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Magento Themes Are Gaining Popularity

Are you looking for a new Magento theme with a powerful interface, top plugins, and many web design solutions? Well, we should admit you are not alone. Today, the platform powers more than 250.000 active websites related to eCommerce, making 12% of all online stores. It continuously grows and releases product updates and trendy features. Their products become more user-friendly, and the latest statistics prove it:

  1. Magento has a 1.5% market share of all online projects that use CMSs.
  2. It powers 1.2% of the Internet.
  3. People download this CMS at least 7.000 times daily.
  4. Nearly 11.000 total shops already work on Magento2.
  5. Almost 7.500 big retailers migrated to the CMS from other eCommerce platforms within the last year.

Thanks to an intuitive design and multiple user-friendly options, anyone can work with their products. You can try yourself in site creation and succeed without touching a single line of code, as all themes come with a quick drag & drop technology.

Websites You Can Build with Magento

Since Magento is a sales-related CMS, it provides numerous features to manage a full-fledged online store. So, by purchasing a Magento eCommerce theme, you can launch a shop of any complexity, from a one-product landing page to a multipage online catalog. This page contains only premium themes that would help you to highlight the next topics:

  • Business & Services;
  • Art & Culture;
  • Interior & Exterior Design;
  • Games, Nightlife, and Entertainment;
  • Photography & Design;
  • Clothes, Accessories, Shoes & Jewelry;
  • Food & Beverages;
  • Holidays, Gifts & Handmade;
  • Real Estate;
  • Animals & Pets;
  • Beauty & Medicine;
  • Education, etc.

Besides, there are some multipurpose products you can use to build different types of websites. It lets you save money and get different web designs with a single product.

Magento Themes from ONE Subscription

Getting a subscription is another smart way to save good money on website building. And the good news is that you can do it without sacrificing the quality of your would-be-projects. So, what is ONE? And why do you need the subscription?

One is a time-saving subscription service from the TemplateMonster team. Its gallery contains only top-rated digital products, including:

  • WordPress flagships;
  • CMS & eCommerce;
  • Plugins & add-ons;
  • Graphic assets;
  • Presentation templates;
  • Video assets;
  • Audio assets;
  • 1.7M Photos.

There are CMS themes for any taste or topic. The pricing is quite flexible, which allows you to choose the most comfortable plan and still save big money.

Using Best Magento Templates from ONE

More than 28.000 digital products are waiting for you under the ONE Subscription. Depending on the billing plan, you have unlimited installations (for 1 year or longer) and can use templates for as many websites as you need. 

The first pricing option takes $82 yearly and gives you access to all the graphics, presentation templates, and other visual elements from the gallery. The list of available products does not include themes, so let’s move to the next variants. Here they are:

  • By purchasing an All-in-One plan ($179 per 1 year), you can access all digital products from the ONE gallery. It includes flagships, best Magento themes, and other premium items. You can also use all plugins, graphics, video & audio assets + 1 year of free technical support.
  • By purchasing an All-in-one ($599 one-time payment), you get lifetime access to all the products the gallery contains. There will be no need to worry about licenses, as you can use the items for any projects + lifetime customer support.

The service is beneficial for website designers, developers, and anyone else who creates websites on a regular basis. The One Membership allows you to keep all vital plugins and features nearby to use them ASAP. 

Buying & Installing Magento Themes

Another advantage of getting the membership is that you can use any theme or template within the subscription. So, if you don’t like the downloaded product, you can leave it and wait for another one to download. However, there is no room for error when it comes to purchasing themes separately. That is why we recommend you to check product details twice and view the theme’s demo version to see how all its components look in action. 

Once you have checked all the details and product requirements, you can purchase and download the item. Your next step would be the theme installation, and here is what you should do:

  1. Start with disabling your cache from management settings.
  2. Log in to your Magento Commerce.
  3. Select “Magento Connect 2.0” and click on “Get Extension Key” to copy your key.
  4. Log in to your Admin Panel >> System >> Connect >> Connect Manager;
  5. Here you will need to paste the extension key;
  6. Click the “Install” button and then “Proceed”;
  7. Wait for your theme to install;
  8. Activate it after the installation >> Admin Panel >> System >> Design;
  9. And don’t forget to save changes.

Please ensure your theme has all the must-have features before purchasing it. The next point will tell you about these essentials.

Essentials to Look for When Buying Magento

We are pretty sure you have already heard a lot about Retina-ready design and Search Engines Optimization. Still, next to comfy navigation and cross-browser compatibility, these are only the basic features any website requires. Magento products come for online sales, which means the features they have should also be eCommerce-oriented. Here are some of them:

  • Mobile-friendly design - responsiveness is good, but you need to keep an eye on all shop’s elements. When it comes to trade, it is not enough to get your website loaded on mobiles. You need to be sure all the banners, sliders, and carousels are scrollable from smartphones. 
  • AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) - there is no need to limit yourself to using mobile-friendly design only. The AMP feature would help you rapidly design the mobile shop and get first customers even when the desktop website is still in progress. Besides, AMP makes your content lightweight, which improves the loading speed.
  • Image Slider - use the feature to present important information and showcase your best goods.
  • Multilingual (or translation-ready) design - you may not like learning new languages, but… it will not matter after the changes a multilingual content would do to your website traffic. The feature is a must for those who want to enter the global market. It would also improve your SEO results, as some search systems (like the ones they use in France) work with the native-language-speaking sites only.
  • Multicurrency - here is one more must-have to help your business get to a new level.

Changing Magento Templates

The main difference between a website template and theme is that the last one contains many templates in the set. And Magento templates don’t make an exception. You can get from 5 to 20+ topic layouts with pre-designed CMS pages and content elements for each business niche. And what if you don’t like the main theme or simply need to cover another topic? Here is how you can change the theme:

  • Log in to your Admin Panel;
  • Navigate to Content >> Design >> Configuration;
  • Click on the “Edit theme”;
  • Choose the theme you wish to change;
  • Select the one you want to use instead;
  • Save your configurations.

Magento Themes FAQ

Where can I get free Magento themes?

You can visit TemplateMonster’s gallery that contains nearly free templates for multiple types of websites. Besides, there are a couple of free Magento2 themes you can download and use for free. They come with essentials (responsiveness, cross-browser compatibility, and SEO) and eCommerce-oriented features, like Ajax elements, Product Zoom, and MegaMenu.

What is the best Magento theme?

You can view our best Magento themes selection to see lots of top-rated products. We don’t think there is one best theme due to the simple fact that most premium products have the same features. Your final choice should always depend on your business needs and personal taste. Let’s say that the best theme is the theme that 100% satisfies you as a site owner and keeps your shoppers satisfied with the project’s work. Once you have found the design you like, ensure it contains all the must-haves an up-to-date web store needs.

How to install a Magento theme by myself?

Anyone can do it because of the Sample Data Installer modern items have in the pack. This module allows installing the product quickly and including trial information to your website design. You can even check out how your web store will look before the end of the process.

Can I change the theme for my Magento CMS pages by myself?

Yep, you can change the current theme to any available skins or create your unique design as an alternative. To switch your theme to another one, you will need to login to the Admin Panel. Then, navigate to “Content”, find the “Design” section and open “Configuration.” Select the theme you’d like to change and replace it with another one with drag and drop.

Working with Magento Themes - Magetique Video

Here is Magetique2 - a leading theme that comes with 20+ modules, eCommerce extensions, and other essentials to build a progressive online store. Click on the video to see how your future website could look with the flagship. By the way, the theme also comes with ONE Membership.

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