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Bring Life To Your Creations With Monster ONE Stock Motion Graphics

ONE subscription is a cost-effective enrollment, which unlocks unlimited possibilities for your project. It means that once you become part of our One family, you will get unlimited access to our premium products. No need to worry about the license or membership renewal; all you need is to get a subscription and select a web asset that perfectly suits your needs. In detail, let's discuss stock motion graphics, their key features, and how you can benefit from our subscription with Monster ONE. 

Key Features of Motion Graphics

Motion graphics are very popular in modern movie clips, trailers, and various commercials. It can be 2D animations, 3D renders, or GIFs. Motion graphics can include audio, voiceover, or sound effects. To create one, webmasters use technologies such as 360-degree video, virtual reality, or augmented reality. But you do not need to create anything from scratch. All you need is here! Apart from a clean and modern design, you get text animations that come with many handy features like:

  1. Drag and drop. All you need to do is select the necessary video from your collection and drop it into the template. Once you do that next step would be to change the texts to correspond to your topic. 
  2. Various resolutions.
  3. Search engine friendly designs.
  4. Bootstrap framework. 
  5. Responsive layout.
  6. WPML plugin for multilingual switcher included. 
  7. Easy to customize interface enables you to design the animation you want.
  8. Comprehensive video tutorials included in the file will provide you with all information needed for effortless and pleasures to work with our products. 
  9. Easily accessible content browser. 
  10. No-plugins required. 
  11. Some things are not included, such as music, images/videos, and fonts (font link only). 

Motion Graphics Design For All Kinds of Creative Projects

To grab your viewer's attention, you need to tell the story through a mixture of simple and complex action. Motion graphics is an effective tool if you want to communicate a lot of data in a short period. Our products are suitable for all professionals who want to use animation appealing to modern audiences. You can promote:

  • Business & Services 
  • Design & Photography 
  • Entertainment, Games & Nightlife 
  • Art & Culture 
  • Electronics Templates 
  • Holidays, Gifts & Flowers, etc.

With the help of our digital footage items, you can create successfully:

  1. Text or title for your company.
  2. Promo for product or service.
  3. Credits at the end of a movie.
  4. Cinema trailers.
  5. Sequence or outro.
  6. Short films.
  7. Corporate identity projects.
  8. Typography or news elements, etc. 

Motion Graphics 2021 Trends You Must Know About 

Modern digital space is rich in powerful web tools that allow users to build original advertising for their sites and take advantage of all marketing strategies. One of these innovative tools is animation and motion graphics, which permanently promote new business ideas and develop an entirely new approach to presenting products and services.

The development of motion graphics impresses. Even companies with more traditional views towards business strategies try to use the best advantages of animated videos and other kinds of inspirational motion design solutions.

The animation is always in sync with the modern tendencies of technology and design. Year by year, they develop more and more rapidly, but motion graphics keep abreast of them. Our article will highlight the main trends for these essential tools that are the most relevant in the business community this year.

Top Five Animation and Motion Graphics Trends 

  1. Restricted Color Palette

Unlimited colors with rich gradations and contrasts have become obsolete, while motion graphics with the only primary color specter are popular now. Such a design solution looks intuitive and elegant, even sophisticated. Not every artist or illustrator can reflect the necessary style and unique character with only a few colors in their palette. But such animations always stand out for their impressive design and a shade of nostalgia.

  1. Thin Lines

Various lines are responsible for many functionalities in any video, defining shapes or directing to the necessary sides. Moreover, they often set a mood. The 2021 year’s trends focus on thin yet extra-distinctive lines. Choosing such a solution, illustrators and designers try to make their video works more original and unique. Thereby, they create motion graphics that resemble pictures drawn by hand. 

The following tendency is considered to be one of the most popular now. Linear art has already caught the fancy of many people from the business community so that now various digital ads videos include this effect.

  1. Mixing 2D and 3D

The 2021 year dictates new rules, but many artists still combine 2D and 3D effects, considering them a powerful tool for making videos more impressive. Animation with mixed 2D and 3D even becomes more stylish, so that the customers also notice their positive effect. Motion designers use this technique for both high-budget and small-scale promotional videos.

  1. Kinetic Typography

Different experiments with font styles can reduce a website’s readability, so most motion designers try to play it safe. But the 2021 year has become remarkable and challenging for typography history, breaking common traditions. What is most surprising, it made running, and the web page visitors duly appreciated its new trends. Twisting, stretching, and distorting letters are now popular kinetic typography methods that have started to displace the conventional. Web pages and digital apps that use these methods in their content catch the customers’ interest, limelight their brand, thus making it more famous and impressive.

  1. Morphing

This trend also became popular in 2021. With a smooth transition, morphing changes one image or shapes into the other, affecting the animation. Every day this unique technique with morphing logos, photos, characters, and more draws the attention of both artists and the business community. And rightly so, as morphing helps to increase your website traffic. People just can’t put it down and watch the effect till its end, spending more time on your page. It’s rather good for SEO, so you have more possibilities to top Google search results.

What is ONE Membership?

Are you looking for a place where you may find everything you need for your website? Then Monster ONE is the best choice for you. With our modern and top-notch collection of themes, any site owner or developer can quickly build a powerful web page without any difficulties. Besides, it is cost-effective. In case you want to increase the web traffic while not spending too much time on its composing and maintenance, then a theme from our collection is the perfect solution for you.

Our themes are only a sliver of the full scope. Subscribing to Monster ONE, you get access to a rich database of various graphics. People who work in the area of graphic web design will appreciate our products. The most common fields to which our collection will suit most are design and photography, business, education, society, people around us, culture, etc.. Everyone will find the best for themselves. 

You can also purchase an unlimited subscription. It is more expensive, but with all its rich possibilities, it is worth its money. You will be able to use any number of themes, plugins, and photos to compose sites with no restrictions. This collection of themes will be a real catch for:

  1. Web design studios and individual developers since their work process is significantly accelerated so that they will take more orders.
  2. Designers, illustrators, decorators, and everyone working with website graphics.
  3. Content managers and bloggers who need to create pages for social networks.
  4. Any user who needs powerful tools for website building.

ONE Subscription And All Its Benefits

Monster ONE provides you with everything you need in a single place, like a wholesale offer for web developers and site owners. Besides, there are no restrictions on use, and our service is very budget-friendly. We offer you an incredible catalog that will satisfy the needs of any developer or illustrator. The other prominent characteristics of our resource also are:

  • A wide range of prices. Everyone can select the best depending on their budget and own needs.
  • Deep customization. All the categories, from the color scheme to the content, are available for you.
  • Powerful functionalities. Purchase the product and get unlimited access.
  • All source files in one package.
  • Use of high-quality stock photos without any borders.
  • Special offers and personalization. Premium features, among which are copyright protection and improved SEO functionality, are open to you.
  • A significant number of products and services. Regardless of your budget, you will find a perfect solution for the conception of your website. The premium functionalities with a wide range of features are also available for additional fees.
  • 24/7 technical support.
  • Reasonable prices for anyone. Each sample provides you with a diversity of options, so it is very cost-efficient.
  • The excellent collection of ready-made design solutions. We update our product range every day so that our users can enjoy modern themes built according to the latest tendencies in website development.
  • Clean source code that is easy to work even for those who have no coding experience.

Motion Graphics FAQ

How to buy and download motion graphics?

To download our products is easier than you could imagine. You will have to perform several easy steps. First, open our main page at monsterone.com and click the "Join Now" button. Decide which subscription package suits you most and click "Select Plan." The next step is to fill in your contact and billing information. Then you can finally make a purchase. The unlimited number of content, themes, and design solutions are available for you now. You may select any product you like and download it. Under the "Details" button, you'll get access to a page with a view of the product's live demo. Use all the products you like and enjoy all the benefits of web design with us!

Single motion graphics purchase VS Monster ONE subscription, what's better?

If you need multiple products for your project, you must buy a couple of them to decide which one best suits your concept. Fonts, images, audio, and other templates cost money. On TemplateMonster, you can find all you need, but you will have to pay one time, depending on your purchase value, around $10-50 for a single item from our motion graphics catalogue. With Monster ONE, you will get unlimited access to all of our assets at almost the same price! With our subscription, you can try various items to find the perfect one. Moreover, you do not need to worry about the license, as long as your permit is active.

Can I sell my motion graphics with ONE?

Yes, of course. We are happy to welcome every new author willing to join our team of professionals. Click on Become an author tab, register, and fill out a form. Being part of our family means: get extra income, boost your audience, straightforward licensing for all pricing plans, fast and reliable technical support 24/7.
After the registration, all you have to do is to pass a short survey. That is how we will know what you are looking for and give you the best recommendations based on your answers. 

What are the limitations of motion graphics with ONE?

With an unlimited number of downloads for one year from the date of purchase, you need to remember certain limitations: 1. Membership assets may not be resold unless they are part of the final product. 2. With the expired license, the use of our items is prohibited. But you will still get the newest updates from us even when your membership is over. 3. All rights on our web items belong to ONE only. 4. Otherwise, you are practically not limited. After your license expires, you can renew it effortlessly. 

How to Download Motion Graphics Video with Monster ONE

Learn more about ONE subscription and advantages you can get with unlimited download of motion graphics. Join us on YouTube and other social media as well to know more about web design and its latest updates.

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