in touch. The price is relatively small - $6.80 per month or $82 per year. Is it better to use thousands of items a year, or spend money every time? We assure you that the purchase will pay off when you build your first project.

All-in-One: This rate already has more extended offers than the previous one. In addition to the Creative package elements, you get WordPress and CMS Themes, E-commerce Themes, Plugins. And these are all our products, with their incredible functionality. It makes it easy to develop websites, presentations, and even ordinary projects. The price is also relatively low: $14.90 per month / $179 per year. By the way, now there is a payment discount, so hurry up.

All-in-One Lifetime: This is a genuinely ideal offer. For only $599 (this includes the discount), you get access to download our premium products lifelong. It means you pay once and use templates, fonts, images, presentation themes, plugins, services for FREE!

Besides, you don't need to pay for the goods again to create another project with its help. When the unlimited use of templates is over, the sites will continue their work. And the plugin updates needed for profitable site operations will not stop coming.

Graphic Icon Sets Key Features

Our best offers are fully customized to work, change, and adjust. And in turn, we provide:

  • .AI, .EPS, .SVG, .PNG, .CMX, .JPG formats (each packing element is available in all formats);
  • full compatibility with Adobe Illustrator And CorelDRAW;
  • 100% vector;
  • fully customizable;
  • easy to edit;
  • for commercial and personal use.

ONE Community Main Benefits

ONE is only an advantage. After all, we have created the perfect service to please everyone who dreams of using our superior premium goods almost freely.

TemplateMonster membership is:

1. A vast selection of spectacular products to suit every taste and purpose;

2. Unlimited downloading thousands of times! Forget about permanent licenses because you get a year's validity from the moment you connect the tariff;

3. Creation without limits, because you have hundreds, thousands of instruments to build your business;

4. Connect with professional technical support if you have any questions or difficulties;

5. Services for template installation, its personalization, and even optimization of website loading speed. It is what you need if someone wants to be 100% confident in the site's success;

6. Constant updates of ready-made solutions, which are already included in the subscription. The number of digital products will only increase, which means that it is always possible to keep up with the times;

Free Icon Sets For Everyone

All may use the items included in the subscription. After all, creativity has no limits. You can be a blogger, designer, illustrator, novice or skilled developer, web studio, someone looking for a job, working with advertising, business development, etc. So, TemplateMonster has everything for everyone! After all, our products do not stop at templates. These are still great fonts, images, certificates, mockups, and other stuff.

Download Graphic Icon Sets From ONE Community FAQs

What icon packs services does ONE provide?

We have many services that facilitate the work, ranging from the site's complete creation, ending with individual elements' configuration, or copywriter services. If you own an online store, use the full setup of the store. In this case, we make the design taking into account all your wishes.

Who can I ask about downloading SVG icon packages from ONE subscription?

If you have any questions, please contact our technical support team. The chosen tariff will please you with quality support for all digital products included in the membership. A professional team will answer any queries within a short period.

Can ONE subscription for graphic icons be suspended without my permission?

Our team notifies you about it. It happens if, after the subscription expires, our system could not automatically withdraw money to continue the license. In that case, you should contact the support service, and we will solve this problem within a particular time.

ONE allows us to use all sets of icons, or are there restrictions?

Restrictions are something that you can't say about the TemplateMonster community. You get the items included in the rate without any restrictions. And you also download them an unlimited number of times. Just don't forget that your project must be submitted before the license ends.

How to Download Graphic Icon Set From ONE

Check out only how quickly and easily download our impressive offers with membership. A short guide will explain everything step by step, starting with the login to your account.

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