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T-Shirt Templates

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Printable T-Shirt Templates

Today’s digital world offers numerous pre-designed products that cover all possible and impossible needs. There are ready-to-use products for everything, from eCommerce projects to sound design. You don’t need additional skills to work with these ready-mades thanks to an intuitive, creator-friendly design and rich customization options. So, nowadays, you can find pre-styled products for almost any business kind, and T-shirt templates did not make an exception. What are the benefits of using the items? Who needs them and why? How to pick the right template? What are the essential features to look for before buying a template? Today we are about to answer all these questions.

Who Might Need T-Shirt Templates

Long story short, a high-quality T-shirt template is a ready-to-use printable template with simple customization options. Depending on the chosen product, you can change its details, like sizes, colors, fonts, etc. Premium templates are available in all popular formats, including SVG, DFX, PDF, AI, EPS10, PSD, PNG, and JPG. They also come in high resolution and can be edited with the help of such popular tools, as:

  • Adobe Photoshop,
  • Adobe Illustrator,
  • Corel Draw.

Working with the templates doesn’t require special knowledge to create their designs with these products. They suit various needs and would be perfect for:

  • Marketers who work on the corporate style,
  • IT-companies and developers, and designers,
  • Creative agencies and photographers,
  • Bloggers and other creative people,
  • Anyone else who wants to highlight their brand identity.

Besides, premium and free T-shirt templates would make an excellent addition to a Christmas dinner or New Year party. They suit various parties, meetings, and other events where you want to stand out from the crowd with an unusual design. You can find templates for different topics, including the next:

  • Christmas, New Year, and other holidays,
  • Family, friends, lovers, and presents,
  • Business and services,
  • Nature, outdoors, and travel,
  • Drinks, food, and delivery,
  • Photography, TV shows, and cinema
  • Music, art, etc.

Must-Haves to Look for In T-Shirt Templates

The more products appear, the harder it becomes to choose between them. Here are the essential features all the best T-shirt templates should include in their packs.

  1. Easy-to-use. No matter how beautiful a template is, it won’t help you to succeed if it is not comfy enough to work with.
  2. Customization options. We don’t say each template’s detail should be customizable, but. The more customizable features you have, the easier it becomes to create a unique look. Even if you are not going to change the design, ensure that you can customize the main template’s parts.
  3. Rich color options. Another vital feature to look for is several color palettes. You may skip the customization process, so let there be another quick way to change the design solution.
  4. Ready-to-print design. A worthy T-shirt template should be printable, but we want you to make sure that the image won’t lose quality with it.
  5. Vectors. This smart format allows scaling images to any size without losing their quality.
  6. Eye-friendly typography. Readable and straightforward fonts are a must for any visual project. You may also want to look for templates with free typography sets.
  7. Content hierarchy is another must-have that influences how people notice and understand your content.
  8. Significant editing tools compatibility.
  9. Unusual content styles (e.g., letterpress style for typography).
  10. Flexible backgrounds with or without free templates should also be included in the package.

Please, don’t forget to check the requirements before your final decision-making. We recommend you to pay special attention to the versions of the editing software you should use to edit the template.

How much does it cost to get a classy T-shirt template? A single item would cost you nearly $10, and here is how you can save good money on purchasing templates with ONE.

ONE Subscription’s Benefits

Shortly, ONE is a revolutionary membership service that gives you access to numerous pre-made items related to web design. Created by TemplateMonster, the membership makes an all-in-one solution for people who want to build or redesign multiple projects without losing big money. ONE gallery contains 38.000 professional digital products, including the next:

  • Video and audio files;
  • CMS themes and templates;
  • eCommerce themes;
  • Plugins, etc.
  • Graphics, pictures, and illustrations;
  • Presentation and CV templates;
  • Print-ready items, etc.

By getting ONE membership, you get thousands of top-quality ready-to-use products suitable for numerous business niches. Here are only a few benefits of working with the service:

  1. Time-saving. Now you don’t have to look for each item individually. All you may want to use is located in the same place, so you only need to search for it.
  2. Budget-saving. Compared to the cost of each product when buying it separately, the price is reasonably low. For example, you may download all our best-selling themes and use them as many times as you want. It would cost you $179 - $599, depending on the chosen plan. Meanwhile, one premium theme would cost you $59 - $90.
  3. Trustworthy. The ONE gallery has the products from experienced creators only.
  4. Plus, you get additional services and extra charges as well.
  5. Unique design solutions that meet the latest requirements.

ONE Membership Pricing

There are 3 subscription types to choose from. Which one to select mostly depends on the user’s needs and the projects they will run.

  1. Creative subscription. It costs $6.80 per month and $82 yearly. It gives you access to unlimited downloads of all graphics, premium sounds, and vids. With it, you can download various presentation templates for any project. The option is suitable for web designers, illustrators, graphic designers, marketers, developers, bloggers, and other people who regularly use high-quality content.
  2. All-in-one subscription. It costs $14.90 monthly and $179 yearly. Besides the products named above, you can access WordPress and CMS themes, eCommerce themes, premium plugins, and assets. The option is perfect for young designers and developers who regularly create lots of customer websites.
  3. All-in-one unlimited subscription. It costs $599, and it is a lifetime plan. This payment option gives access to all the classy themes, tools, sounds, and other files from the ONE gallery. Even in 10 years, it will be possible to run hundreds of online and offline projects with the membership’s products without making additional payments. Besides, you can quickly connect with dedicated customer service to ask your service managers for tips or advice. The support team is available 24/7. As you can see, this cost-saving option is perfect for experienced designers and devs working on multiple projects simultaneously.

T-Shirt Templates FAQ

How can I design a T-shirt by myself?

You can search for different online T-shirt makers but ensure the final image is quality enough to print it. Canva is popular among modern beginners, and it does have lots of advantages. It is pretty simple and creator-friendly so that you would design everything without a hitch. However, if you are serious about a would-be-design, we recommend choosing a ready-made template and customizing it following your taste or business style. You can do it with a basic knowledge of Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, or Corel Draw. All the top-rated templates come in multiple file formats and have a flexible resolution that you can easily change without losing the quality.

Where to get free T-shirt templates?

These days, TemplateMonster’s gallery contains hundreds of themes and templates that are free to download. You can see templates for business, online shops, creative projects, CVs, online courses, charity, art, and some printable items. Though they are free, these templates meet all recent quality requirements. They are easy-to-work and come with all the essential features you may need when working on the design.

What Is the Best T-Shirt Template?

What product to choose always depends on your needs, budget, goals, and personal taste. However, when it comes to the technical part, all premium templates should include the following features: A creator-friendly design you can customize in a modern editing tool; Vast customization options, including colors; Ready-to-print design with versatile sizes; Multiple file formats; Readable typography.

How to Customize a T-Shirt Template?

First things first, we recommend you to check the customization options before purchasing the product. In most cases, you will be able to change only the main template’s details. In other cases, you can change almost every part of the design, but you should clarify it before buying anything. Once you have selected the right template, feel free to edit it in Photoshop, Illustrator, etc., just the way you usually edit image layouts. You may also want to look for ready-made bundles that already contain various designs, color schemes, typography, icons, images, and many other pre-made components.

Saving on T-Shirt Templates with ONE Membership

Any subscription service should be beneficial to make people want to use it. However, ONE is more than just a membership. It is a complete web design kit that gives you access to so many ready-made products, from best-selling CMS themes to sounds and printable images. Here is all you need to design a groundbreaking online or offline project without having previous experience!

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