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Make Your Visuals Outstanding With Adobe Premiere Video Templates

Today, just a camera is not enough to create high-quality video material. It is necessary to add special effects and sound to the footage that could enhance the material's visual presentation. For these purposes, the professional video editing program Adobe Premiere Pro is intended.

In its turn, Monster ONE offers you to simplify your working routine by using our unique Adobe Premiere video templates. Intrigued? Let’s proceed to find out how to get them!

Why Use Adobe Premiere Video Templates

Sixty-seven minutes a day was the average user spending watching online videos in 2018. At the current time, this time may increase to 84 minutes. The most active users already devote 102 minutes of commercials daily. By using video - the most famous content format - to promote your product online, you can quickly grab the attention of a broad audience.

Video marketing is a trend that hasn't waned over time. The video's clarity makes the information easy to understand, and the ability to create a WOW effect adds a high viral potential.

Digital video has long become commonplace for most of us. The vast possibilities of modern technology for video recording allow everyone to feel in the place of a famous cinematographer. It is not necessary to have a professional video camera to shoot an exciting scene. Today, even the most straightforward smartphone will make it possible.

The professional effects video is immediately visible. Now you can also stand out among other video editors and motion designers.

For the footage to become attractive to many, you have to process it properly. It is what Adobe Premiere Pro templates are for.

Using our video files, you can:

  • Make your intro outstanding
  • Insert logo reveal
  • Introduce your brand with a bright visual compilation
  • Mention all the team in the outro
  • Make conclusions that will be highly informative

12 Types of Videos Created With Templates to Promote Your Product Online

Users spend over an hour a day watching videos. So why not make them watch videos promoting your project? We'll tell you how to get into this hour with your proposal, what video formats to use to promote the product successfully, and what to shoot if the inspiration runs out.

If you're thinking of expanding your marketing strategy with video, we've put together 12 types of relevant content where you can successfully implement Adobe Premiere video templates. Most of them are equally well suited for video hosting sites like YouTube and Vimeo and social networks. We hope they will be able to suggest fresh ideas for new videos.

Product overview

Almost half of the users watch a video review before purchasing a product. When promoting online, one should consider the more complex the product, the more critical it is to show all its characteristics in advance. Potential buyers do not always have the opportunity to test a product in person. 

Introduce your product in the video - one of the simplest and least expensive formats to create. The showroom successfully acts as a film set, and the most pleasant employee is the host.

Blogger review

What makes a product review more convincing? If someone else talks about it. Partnering with video bloggers is a great way to showcase your product to a broad, loyal audience. It's not free, and it's not easy to negotiate a price with all channels. Sometimes opinion leaders agree to barter, but you shouldn't count on it.

Among the many channels and publics, you can find the one that best suits your subscriber base and budget.

Video instruction

Educational video content is as popular as entertainment content. So, 70% of YouTube users go there to find a solution to a problem. Even if your product has clear printed instructions, adapting it in the form of a video will not be superfluous - this is an additional success factor for your product promotion campaign:

  • Visual information is easier to understand.
  • The ease of use of a product has a positive effect on purchasing it.
  • With Adobe Premiere video templates, your manual will be much easier to follow.

Interview with an expert

If you want to build trust in your brand, it's helpful to involve experts in promoting your product. Like reviews from bloggers, videos with their participation should not be too “selling.” For example, it can be an interview about a product's features or a master class on its application. Show viewers that you are not only aware of trends in your niche but also know how to get the most out of them.

Customer feedback

When choosing a product, up to 59% of users' thoughts appear from reviews about it. The reviews recorded on the camera look more convincing than anonymized text. However, finding a satisfied client who will agree to shoot is often tricky. You can run a contest for videos from users or ask employees to share their stories about using the product.

You can use Adobe Premiere video templates here as separation inserts between the speakers.

Videos from users

User-Generated Content (UGC) isn't just about product reviews. These are any videos filmed by clients specifically for your company. The easiest way to collect them is by conducting flash mobs and contests - for example, for the best use of the product. The prize can be either the product itself or free samples, bonus points, discounts, etc.

You can combine original photos or creatives with brand symbols into a video presentation. Demonstrating buyers' work, you confirm the quality of your product and the availability of demand for it.

Answers to questions

Whatever service or product you are promoting, most likely, users ask you questions about it. A great idea will be to include the most common of these in the FAQ section of the site: this is useful for SEO and facilitates communication with future clients. 

However, it is more efficient to combine the responses into a video from a product promotion point of view. Filming it is as easy as a review or video tutorial. A good camera, a well-thought-out script, Adobe Premiere video templates, and a charismatic colleague are enough.

Promotion or event announcement

The idea for SMM is to announce upcoming brand events with videos. Any circumstances from seasonal promotions and competitions to participate in exhibitions and conferences. These videos simultaneously serve to attract new members and create branded content to promote the product. They often don't need filming - automated animation downloaded from TemplateMonster is what you need.

Live Stream

Do you want to increase the visibility and search rate of your video on social networks? Then broadcast it live. This function is available on Facebook and Instagram. The platforms encourage using their internal tools so that live videos will appear on the feed more often. Thanks to interactivity and the effect of obscurity, live broadcasts are watched for longer. When planning any brand event, keep this product promotion opportunity in mind.


Stories that disappear 24 hours after publication are a great way to take advantage of the fear of lost profits when promoting a product online. They are suitable for announcing the last day of a promotion or the last chance to get to an event. When viewing stories, they automatically follow one another, so it is more difficult to scroll through them without paying attention to the content.

Stories work without limits on Facebook and Instagram. These videos are famous for their flashy style. Filters, colorful text, stickers, and embedded images in GIF format are welcome. Considering that stories are often shot with the front camera of a smartphone from the hand, the shooting quality does not matter. But what will 100% make your shooting stand out is bright Adobe Premiere video templates.

Vertical video 

Portrait-based videos continue to gain popularity. Developers created this format for viewing on mobile devices. In 2018 the share of those who access the Internet only from them increased to 61%. 

We moved them into a separate paragraph to emphasize the importance of this trend and the need to consider when planning a product promotion. However, any of the videos reviewed can become vertical. You can publish such videos on any social network, but there is also a unique platform for them - IGTV from Instagram.

Video advertising

Each social media and hosting video site offers a range of video-based ad formats.


  • Skippable in-stream
  • Non-skippable in-stream
  • Discovery announcements
  • Ad-saver
  • Out-stream

Facebook and Instagram:

  • Video ad in the post
  • Carousel video
  • Advertising in stories

When posting new videos, make sure it's easy for users to find them. Think about the keywords you add to the title and description of the video, as well as tags and subtitles. 

Try to make them unique and fresh. Adobe Premiere video templates will help you. 

All these steps will help social networks better recommend your content, and search engines better index it.

Get Adobe Premiere Video Templates with ONE Subscription

TemplateMonster gives its clients an excellent deal. We are talking about a membership that will provide you with unlimited access to Adobe Premiere video templates.

For this, you need to choose one among three appealing options:

  • The first variant is called Creative enrollment;
  • The second subscription is All-in-one;
  • The last one is an All-in-one Lifetime.

To feel all the most straightforward (first) membership benefits, you have to pay $6.80 every month and $82 every year. 

This permission allows you to use all designs an unlimited number of times. Your first experience will last only for a month. But if you are pleased with what you get, you can prolong your being in ONE community for a year.

Another (second) proposal will cost you $14.90 every month and $179 every year. With this package, you get a permit to do the next:

  • download multipurpose themes and templates based on the leading CMS, such as WordPress, Joomla, etc.;
  • use plugins to make your site more versatile;
  • get presentations;
  • download other tools (like audios, etc.) 

The third creation is the best deal. At first, it may seem expensive, but trust the experience of other members of lifetime ONE subscription - it is well worth it.

Our clients admit that this membership isn’t pricey at all, as you have only to pay once. After that, you get:

  • the ability not to prolong the subscription every month or year (it is a one-time payment)
  • the use is very straightforward
  • unlimited access to the rest of your life

Just think requesting a tweaked plan is much more expensive than to buy our membership.

What Adobe Premiere Video Templates Can I Get?

We have the next categories of products to download:

  • Business & Services
  • Video Displays
  • Product Promo
  • Titles
  • Broadcast Packages
  • Logo Reveal
  • Elements
  • Holidays
  • Special Events

Note: all the goods are available in HD (1080) resolution.

Adobe Premiere Video Templates FAQ

Can I customize Adobe Premiere video templates?

Sure! All our videos are editable so that you can insert your custom text, logo, or any other information needed for your project.

How to save customized Adobe Premiere video templates?

To save the configuration, use the "New Workspace" operation. To open it, select the “Window” command and the “Workspace” subcommand in the main menu. In the “Name” field of the dialog that opens, enter the saved configuration name, for example, Setting 1, and click the OK button.
The performed actions will lead to the appearance in the “Workspace” subcommand of a new operation with the name corresponding to the name of the saved configuration (in our case - Setting 1) and creating a keyboard shortcut for its fast loading. You can activate a previously created design by performing this new operation.

How to delete configuration in Adobe Premiere video templates that I don’t like?

To delete a previously created configuration, you should perform the "Delete Workspace" operation, located in the same command of the main menu.

Can I find such Adobe Premiere video templates somewhere else?

TemplateMonster has over 100 video templates in the collection, so it is unlikely that you can come across the same file on the web.

Cloudytime Sample of Adobe Premiere Video Templates

Check out a great, stylish, and modern video template. You can use this simple visual file as a placeholder, background video, or YouTube sample video.

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