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OpenCart Electronics Themes

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OpenCart Electronics Templates

Template or theme for OpenCart is a set of files and styles responsible for the appearance of your store in the browser. Templates give the browser information about how your store pages will be displayed on the screen. There are multiple OpenCart electronics templates, so finding a suitable one is quite easy.

  1. Why would you need OpenCart Electronics Templates?

The eCommerce market’s growth rate worldwide is rapid, and OpenCart templates will help create a website in this area. People are more likely to buy goods from online stores nowadays, so most stores are gradually moving into the Internet. And given the growing competition, new Internet business people have to work harder and create websites on high-quality engines. One of the most reliable solutions is the OpenCart platform. This system is also free like WordPress, but how is it different from it? Well, it’s a specialized solution designed specifically for the needs of Internet entrepreneurs. Nothing extra, just everything you need for an online store. Also, it’s easy to install and has built-in functionality out of the box. And it’s integrated with Google Analytics, as well as social networks like Facebook and Twitter. It is a plus for promotion. Among other things, there are ready-made templates and modules for this system that can seriously expand your online store’s functionality. In this section, we bring to your attention the coolest OpenCart electronics templates and modules that our team of specialists has carefully selected for you. Choose the ones you like, and with their help, you can create a successful online store right away.

  1. OpenCart Electronics Templates Main Features

Our OpenCart electronics templates are suitable for launching both a small store and a huge marketplace. They offer a sufficient number of built-in functions that will allow you to create an electronics eCommerce project from scratch. A user-friendly and understandable website interface is as important for buyers as the product itself. The basic functions of the OpenCart electronics theme will be more than enough for your customers. This functionality is available by default:

  • Adding an unlimited number of products and their categories and subcategories.
  • Selling digital goods (software.)
  • Product ratings, reviews, and comments.
  • A built-in marketing system that is a method of promoting a business on the Internet.
  • A loyalty system (an ability to give the customer bonus points to use them for further purchases).
  • Multilingualism (if the required language is not in the ready-made localization, you can add it yourself.)
  • Convenient admin panel which presents data on orders, sales, and customers.
  • The ability to manage multiple stores from one admin panel.
  • For each product, it is possible to add different parameters (colors, sizes, and other characteristics.)
  • Discounts and gift certificates for customers.
  • Integration with Google Analytics.
  • Backup of the entire store which can be restored from the admin panel.
  • Filters for products by suggested categories.
  • Paying in a convenient currency.
  • Notifications for buyers by email (order status, promotional offers, etc.)

Modules can also increase the basic functionality. With them, you will have access to a large number of additional options. Here are some of them:

  • Email confirmation,
  • The ability to compare prices and products,
  • Lists of similar and new products (and bestsellers),
  • Fast checkout on one page,
  • Specific color for each order status,
  • Sending notifications via SMS,
  • Communication with clients in live-chat right on the site.

There is no doubt that the number of features is more than impressive. Even if someone decides to count and name their exact number, this person will constantly lose count. Every year, there are more and more of them as new templates and modules get released. With our OpenCart electronics templates, it may even seem that creating an online store is the same as registering on some social network. With them, online shopping will become an absolutely common thing.

  1. Subscription And All Its Features

No matter how complex your project is, MonsterONE will allow you to cover every little thing at every stage of website creation in just one payment. It doesn’t matter what the topic, specifics, and scale of the project are. Over time, the content will grow and be complemented by the most popular and relevant positions. MonsterONE license doesn’t limit the number of downloads. You can use all MonsterONE subscription products as many times as you need to create the projects you need. MonsterONE unlimited annual subscription allows you to use the same product an infinite number of times on an infinite number of domains within one year.

OpenCart Electronics Templates FAQ

How to install an OpenCart electronics template?

Before installing a new template, we recommend that you make a backup of your website and database to restore everything in case of errors. Also, before installing a template, be sure to find and read the installation instructions. Go to the admin panel, and in the control panel on the left, select the “Extensions” tab, then click on “Installer.” Click “Upload” and upload the installation file. Next, in the same control panel on the left, select the “Extensions” section and the “Extensions” tab. In the drop-down menu, select the add-on type “Themes.” Then, click the green “+” button next to the downloaded template to install the solution.

For whom the OpenCart electronics templates are suitable?

OpenCart as a platform and its templates are ideal for creating a ready-made online store without high financial costs and as quickly as possible. The easy-to-use interface allows you to launch a store in the shortest possible time and get the first sales within a week. And technical support is ready to answer any developer’s questions. On the one hand, OpenCart templates are suitable for beginners, on the other hand, even a beginner will need to install plugins, upload products, set up a website, find the right hosting, and much more. OpenCart templates are ideal solutions for entrepreneurs with at least some experience in the eCommerce sphere. They will also appeal to those who have a team of specialists who can be entrusted with setting up and managing the site.

What is OpenCart?

OpenCart is a free online store website builder. The CMS is widely used all over the world. OpenCart is in the Top 10 most used CMS in the US and is the fourth most popular eCommerce system globally. The last updated version was released in May 2020. The service is now freely available under the GNU (General Public License).

What kind of stores Can I create using OpenCart electronics templates?

With them, you can create an online store of any complexity. They will allow you to accept payments and manage and process orders without additional extensions. These are default functionalities. If you need to customize the project to fit your needs, you can add special plugins. Those with programming skills can make changes to the source code. OpenCart software is written in PHP, so knowledge of this language will be useful.

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