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Unique Royalty Free Stock Music for Your Videos and Landing Pages

Many experts call our time the era of video marketing. Businesses today use video more often than ever before. The ability to make high-quality video editing, find high-quality royalty free stock music, and stand out among the crowd is appreciated in this area after all. And consumers love it. 

HubSpot found that 43% of people want to see more videos from marketers, and 51.9% of marketers worldwide say video content has the best ROI.

One of the tricky aspects of video content creation is finding royalty free stock music for background. There are hundreds of sites with millions of tracks to choose from, and each one has different search functions, its unique approach to copyright, different genres, and directions presented.

But where can you find unique repositories of high-quality background music that you can use for both independent commercials and sales videos? One of the largest digital marketplace TemplateMonster prepared a solution for you. There are hundreds of hand-picked and unique tracks. Moreover, they add new music to their collection every week. Please continue to read to find out where to find them and have access in one click.

Why Use Royalty Free Stock Music?

Royalty Free means no royalties are required. With this designation, users have the right to use copyrighted music without paying "royalties" for the continued use of the content. By paying for a music license once, the buyer can use the music as much as he wants.

Royalty Free is often confused with "free" music, but this is not true. The author or singer who created the music decides how copyright will be exercised to a particular work and determines its corresponding value.

If you are promoting a complex product to the market, a video on a landing page with the right music and voice will allow you to reach your target audience. So, you can convey more useful information to them in no more than a couple of minutes.

Videos will visually help demonstrate potential customers the effect of a product or service and clarify the most important nuances much faster and more efficiently than even the coolest text. Besides, this marketing technique allows you to entertainingly talk about rather mundane things and present the offer's advantages in the most favorable light.

Download royalty free music if you are:

  • Instagram blogger;
  • Youtuber;
  • TikTok blogger;
  • Motion designer;
  • Marketer;
  • Movie Maker;
  • Podcaster;
  • Radio or TV worker;
  • Musician;
  • Web and mobile developer;
  • Creative person, etc.

Where Can You Use Royalty Free Stock Music?

Imagine a situation where you need to create a commercial, which naturally should have background music. You can take any audio track, and every time your video plays, you will have to pay royalties to the author of the music. Agree - it's not convenient. And the amount will not be small. But there is another option. You can buy a royalty free license once to use music in your video, pay only $ 10-20, and use it without restrictions and payments.

The scope of royalty free music doesn't stop there. High-quality music is a terrific tool for taking projects to the next level. TemplateMonster's carefully curated collection of royalty free stock music is a great tool for anyone looking to make any personal and commercial project brighter and more professional. 

Our tracks are perfect as:

  • Music for videos of any purpose (social media videos, video blog, video review, video instruction, wedding video, etc.);
  • Music for YouTube;
  • Music for Advertising (both audio ads and video ads);
  • Music for presentation (both corporate presentations and presentations of products and projects);
  • Music for events;
  • Music for the film, soundtracks;
  • Music for IVR menu and waiting in the line;
  • Music for commercial use, etc.

Royalty Free Stock Music Trends 2021

According to statistics, the stock music market will only get bigger. Over 40% of the market will be a share of North America. More and more stock music tracks will be used on television, websites, promotion, and movie production. The times of low-quality music are gone. 

Popular genres Corporate - for professional videos, how-to, explanations, etc.

  • Happy music genres and music like pop, funk, or R'n'B.
  • Epic and cinematic music to catch the attention of the listener.
  • Chill music - guitar solo, reggae, folk, acoustic, jazz.
  • Hip-hop.
  • Rock music.
  • Experiments with live instruments.
  • Electronic music like a deep house with vocals.
  • And the most growing trend is electronic mix with other genres.

Free Royalty Free Stock Music vs. Premium. Why Buy Premium Better Than Looking for Free?

Is there a difference between free stock music and royalty free music? Yes, it is and a quite big one.

There are many websites where you can download music for free. However, most of the tracks are protected by corporate lawyers looking forward to infringing on copyright to claim royalties from you. Just because you downloaded something for free doesn't mean you can use it for free in your videos.

Many services provide royalty free music. Yes, you can use this music commercially without paying royalties to its creator, but you often have to pay an initial price per track before using it.

This means that you get the legal right to use the author's music in your personal or commercial project by paying once. For example, you can use it in advertisements, travel videos, documentaries, podcasts, video games, etc. Royalty free music is a simple and economical solution that allows you to use quality music legally in your projects.

A reasonable question arises: why pay for royalty free music? 

There are several explanations for this:

  1. a person or company who want to use music in their projects, do not want to indicate the author, want to change the work, or wish to use it in commercial projects, and this does not allow the type of license of the selected music;
  2. the buyer is looking for an audio of a higher quality than can be found for free;
  3. the impossibility of indicating the author in specific conditions: for example, TV or radio;
  4. the buyer wants to protect himself from possible legal problems in the future if the author suddenly decides to change the type of license for his work.

Download Royalty Free Stock Music for Any Project

What if we could say that you can have access to our hundreds of royalty free premium audio tracks for your projects. It is possible thanks to our ONE membership by TemplateMonster.

Find and download stock, expertly crafted, hand-curated, high-quality audio tracks of any genre. Here you will find the widest variety of genres. The number of songs is still small. But this is the case when quality exceeds quantity. Plus, the lists are updated regularly. Every month, there will be more and more tracks. - Every week, we add new music to our collection. Listen to the latest royalty free tracks now.

To use the search filter, you do not even need to register. Take a look for yourself at our collection!

Features of Royalty Free Stock Music

You need to focus on what matters most: your materials and creative ideas that your clients need. That's why our TemplateMonster team has done everything to make finding great royalty free tracks easier than ever. 

This is a carefully curated selection of royalty free music for your YouTube channel or video blog. Music from independent professional authors is perfect for your creative projects. 

You have already understood that all tracks are multipurpose. So, what features do they also have?

  1. Topics. Here you will find over 20 different genres: rock, electronic, jazz, pop, classical, r’n’b, hip-hop, etc. You can also find the tracks suitable for holidays, corporate purposes, vocals, and many others. 
  2. Filters. You can use tags and categories such as newest, popular, trending, and undiscovered.
  3. Tempos. There are six types of beats to choose from 0 to 160+ BPM.
  4. Different vocals varieties. It can be a vocal on background, lead vocals, with instrumental music, etc. 
  5. Suggesting feature. When choosing any music track, you will see suggestions like similar tracks or other tracks from this author. This is a very popular feature that helps to find an essential track for your project as quickly as possible. 

You can buy a single stock music template/track under royalty free license or get a pack of hundreds of them with ONE subscription. Sounds not so bad? Then read everything about ONE below.

What Is ONE by TemplateMonster?

ONE by TemplateMonster is a subscription service providing thousands of website-building products with full technical support. Along with items that can be downloaded within ONE, subscribers will receive up to 50% bonus discounts on all exclusive TemplateMonster products. TemplateMonster's ONE license terms make it easy to work with products provided as part of a subscription.

Marketers, designers, developers, and those who work with social media need to choose new digital products for various projects constantly. If you pay for a new product every time, you will need to have a lot of money. You can get full access to a package of more than 11 thousand products with One subscription from TemplateMonster.

So, by getting ONE membership, you will get access to thousands of royalty free stock music and videos. Moreover, you will always have at hand all the necessary materials to create any content and project as:

  • Package for WordPress: themes and plugins for the system, Elementor themes, and WooCommerce.
  • Online Stores: Magento, PrestaShop, WooCommerce, Shopify, OpenCart, and VirtueMart templates.
  • WordPress and PrestaShop plugins.
  • Graphics: templates for social networks, certificates, logos, resumes, the corporate identity of companies, PSD templates, corporate identity, illustrations.
  • PowerPoint presentation templates.
  • HTML templates: Website, Newsletter, Landing Pages.
  • Stock photos.
  • After Effects templates.
  • Mobile apps templates.
  • Shrifts, banners, patterns, mockups, UI designs, etc.

Our library every month gets only bigger and more versatile. The more you are a creative person in our digital world, the more benefit you'll get from it.

How Much Does ONE Subscription Cost?

TemplateMonster's One Subscription offers flexible terms of use and an attractive pricing plan in three formats:

  1. Creative. Most of all, this package suits if you are interested only in royalty free stock music and videos. You pay $82, which is $6.80 per month and you get access for a whole year without any download limits. You will also get tons of graphics, presentation templates, and 1 year of free technical support.
  2. All-in-one. This package is also for one year. It costs $162, which is $13.5/month. After you make your one time payment, you can use the entire library of templates, graphics and audio/video files without any restrictions. Plus, the number of installations per year of use is not limited. Another bonus is 1 year of technical support.
  3. All-in-one with lifetime access. This is something exclusive. With this type of subscription, you provide yourself with quality content for life. Pay $599 once and use TemplateMonster products in unlimited quantities. No overpayments, just great materials to work with. By paying once, you can get all of the above for an unlimited period. This solution is especially relevant for web development studios.

If, after a year, you decide to unsubscribe, then, of course, no one will take away the site created using this or that template. But in the future, with its use, it will not work to develop other sites.

There is also a 14 days trial. If you don't find anything suitable for you, we will return your money.

ONE Membership Benefits

ONE is a great investment in a new business. Each template guarantees the best quality, as a team of professionals develops them. By subscribing, users receive favorable terms of use:

  • 32,600+ products, the number of which is growing;
  • personal 50% discount on products that are not included in the subscription;
  • download as many materials as you need without any limits;
  • each product is carefully selected and tested;
  • the license allows you to use templates for commercial purposes, which guarantees additional earnings and return on investment;
  • additional services, for example, SEO and copywriting;
  • chat of subscribers for communication and discussion of experience;
  • secure payment and cancellation of subscriptions.

Every ONE subscription product includes friendly technical support. Even if you started working with the product for the first time, do not worry. The technical support team will provide the required assistance.

What Services Also Offer ONE by TemplateMonster?

If you have decided to purchase a template or theme to create a landing page where you can sell or just promote your products like music, we can help you launch it. Details such as setting up a server, optimizing SEO, directly installing a template, or optimizing loading speed are those additional services that can contribute to a faster website launch. Even if you already have a ready-made website, many questions can be closed using our additional services.

We offer:

  • Logo creation;
  • Web copywriting;
  • Installation of a template;
  • Preparing a ready-to-use website from scratch;
  • Website configurations;
  • GDPR license;
  • Full SEO optimization.

What License Terms Offers ONE by TemplateMonster

Accessing a variety of high-quality website-building products is great.  But one more detail makes this subscription even more beneficial. This is an unlimited one year license. It allows you to use royalty free stock music and other products included in the subscription an unlimited number of  times for one year. That is, you do not need to pay for goods again to create another project with its help. When unlimited access to products ends, your projects will continue to work. In general, everything is very simple, and no one should have any problems. It makes TemplateMonster's ONE subscription service a great solution.

License terms

The product license is quite flexible. You get access and the right to download and install all included items on an unlimited number of projects for one year from the date of purchase.

However, there are still certain limitations. The most important ones are as follows:

  1. Subscription items may not be resold unless they are part of the final product.
  2. If the license has expired, then the use of elements to create the final product is prohibited.
  3. All rights to this item are held by ONE by TemplateMonster .
  4. Otherwise, you are practically not limited. 

You can use as many elements as you need to create the final product. You or your customers are allowed to use the item as part of the final product. After the expiration date, the license can be renewed.

Can You Sell Your Music on Monster ONE?

Absolutely, yes. We offer anyone to become an author and sell their products on the TemplateMonster website. 

ONE is a specialized platform for buying/selling digital products and stock music under a Royalty Free license. A TemplateMonster catalog consists of more than 60 000 products for every taste and on any topic is available to buyers.

To sell royalty free stock music at TemplateMonster, you need to go through a simple registration. In a nutshell, you need to:

  1. Create a user account;
  2. Find in your account a tab Become an author;
  3. Create a name for your author's page;
  4. Upload your audios with all necessary description;
  5. After a quick review of your products, you are ready to receive a commission for every purchase.

More information you can find here. Also, feel free to ask any questions to our support chat.


Our marketplace allows musicians to list their compositions for sale while finding buyers for TemplateMonster independently worldwide. The author of the audio receives a commission for each sale and does not directly participate in the transactions' conclusion. We offer only a transparent payout system. 

Talented musicians no longer need producers and record companies. After all, the sale of music and author's voice acting bring a high income. There are many music services where you can sell your tracks, such as Google Play, iTunes, and Spotify. But why stop yourself only with world giants?

You can also start creating audio commercials, jingles, mixing music, or dubbing videos. For work, make your WordPress site, where you can post services and examples of work. 

How can you increase your sales?

  • Set a price on your own;
  • Promote your products with TemplateMonster affiliate program;
  • Sell exclusively only on our marketplace, which will give you up to 65% cut;
  • Add your products to ONE subscription.

What can you sell besides audios?

Well, it can be:

  • videos;
  • presentation templates for PowerPoint, Google Slides, or Keynote;
  • Website themes and templates for WordPress, Joomla, Magento, etc.
  • Plugins for different CMSs;
  • Graphics- starting from logos, illustrations, fonts to various certificates, and CV templates.

As you have already understood, it is up to you and your possibilities. We only offer a simple approval system for products and high commission rates.

Is the ONE Subscription Worth Buying Royalty Free Stock Music?

Ready-made solutions will allow you to implement any idea for your video blog, website, or project. Those who make money from creating content and creating Internet resources will benefit from subscribing to enjoy the best royalty free stock music and videos, graphics, and other materials without restrictions.

With active use, the subscription fully pays for itself and only brings income from the sale of your work. Start monetizing your YouTube or blog right now, and a decent income will not wait in coming.

Royalty Free Stock Music FAQ

Can I use royalty free stock music for commercial purposes?

Of course, if you buy any royalty free stock music template on TemplateMonster, you will get a license for using it for commercial purposes. The most tricky situation is when you find royalty free stock music for free. It can be a fraud, and later you can get some problem in the future with using these audios without any licenses.

For what you can use royalty free stock music, for what types of business?

Nowadays, one of the most popular ways to use royalty free stock music is as a background in YouTube videos. With music, any video is getting more attractive for a viewer. Also, we use it often in the corporate niche for business, for the sports industry, or movie production. These are the most popular spheres of usage.

Why is it good to use royalty free stock music?

The main and biggest plus of royalty free music already from the name says that no additional or hidden fees will be charged from you after purchasing the corresponding license. You buy once for one of your projects and safely place the finished product anywhere. But this is far from the only advantage of royalty free music. Buying royalty free stock audio, you get such advantages: It's a fast, legal way to license music. It's cheap and cost-effective. There are no hidden fees or royalties. It's high quality. Large selection of genres, tempos, and other features.

What to look for when choosing royalty free stock music?

First of all, it is the quality of the audio. Try to find audios with BMP info. It will help you with editing. Use filters and tags to find specified music for creating the right atmosphere for your audience. And of course,  that this audio has royalty free licensing for sure. All of these features have our royalty free stock music in ONE subscription.

Ideal Royalty Free Stock Music for YouTube Videos

Are you looking for a perfect and unique music background for your Youtube videos? Have a look at our multipurpose collection of relaxation tracks. This ambient music will suit any video type as meditation, travel vlog, yoga workouts sessions, etc.

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