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Why Icons are Essential 

Icons are quite small graphical elements, which nevertheless play a big role in the design and functioning of a website. Thanks to their versatility, icons have become significant and indispensable components of various websites and blogs, despite their modest size. Without them, any web page looks unfinished, as if its design lacks some important detail. Even being so small icons can make a web resource much more convenient to use and attractive.

Icons are also added to resumes and presentations, which indicates their wide range of uses. These tiny graphic symbols have become so popular that you can find a set of icons on absolutely any topic in different styles. As for styles, there are a lot of them too. Such a variety of styles allows everyone to find something to their liking. Now let's take a closer look at their features.

Icon Functions


The main task of icons is to facilitate user navigation so that they do not have to waste time searching for the necessary information on the web page. Icons are a kind of pointer helping website visitors better navigate the content. 

Attention Grabbing and Highlighting Tool

Users tend first to turn their attention to visual images and only then to the text. That is why icons stand out among all the information on the site, so if you place them where necessary, you can emphasize certain information. Thus, they highlight key points among the secondary ones. 


They also structure content well, breaking it into paragraphs and subparagraphs, so they are often used in presentations, portfolios, and resumes. 


One of the most important features of icons is that they are self-explanatory. Just by looking at the image, its meaning becomes clear, which improves website usability.

Classy Design 

The last but not least advantage of icons is their appearance. Minimalistic, stylish icons look elegant and make the site way more aesthetically pleasing. In addition, they are often used as Instagram story highlight covers, making the profile look attractive and neat.

What are Military Icons

To better understand what military icons mean, let's take a look at some of their tags. Among them are the following:

  • gun;
  • bullet;
  • radar;
  • lock;
  • jet;
  • tank;
  • target.

Where to Place Military Icons

Security Service Web Pages 

Most security agencies have websites with information about the company, its services, and the price list. Among the services provided by such companies are unarmed or armed security, bodyguards, video surveillance operator, patrol guards, event security guards, vandalism and terrorism prevention, building, hotel and residential security, and much more. 

Official Games Sites

The popularity of video games is growing, and so is their number. Thanks to such a variety of genres, the computer games industry does not cease to develop. Due to the high competition, the creators are working hard to improve games, constantly adding various updates, contests, and other events to keep players interested in the game. Fans usually find out about the latest news and updates on the game's official website. 

Game Fan Sites

In addition, fans create various websites, blogs, and forums dedicated to their favorite games and containing useful information or discussions, where people can not only learn something about the game but also find friends with the same interests. 


As mentioned earlier, icons look great in presentations. But they perform not only an aesthetic function but also a structuring one. 

Gun Store Website

For hunting enthusiasts, for example, there are gun stores that also have websites containing the store's assortment and other useful information about the products.

Most Played Genres of Computer Games

Video games amaze with their variety. With so many genres and the effort developers put into creating them, it's no surprise that PC games never get boring. Most genres, in turn, are divided into different sub-genres. Among them are:

  • Action;
  • Action-adventure; 
  • Adventure;
  • Puzzle;
  • Role-Playing;
  • Simulation;
  • Strategy;
  • Sports;
  • MMO.

The most popular genre is action. It includes a lot of sub-genres, such as fighting games, shooter games, platform games, etc. And another popular genre is role-playing games, which are also known as RPGs.

Where to Get Military Icons 

To save time and effort on creating icons from scratch, there is a great opportunity to use ready-made icon sets carefully designed by talented authors.

The web design industry does not stand still, and new trends continue to replace each other. But our professional web designers and developers keep sharing their cool and creative works, always following the latest trends to create only the most relevant web solutions. If you are looking for stylish digital products, we invite you to check out the wide range of MonsterONE marketplace.

You will surely find your perfect option with such an impressive selection. The platform offers a large assortment of ready-made icon sets, cool illustrations, memorable website templates, and much more. Besides, if you wish, you have the opportunity to get a subscription that allows you to download an unlimited number of products.

In case you don't need a long-term subscription, you can also use the TemplateMonster marketplace, which offers an equally large selection, including over 7,000 top-notch icon sets.

Military Icons FAQ

How to Create and Edit Icons?

If you want to create icons yourself or customize downloaded ones, use such graphic editors as Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator. They are multifunctional and suitable for advanced users. But fortunately, thanks to the abundance of tutorial videos, everyone has the opportunity to learn how to use such programs on their own.

How to Convert PNG to ICO?

There are many free online platforms, such as ConvertFiles, Zamzar, Convertio, etc., that convert image formats to icon formats quickly and easily.

What Format is Best for Printing?

The perfect file formats for print are TIFF and PNG. When printing vector images, the best format to use is PDF.

What Makes a Good Icon?

Icons should be easy to interpret and understand. The main rule is not to overload them with text and unnecessary details.

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