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VirtueMart Templates

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VirtueMart Templates – Build a Successful Online Shop

Creating an online store from scratch is a challenging task. You need to have a modern, user-friendly shop and a reliable ecommerce solution that processes customer orders. Content management systems make the job easier, but you still need to install plugins, hire a web-developer and test everything to avoid any possible mistakes. The VirtueMart Templates from TemplateMonster and ONE is an excellent way to save time and money. They are an ideal solution that contains everything that you need to create a modern-looking online store. VirtueMart perfectly work with Joomla, and it has various components, like:

  • SEO/SEM;
  • Order management;
  • Coupon codes;
  • Multiple media;
  • Calculator;
  • Shipment;
  • Payment and more.

It has all the necessary tools, but a designer has to build a shop. That’s when a ready-made theme makes everything easier.

VirtueMart Templates Features

Our designs come with numerous advantages, such as:

  • Product categories – makes finding the required items easier;
  • Scrolling slider navigation – the store is easier to navigate through;
  • Hover effects – improve user-experience. When a customer hovers an object – the “Add to cart” button appears;
  • Ajax shopping cart;
  • Sliced PSD – easy to modify to achieve the necessary look;
  • Cross Browser compatibility – stores work properly on latest browser versions;
  • Dropdown menu – helps to work with your store and find the required item;
  • Google Map – show where potential clients may find you;
  • Tabs – create categories to help people get what they want;
  • Live search – find the required goods or services fast;
  • Comments – let people share their opinion;
  • Cloud Zoom – great to demonstrate product details;
  • Favicon, calendar, and more.

Our solutions provide you with multiple customization options. You can add new pages, modify, or remove the theme elements, change the color scheme, etc. 

VirtueMart Templates from ONE

The subscription service from TemplateMonster is an option for freelancers, studios, or companies that offer web development services. Our solutions come with all the necessary components, so developers don’t buy any additional elements. The subscription model allows you to pay once and download as many items.

We have three plans (please check out this page to learn more about the plans and prices):

  • Creative - $6.80/month (or $82/year);
  • All-in-one - $14.90/month (or $179/year);
  • All-in-one – $599 one-time fee.

The “Creative” plan grants you access to:

  • Graphic and design assets;
  • Presentations;
  • Video and audio assets.

With the “All-in-one” plan, you get everything that “Creative” has, plus:

  • WordPress, CMS, and eCommerce themes;
  • Plugins.

With all the plans, you get one year of technical support. The resources can be used on unlimited domains (as long as the license is active).

The “All-in-one” plan (with the one-time fee) provides you with unlimited lifetime access. A user may download anything as long as the service exists.

It’s a great option for users who need multiple resources. Here’s a simple example. You buy a theme to build an online shop. It costs you $139! What if you need two, three or four of them? Your expenditures become shocking! With the subscription model, you pay only $14.90/month and download as many items as you want. It may be less than you spend on taxi rides per month. You also get various resources, like sounds, images, plugins, and more.

TemplateMonster wants to be sure that clients don’t waste their money. You may cancel your subscription within 14 days if you don’t download anything. This approach helps to exclude any risks of losing money.

Download VirtueMart Templates

We have numerous products, but you still can find the one that meets your requirements. With the left panel, you set topics (like Fashion, Sports, Food, etc.) and tags (like Clothes, Accessories, Care, etc.). Use the search bar to find something specific. To buy a product you need:

  • Log in to your account;
  • Select ‘Get Started’;
  • Choose the category;
  • Download the item.

Start using it. Please check the details page to learn more about the product – check what’s included and what features it has.

Premium and Free VirtueMart Templates

Freebies seem to be a good option, but they have potential drawbacks:

  • No professional support – fix the errors yourself. It becomes challenging if it doesn’t come with documentation;
  • Lack of the required components – they don’t include the necessary elements. A developer is forced to download extra modules.

By buying a premium product, you save time. You don’t have to search for extra modules, and a team of professionals will always help to deal with problems.

VirtueMart Templates FAQ

Why should I use VirtueMart templates?

They come with everything you need to create a modern, high-performance, reliable online store. Our solutions come with different assets – configure an ecommerce store, add the products, and you are good to go. All the included modules are tested to ensure good optimization. They also provide you with great flexibility – a developer can easily create the necessary style.

What elements should the best VirtueMart templates include?

Your shop should be easy to use. Structure your online store with nested categories. The Google Map feature is excellent for demonstrating to potential customers where you are. Comments may help boost up sales, as people share their opinions. It provides you with the necessary information, like what people think about a product. You may also incorporate additional modules – it depends on the project. A multi-currency calculator is perfect when you have clients from different countries. VirtueMart also has multi-language features. A powerful calculator handles discounts and taxes. VirtueMart has multiple features that make running an online store easier.

Will you help me install VirtueMart templates?

Yes, please consider checking out our list of services and requesting our Installation service.

What hosting to use with VirtueMart templates?

High-speed hosting is a good option, especially if you have much content to load, like pictures or videos. Good hosting is quite expensive, but it improves the user experience by minimizing the loading times. If you start, then you don’t need the best hosting service available. The number of visitors isn’t very high at the beginning, and “medium”-level bandwidth should be enough. The recommended hosting options are PHP 5.3+ and MySQL 5.5, 128 MB RAM (64 MB for the PDF invoices).  Please read our article dedicated to this subject.

Installing VirtueMart Templates

The installation process may take some time. Here is a detailed guide that shows all the steps to install a theme and sample data. After this stage, you can start customizing it and building an online store.

5 Best VirtueMart Templates 2024

Product NameDownloadsPrice for One Members
Toys Shop VirtueMart Template9Free
Gamez VirtueMart Template10Free
Flowers VirtueMart Template7Free
Military Store VirtueMart Template8Free
Fashion Store VirtueMart Template25Free

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