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Budget-Saving Options for OpenCart Theme Users

Although OpenCart is not the most expensive platform to buy website products, it is always good to save money. Here are several ways you can save on OpenCart templates without losing the quality, but the first two variants would take time.

Why OpenCart? 

OpenCart is a popular content platform for web stores that is easy to set up on any hosting with PHP and MySQL support. This quick and reliable shopping cart system includes strong search options and numerous functions to make the shop attractive and nice-working. Here are the main OpenCart features:

  • 20 various payment methods;
  • Module System expands functionality and makes the platform highly flexible;
  • Search Engine Optimization;
  • Easy Usage;
  • Delivery Options;
  • Detailed Reports;
  • Color Schemes and Fonts selection;
  • Multiple Shop Tools;
  • 1 Admin Panel that controls multiple projects;
  • Open code that is easy to edit.

OpenCart Advantages

Here are the most exciting OpenCart benefits:

  • Quick, customizable, and clean online presence;
  • Free support and frequent system updates;
  • Integrated reports and payments;
  • All must-have optimization tools included;
  • Excel import tools allow adding tons of products;
  • Multiple currency support.

Now let’s see how you can save on building a shop with OpenCart.

Waiting for Discounts

Nobody likes waiting, and holiday discounts might be the only thing that is worth it. All professional marketplaces provide discounts on Christmas, Thanksgiving, New Year, Halloween, and other holidays. Still, you can’t be 100% sure your product would get an excellent deal this year, or the number of purchases can be limited. That is why it would be better for you to find several suitable products before sales start.

Another working way to save money is to look for feature-rich bundles. They also come for special occasions. You can purchase a pack with OpenCart CMS skins, add-ons, and illustrations, which look like a cool beginning. Waiting makes the main disadvantage of this variant, so it won’t fit if you want a theme or template ASAP.

Getting the Subscription

This variant would be perfect for beginners and skilled website owners at the same time, and here is why. ONE is the name of a time-saving subscription service with 3 different payment options and gives you access to thousands of ready-made digital products. The gallery contains more than 28.000 items, including:

  • 1408 WordPress themes;
  • 3553 CMS & eCommerce themes;
  • 28 Plugins & add-ons;
  • 13060 Graphic assets;
  • 7672 Presentation templates;
  • 416 Video assets;
  • 236 Audio assets;
  • 1.7M Photos.

You see that the service saves not your time only but money as well. The list of available products includes everything and anything you may wanna use for a modern website building, from multifunctional flagships and eCommerce items to exclusive add-ons and visuals.

Pricing Options

Among all the goods ONE provides, there are 1000 OpenCart templates. All of them are high-quality and come with many essential features in the packs. You are free to download as many products as you want for free after choosing a suitable plan. The installations are unlimited. You have 3 various pricing options to choose from.

  1. The Creative ($82/year) plan gives you access to all illustrations and assets from the gallery within 1 year. The list of available products also includes presentation templates with infographics, videos, and audios + 1-year-long technical support.
  2. The All-in-One ($179/year) plan gives you 1-year-long access to all the products from the list above, including best-selling themes, premium plugins, and eCommerce items + 1 year of technical support.
  3. The All-in-one ($179/year) plan provides you with lifetime access to all items from the gallery + lifetime technical support. 

The last two options include StoreFlex and many other well-known flagships based on OpenCart. Use these products the way they are or use the subscriptions and add more interactive features and graphics to the templates’ design.

What You Should Know Before Buying a Template

What are the features to look for when buying a new OpenCart2 template? You might think of responsiveness and, obviously, SEO-friendliness but these are the must-haves for any site. No matter what CMS you prefer, your choice should come with the mentioned features inside the set. And what are your eCommerce essentials?

  1. Advanced Search allows shoppers to see the search results when they are typing the request. It saves customers’ time and helps them find the very page, service, or product at the drop of a hat. 
  2. Product Catalog is a charming way to present your items in all their glory. Make sure you added relevant tags and descriptions to make Google love your content.
  1. Related Products. The feature would help you to link similar products with each other. Display related products right under the main one, add images and items’ information with its price and key features.
  2. Lookbook is a voguish feature that allows crafting eye-pleasing collections with your products. By making your shop social-media-friendly, you let people create beautiful product collections and share them on social media.
  3. Social Login would make the registration process less tedious, as people will be able to log in to your site via their social media accounts. The feature makes the store more visitor-friendly and brings you some social traffic.
  4. Social Blocks is another smart way to integrate your store with social media. Display the newest posts from your Instagram gallery right on the main page.
  5. Newsletter popup is what you need to collect customer information. Take time to plan your future sales and other special occasions so that you would notify people about them in advance.
  6. Multilingual + RTL-ready or at least translation-ready design is essential if you want to enter the global market. It would enlarge your customer base and improve SEO results because some search engines scan only the native-speaking websites.
  7. Multicurrency is another useful feature to make international shoppers notice your store.

Installing Your OpenCart Template

How to download an OpenCart CMS template and install it? Here is a step-by-step guide for beginners. You will also get simple instructions after the purchase. So, here is what you will need to do:

  • Pay for your product and download it;
  • Unzip the product archive;
  • Upload it to your website via FTP to the catalog/view/theme directory.
  • Log in to your Admin Panel and open the settings, as you need to change some.
  • Navigate to “System” >> “Settings” in the shop’s admin area;
  • Click on “Edit” next to your store.
  • Choose your new template by selecting the “Store” tab and clicking the dropdown menu next to the theme’s settings.
  • Now choose the uploaded template and save changes.

Premium & Free OpenCart Themes FAQ

Are there any free OpenCart templates available to download?

Yes, visit this page to see 15+ free OpenCart templates selection from TemplateMonster. There are products for any taste, including items for online shops related to electronics, cars, drugs, food, gifts, cosmetics, jewelry, fashion, beauty, and art. They are free to download, so you don’t need to limit yourself to 1 item. Besides, you could scroll this post from our blog to see more OpenCart-based freebies.

How do I install OpenCart templates in the localhost?

You will need to buy, download, and unzip the item before everything else. Then upload all files from the archive to the root. Log in to your OpenCart Dashboard, find “System,” and open its settings. You need to select the required website from the list, check the box next to it, and click on “Edit.” Navigate to the “Store Tab,” where you should choose the uploaded product from the dropdown menu located under the template section. And that’s it! Just make sure you have saved the changes.

Can I use OpenCart for free?

Technically, you can because OpenCart is an open-source platform. It provides all standard functions for an online store so that everything about the main script is free for you. However, you will need to pay for additional features to make the site stand out from the crowd of competitors. That is why it would be more lucrative for starters to buy a premade theme or get it with the ONE Subscription.

Is it possible to use a single OpenCart theme on multiple domains?

You, it is possible to use a premium theme for several domains. To do it, you will need to set up the product as your leading site. Then make sure that all the domains come with your hosting provider’s name servers to avoid losing data. Once you are through this, follow the installation guide. You will need to create domains for all websites of your multishop, e.g., myshop1.com and myshop2.com. After making the addon domain name, you will see that the document root will be something like public_html/myshop1.com. Delete the first part and leave only public_html. Now, open the Admin Panel and add new stores to the main domain.

Comparing OpenCart Templates from Different Marketplaces

Searching for the best OpenCart template for your would-be-website? Don’t miss this video to compare two CMS products from different providers. It contains a general product overview and compares such helpful features as the site menu or drag & drop content builder. You can also see how to work with Special Deals and Infinite Scroll features. Who wore it better? Let’s see!

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