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Magento Education Themes

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Make Learning Fun with Magento Education Themes

Education has always been one of the main qualities of a successful person. It is especially true in modern society. We have so many ways to educate ourselves on various topics: e-learning, books, online courses, specialized blogs and forums, etc. This opens up a lot of space for a smart entrepreneur like you to capitalize on. 

What better way is there to sell your products other than making a personalized website? Here is just a small number of businesses and enterprises that could use our Magento education themes:

  • Book stores – deliver physical books or sell access to downloadable e-books. Leverage the easy cart and checkout plugins to get your customers to reading quickly.
  • School supplies stores – become the number one vendor of pens and pencils, offer quick shipping via popular delivery services, or direct people to your physical address.
  • Online courses – grant access to your lectures, create programs with one-time payments or subscriptions, and direct your users to easy checkout. 


Key Features of Magento Education Themes

Not sure what to expect from our designs? Here is a quick rundown of cool features we offer:

  • HTML and CSS-based framework;    
  • SEO-optimization;   
  • Retina-ready layout;
  • Mobile adaptation;
  • Multilingual support;
  • Flexible management system;
  • Efficient navigation;
  • Dropdown menu;
  • Parallax scrolling;
  • Magnificent zoom;
  • Color switcher;
  • Sorting options;
  • Colorful multiple banners;
  • Full-width slider;
  • Unlimited extensions and modules, etc.

Each theme also has its unique features, so don’t forget to check them out as well.

Free vs. Premium Magento Education Themes

The promise of free templates allures many new website designers, but real professionals know that only premium themes will net the best results. Here is why:

  • 24/7 Customer Support – premium services, including us, usually have round-the-clock customer support ready to resolve any issue. With free services, you would be lucky if there is at least one intern answering customer’s inquiries.
  • Unlimited downloads – as long as your MonsterONE subscription is running or if you have purchased a singular template, you can use it for an unlimited number of projects. Free templates might have some restrictions for the number of projects to be used in.
  • Uniqueness – authors at TemplateMonster produce 100% original assets. No plagiarism and a completely custom look guaranteed. Free templates do not always follow these guidelines.
  • Professional quality – we always ensure the best quality of themes we submit on our platform. The best experts in the field manually review all products. Free templates are mostly made by starting authors and vary in quality from being on par with premium services to being sub-par at best. So why take a gamble?

Get More Magento Education Themes with MonsterONE

Modern trends show that people love subscriptions. Ask, and you shall receive. Behold, MonsterONE subscription:

  • Creative – get video, audio, graphic, and design assets with additional presentation templates for just $7.40/month, for a small total of just $89/year.
  • All-in-One – gain all the previous benefits with the addition of e-commerce, CMS, and WordPress themes and tons of plugins for them. All that for just $14.95/month – or $179/year.
  • All-in-One Lifetime – get all of the perks forever for a one-time payment of $749.

Not sure if you want to commit to a full-on premium subscription? Worry not; we have a free subscription plan just for you. This includes a limited amount of different assets that you are free to use at your discretion. To unlock more options on those themes, you can upgrade to a full subscription at any time.

Magento Education Themes FAQ

What assistance will I get to set up Magento education themes with MonsterONE?

All MonsterONE members receive round-the-clock customer support. It is accessible via an online chat or ticket system. Specialists are always there to resolve any issues.

Can you construct a whole website for me with Magento education themes of my choice?

Yes, we have different options for helping you set up your website – including complete setup with up to 1,000 words of professionally copywritten text. Click here to check this and other options for a hands-free experience.

Will I receive updates for Magento education themes?

Yes, all MonsterONE subscribers benefit from consistent updates as long as their subscription is active. You will also receive all the latest updates if you make a one-time purchase.

Will there be more Magento education themes available via MonsterONE?

Yes, we are adding new assets monthly. This also includes the free subscription plan, as authors are encouraged to create content for our free users.

15 Best Family Stock Videos in HD for Magento Education Themes

Family and education always go hand in hand. Want to show a happy family? Have a look at our favorite stock videos.

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