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Download Icon Sets With Subscription and Save Money on Your Projects

Business is developing at a furious speed, and now it is essential to be on trend and have a reliable online platform. And our digital marketplace has a solution. With 20+ years in the digital sales world, we've been able to analyze all of the visitors' actions and get closer to them so that we always come to the rescue. This desire has led to MonsterONE membership development. And now, hundreds of thousands of items are available to you. In this broad collection, we have included graphic icon sets. Read about the advantages you have with this excellent membership!

Premium Icon Packs for a Powerful Online Presence in Any Niche

Properly arranged accents on the website help designers, marketers, and business owners get the user's attention and direct them to their actions. It may be registration, purchase, communication with the support team, or understanding the provided information. Another option you may consider is a package with stylish emojis. Images are such a powerful tool.

What is even sweeter is that you can customize these graphic items as well. For example, play with the colors, use gradients, exchange the elements—let it be yours. Make them your own by adding your special touch.

Nevertheless, can you imagine this important and cool premium solution for a penny? It is a surprising fact, but it is true. And subscription is the explanation for it.

In general, the MonsterONE pictogram sets are quite tight. There is enough variation and quality, and you can also customize them to your liking. So if you are looking to add a visual element to a project, check them out.

Who Can Use Icon Sets?

Have you ever wondered how people get pictograms and ideograms for almost everything—files, media, travel, and weather? Well, pretty much everything that you’d need to spruce up an app or a website. And it’s all very high-quality as well. The lines are very straight, and the colors are also very bright. It allows for mixing and matching within a set. We have never offered so many affordable products suitable for any topic—each includes a diverse image set.


Here, symbols are present to make it user-friendly for you to navigate banking apps. They make it all look less like a financial statement and more like a comfortably easy walk through your money matters.


Badges are also important in ensuring that dull data charts and graphs are presented interestingly. In particular, they convert those brain-dead statistics into something that a schoolchild might comprehend.


Such symbols form a large part of the user interface you have with your computer. They turn complex jobs into a game of “click me, and I’ll guide you to where you want to be.”


In the world of health apps and websites, those tiny images help us understand the symptoms and dosage of the medication's effects. After all, no one likes to translate doctor lingo for themselves.


Pictures are used to illustrate complex ideas by researchers and scientists. For example, think of DNA symbols or those laboratory beakers—they make science slightly more understandable for us ordinary people.


Food delivery apps will not be functional in the absence of pictograms. The little pictures that represent burgers, pizzas, and sushi? They are the ones that matter the most, ensuring that you get precisely what you need.


Ever shopped online? Thank those little visuals for the small shopping cart and adorable signs that allow you to navigate the virtual aisles without getting lost.


Graphics are the reason gamers get a smooth gaming experience. Health bars, ammo counts, and power-ups are what keep your virtual world together.


Items such as the play buttons and volume sliders, remember? They remain the unknown heroes who ensure that you can enjoy your favorite tunes without any hassles.

Social Media

Finally, icons are the pillars of social platforms. These small graphic gems make notifications, messages, and hashtags come to life. And emojis? They are the ones that facilitate interactive online socializing.

Enhance Website Conversion with Vector Icon Sets

Conversion is an indicator of the efficiency and profitability of your resource. If used correctly, images become another tool for increasing conversion and managing visitor behavior. Think of McDonald's—the more they convert people into clients, the more successful they are. And guess what? Images act as the secret ingredient to make that cheeseburger stand out.

  • User focus. You want prospective clients to look on the bright side—the unmissable French fries, the incredible bargains, and the hot-selling snacks. In this case, visuals get the job done: they work as signposts that direct your visitors to the most delicious parts of your website. So, they are not merely beauties; they ensure that everyone behaves and carries out the right activities.
  • Site/application work explanation. No one wishes to read a manual. Visuals are your way to tell your visitors how to do things—making a purchase, signing up, leaving feedback—without overloading them with information. This way, you give them a treasure map and not a very long list of directions. Quick and easy.
  • Promotions and best offers. Your images appear to be very appealing to every passerby. The eye-catching graphics attract the customers, make them look at the ads, and eventually, they leave with a bag full of treats. In other words, you turn a browser user into a regular client—and all because of such fascinating pictures.

Therefore, keep in mind that in this digital amusement park, images are not simply pixels. They are the key to a better conversion rate and also a more satisfied, involved audience.

How to Choose Icon Sets

Images not only save screen space but also connect to the customer. They simplify the perception of information because they cause associations with specific actions. Icon sets are divided into linear, differing in color, flat, volumetric, illustrations, and typographic. All these types are in the MonsterONE collection. Follow these rules to make a perfect choice:

  1. Diversity: if you have selected one type, use only it because different types make the site worse. And you may get an impression of the low quality of the work.
  2. Size: The sizes of the selected items should also match each other. It looks harmonious, and each element will complement the other.
  3. Style: different sets also have various elements. It may not be visible at first sight, but the thickness of the contours, the lines' size, and the roundness may differ. Therefore, choose one package for quality design.
  4. Fitting: make sure that the images correspond to the provided information.
  5. SVG format: this format allows to color and change the images in PowerPoint. And its quality is not affected.

Free Icons—Download For Various Purposes

The use of graphic elements is quite broad, and you should not focus your attention only on websites. However, they play an important role here. Visuals make their interface friendly, attractive, and professional. They, in particular, show that you care about even the smallest details. Please turn on your imagination when working with them: headers, side panels, footers, and lists are great places for location. These details are everywhere; you do not even notice how they surround you. So, let's look at a few examples:

  • Presentation: indication schemes, chains, or thematic titles that take up a lot of space on the slide. In this way, you save space without distracting the audience from unnecessary inscriptions. They are also used to structure information, make it visual, create a unique style,
  • Website: it is suitable for navigation, "purchase," "shopping cart," "technical service," "goods," "account," and others. Also include lists of services, a visual invitation to try new offerings, headings, and sections.
  • Mobile apps: all applications use icon sets without exception. It is the first thing users see when they find the application on the App Store and Google Play. It is also worth mentioning social networks. Here we talk about the design of posts and stories (Instagram, Facebook).

These graphical products are found not only in the examples given but also in life: on navigation boards, road signs, and instructions. They are even posted on public signs—in the subway, airports, and shopping centers.

A Diverse Range of Icon Categories

If you want to spice up your designs, you need to check out the many variations in styles.

  • To begin with, there are flat icon sets—solid colors and minimal details.
  • Then you have an isometric style with that slanted appearance, almost 3D-like.
  • Third, do not forget about the glyph, emphasizing symbolic shapes rather than the details.
  • Or line icons that employ, as you might have guessed, only lines to depict an object.

With all that variety, you can create a great atmosphere. For example, flat pictograms create a very modern and minimalist effect. Isometric ones have a retro-tech style. Glyph makes it very simple and informative. And line designs are all about a clean look.

Therefore, if you want to be loud and very vibrant, slick and futuristic, meaningful and simple, or plain and also minimal, there is a design for that.

Graphic Icon Sets Key Features

These sets are fully customized to work, change, and adjust. And in turn, they have a bunch of features:

  • First off, they come in all sorts of flavors: AI, EPS, SVG, PNG, CMX, and JPG are some of the choices. It is as if there is a smorgasbord of graphic formats.
  • They can work with other popular software, such as Adobe Illustrator and CorelDRAW—no rivalry conflicts. In other words, these bad boys can be opened in the visuals of your favorite digital program without any problems.
  • Additionally, they come in two graphics types: vector and raster. So, no matter if you are a fan of curves or pixel-perfect symbols, this collection will not disappoint you.
  • The best part? They're fully customizable. For example, you can bend, stretch, and shape them to your heart’s content. Only full freedom of art.
  • But the fun does not end there. Editing and resizing? These sets do not compromise their coolness when you change their ratio.
  • At last, they are structured as if they are the organizing consultant’s dream. Layered and grouped. Thus, no more hunting for that one absolute layer lost in the graphic chaos. A bore’s fantasy is achieved!

On the whole, icon sets are superstars in the graphic world—diverse and willing to occupy the VIP position in your design projects. Hence, whether you are a fanatic of Adobe Illustrator or a loyal follower of CorelDRAW, these images are here to simplify your creative process. Snatch them and enjoy the lifelike thrills!

Tips and Tricks for Effective Icon Set Usage

Are you looking to make your design completely awesome and take it to the next step? Then hear this, as it's about to share some really good advice with you.

  1. Before anything else, ensure that your little icon sets fit seamlessly with the overall look of your project. Consistency is also very important in achieving visual harmony. Do not be that designer who mixes elements that are incompatible with each other.
  2. Next tip: place your badges in such a way that they can be as achievable by the users as possible. Pictograms are a sort of eye candy for the audience, pulling them in and maintaining their attention. Therefore, put them in places where people will naturally glance or click. In particular, apply them to suggest what content is available or to emphasize what action one needs to take.
  3. Show your creativity in the images that are both very witty and appropriate. However, don’t overdo it; keep in mind the principles of simplicity and readability. That is unless you’re targeting the cryptic, of course.

And that is it—hot tips on how to take your graphics to the very next level. If you take this recommendation, you will be the coolest guru in town.

Behind the Scenes: MonsterONE's Design Process

Building these bad boys is not just a matter of putting the different parts together, however.

  1. These miniature masterpieces begin as sketches. Designers just let their imaginations run wild with every new idea they have. They start sketching different concepts and variations and then select those that show the most potential.
  2. After that, illustrators begin their wizardry, transforming the sketches into something very spectacular. They add color, contouring, and highlights—all those important things—to make the pics stand out. These artists are the masters, and with their virtual brushes, they can turn any sketch into a real image.
  3. After the illustrations are done, it's time to test them in-game. Various sizes and backgrounds are tested to ensure that they’re easy to use and awesome from all angles. There shouldn't be any fuzzy, strange-looking pictograms. Thus, the QA team ensures that each one is a true masterpiece before it goes online.

So, enjoy the current masterpieces and wait for the next monsters to be released. This is just the beginning of something very great!

Subscription vs Single Icon Download

MonsterONE prices are quite democratic. The membership plan costs the same as a single product purchase does, and it may be a lunch or your favorite flavorful coffee. But what is better—coffee or a year of unlimited creation of impressive projects? The second variant, without a doubt.

Especially analyze: for one website, you need a quality template ($40–$150), fonts ($15–$20), a logo ($20–$30), illustrations ($10–$50), and possibly services ($15–$300). To sum it up, a single purchase will not compare with a subscription, which opens the possibility of choosing any items.

Which Subscription to Choose for Icon Set Download

MonsterONE memberships are a popular choice. And it is not surprising at all: you are open to an incredible number of ready-made solutions. In addition to icon sets and other graphics, there are website templates (CMS, e-commerce, HTML), plugins and modules, presentation templates, 3D models, and stock photos/audio/videos.

This collection is continually growing. So we suggest you subscribe right now. And from now on, start doing awesome projects with the best premium TemplateMonster items. The membership offers three rates for unlimited access: Creative, All-in-One, and All-in-One Pro.

  • Creative: This rate allows you to choose impressive presentation templates, multimedia assets, 3Ds, and graphic elements. Also, the technical support team will be in touch during your subscription period (annual or monthly). Think of this: Is it better to pay once and use thousands of items during a year or spend money for every single purchase? We assure you that the membership will pay off when you build your first project.
  • All-in-One: This rate already has more extended offers than the previous one. In addition to the Creative Package elements, you get site templates and plugins. And that is, these are all premium products, with their incredible functionality. It makes it easy to develop websites, presentations, and even ordinary design projects.
  • All-in-One Pro: This is a genuinely ideal offer. For an annual or lifetime (yes, you read that right) fee, you get 35% off all unique products. In other words, you pay once and use templates, fonts, images, slide demos, modules, and audio for pennies!

Besides, you don't need to pay for the goods again to create another project with their help. When the unlimited use of templates is over, the sites will continue their work. And the plugin updates needed for profitable site operations will not stop coming.

Subscription Main Benefits

MonsterONE is the service to please everyone who dreams of using our superior premium goods almost freely.

The membership is:

  1. A vast selection of spectacular products to suit every taste and purpose.
  2. Unlimited downloads thousands of times! Forget about permanent licenses because you get a month/year/lifetime validity from the moment you connect the tariff.
  3. Creation without limits, because you have hundreds, thousands of instruments to build your business.
  4. Easy contact with professional technical support if you have any questions or difficulties.
  5. Services for template installation, personalization, and even the optimization of a website. It is what you need if someone wants to be 100% confident in the site's success.
  6. Constant updates on ready-made solutions, which are already included in the subscription. The number of digital products will only increase, which means that it is always possible to keep up with the times.

Anyone may use the items included in the subscription. After all, creativity has no limits. You can be a blogger, designer, illustrator, novice or skilled developer, web studio, someone looking for a job, working with advertising, business development, etc. The marketplace has everything for everyone! In the end, our products do not stop with icon sets. These are still great fonts, images, mockups, and other stuff.

How to Download Icon Sets From MonsterONE

Check out how quickly and easily you can download impressive offers with a membership. A short guide will explain everything step by step, starting with the login to your account.

Graphic Icon Sets: FAQs

What is the number of objects in the icon sets?

The number of icons per set could be as low as 15 or as high as 10,000 if it’s a large pack. Certainly enough to cover all of the bases.

Who can I ask about downloading icon sets from a subscription?

If you have any questions, please contact the technical support team. The chosen tariff will provide you with quality support for all digital products included in the membership. A professional team will answer any queries within a short period.

Can a subscription for icon sets be suspended without my permission?

The team will notify you about it. It happens if, after the subscription expires, the system cannot automatically withdraw money to continue the license. In that case, you should contact the support service, and we will solve this problem within a particular time.

Does the membership allow me to use all icon sets, or are there limitations?

Restrictions are something that you can't say about the MonsterONE community. You get the items included in the rate without any restrictions. And you can also download them an unlimited number of times.

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