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The Impact of Weather on Our Lives

How often do you check the weather forecast? Many people do this every day.

The weather affects our daily lives, plans, mood, and well-being. We check the weather forecast when we leave the house to know what to wear today and whether to take an umbrella. We also check the forecast when we're planning something, whether it's a walk in the park, a trip, or some outdoor event.

Weather can both ruin our plans and have a beneficial effect on them. The same goes for our moods. Haven't you noticed that your mood could directly depend on the season or weather? It's amazing how our moods can range from subdued to absolutely delightful, depending on whether it's overcast or sunny today.

In addition, do not forget about weather-dependent people. Their well-being and pressure also depend on weather conditions. With a sharp change in pressure, air temperature, humidity, and magnetic storms, many people experience headaches, joint pain, drowsiness, and other negative symptoms.

That is why the fact that the weather affects a person is undeniable.

Now let's take a closer look at the application areas for weather icons.

Where To Place Weather Icons

Weather Forecast Websites

People are less likely to get the weather forecast from TV, preferring web resources. In addition, the advantage of weather websites is that they provide more additional information than television programs, such as ultraviolet index, pressure, air humidity, and wind direction, as well as a forecast not for only one day but the next two weeks.

Weather Apps & Widgets

Many people also prefer to use widgets and apps to check the weather, as it is much faster.

Environmental Blogs

There are many eco-bloggers who promote various movements, such as Zero Waste and encourage you to implement eco-habits into your daily life.

Thematic Portals & Forums

Such platforms are created not only for eco-enthusiasts but also for people who are simply interested in this topic and want to understand it deeper, ask some questions, share opinions, or just discuss something with other users with similar interests and views on the world. These forums are usually full of interesting information, tips, and answers to any questions you may have.

Environmental Websites

There are also many environmental organizations whose task is to protect the environment and encourage people and authorities to save nature.

Presentations & Webinars

Ecologists and students of the Faculty of Ecology, as well as other faculties, hold various webinars and lectures on the topic of ecology, where they discuss possible solutions to certain problems and inspire others to stop taking our planet for granted and take care of it.

Eco-Friendly Stores

Fortunately, more and more people are becoming more environmentally conscious and choosing eco-friendly products.

Travel Industry

The tourism industry includes seasonal entertainment. In addition, by visiting another country or continent, we can get into other climatic conditions we should be prepared for.

Where to Find Weather Icons

Creating icons from scratch is a rather laborious process.

Fortunately, there is a solution that will help you greatly simplify the process of designing your web resource and make it memorable and cool.

The MonsterONE marketplace offers a wide range of digital products, including top-notch icon sets, stylish vector graphics, and creative logo templates. With such a large selection, you will definitely find what you need. In addition, you can get a subscription and download an unlimited number of digital products.

In case you want to purchase only one digital product, you can use the TemplateMonster platform, which is also a reliable and trusted source for stylish and high-quality digital products, including weather icons.

Icon Formats

There are the following icon formats:

  • AI;
  • SVG;
  • PSD;
  • PNG;
  • JPG.

Most Relevant Icon Styles

Some of the most popular icon styles include:

  • Glyphs;
  • Flat icons;
  • Line icons;
  • Hand-drawn icons;
  • Skeuomorphic icons;
  • Duotone icons;
  • Gradient icons;
  • Animated icons.

Icon Main Functions


The main function of icons is to navigate the user through a web page. Do not forget that time is a valuable resource, and icons help save it, allowing site guests to quickly find the information they need.


Even though icons are tiny, don't underestimate their power and significance. They can play a big role in designing your website, blog, or presentation, making them much more aesthetically pleasing and stylish.


An icon can also be clickable, making it an even more useful website element.

Tips for Creating Effective Weather Icons


Simplicity and minimalistic design are the keys to success when creating icons. An icon, being a fairly small element, should not be overloaded with unnecessary details.


An icon should contain information. By looking at it, the user should understand its meaning. Otherwise, an icon can be considered useless.


Icon must be original and unique. So you need to think carefully about its design and study the existing icons on the chosen topic.


This item is optional, but it would be an additional advantage of your project because animated icons are relevant now and look quite stylish.

Weather Icons FAQ

How do I Create and Edit an Icon?

To create and edit icons, you can use free icon editors, including Iconmaker, IconDeveloper, IconsFlow, etc., as well as graphic editors such as Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop.

What Formats are Vector?

The most popular vector file types are:
- AI;
- SVG;
- EPS;
- PDF.

What is the Difference between Vector and Raster Graphics?

The main difference is that raster graphics are made up of pixels, while vector graphics are made up of lines and geometric shapes.

How to Convert PNG to Icons?

Many free services provide image file conversions, such as CloudConvert, Convertico, Converio, FreeConvert, and others. Each site has different conversion options available. Most of the services convert the file to the same size and quality, but some others provide additional features, including resizing, color enhancement, etc.

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