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The Best Stock Audio Assets To Use In Your Projects

There are many different ways to make your product more sophisticated and exciting to the customer. To do this, you can apply a variety of patterns or implement unusual effects. But the main element that will help create the desired atmosphere is the soundtrack. Our collection contains the best stock audio assets to give the desired meaning to your product.

Stock audio assets These are licensed soundtracks that you can legally use in your projects. Depending on the type of use and audience of listeners, the template has four license options:

  • Audio Standard - this type of license allows you to use the audio-visual or audio-only asset for a synchronous playback, but not for broadcasting purposes. You can distribute, communicate, and reproduce the item.
  • Audio Broadcast (1 million) allows the client to use the asset for different uses, including distribution, reproduction, communication, and broadcasting. The auditory should consist of less than 1 million people. 
  • Audio Mass Reproduction - it is not prohibited to use it as playback for any type of audio-visual or audio-only products. Moreover, you can do an unlimited amount of copies in digital or physical form. 
  • Audio Broadcast (10 million) - this type of license doesn’t restrict any usage, number of replicas, and sharing via social media resources. You can use it for broadcasts with unlimited auditory. 

With ONE Membership, you will get access to unlimited downloads of any audio asset under the Audio Standard license. You will be able to use them as many times as needed and share it with your customers.

Who Can Use Stock Audio Templates

This type of template will suit absolutely anyone. If you are a video blogger, you can use them as a background for your video. They will be an excellent tool for creating the atmosphere you want. 

Audio assets can also be applied to your corporate presentation to evoke the necessary feelings. You can use them as background audios for the website, implement them to the items list. If you are a beatmaker, you can draw inspiration from the extras or use them as a basis for your works. There are no restrictions on your ideas, so you can change the tempo, rhythm, heat the intrigue. 

Due to the variety of templates, you can find different thematic segments. The filters on the right side of the page will help you with this. Among the most popular categories are the following:

  • Cinematic
  • Motivational
  • Inspiring
  • Uplifting
  • Trailer
  • Orchestral
  • Energetic
  • Guitar
  • Commercial

You can also narrow your search by choosing the required genre. The collection is versatile. You can find here such options as Jazz, Groove, Soul R&B, Rock, Folk Acoustic, Drum Bass Breakbeat, House, and many others. By choosing a tempo, mood, the leading vocals, you will easily find the perfect template. 

The Key Features Of Stock Audio

If you are looking to add zest to your website, this type of template will be a suitable tool for it. You can create a warm welcome for your site visitors by putting a light, simple melody in the background. It is especially suitable for meditation and spiritual practice sites. It will help the client relax and tune in to the right wave.

And of course, perhaps the most important thing is that your site will be easy to remember. Have you seen a lot of web-pages where music meets you? They are very rare. So it will be yours that will be deposited in the client's memory. 

You can upload them to different CMS or HTML platforms. With the help of our stock audio, you can:

  • Create background music for your video;
  • Add to presentations;
  • Use in commercials;
  • Edit them according to your needs;
  • Use them as a basis for other audio products.

    Besides, you can use the following benefits of our items:

  • High quality;
  • Instrumentals included;
  • MP3 and WAV files;
  • Easy to personalize with any music editor;
  • Variable BPM options.

Stock Audio Latest Trends

Trends are what will help you find your unique product that will target the user. You don't have to take into account all the tips, but you can combine them and get the details you need for your business. It will not overpower your unique style, but at the same time, it will sound new.

  1. Eight-bit remixes

It is a digital audio style that usually sounds like the intro to the video game with an 8-bit resolution. The sound is divided into parts and reproduced using a unique 8-bit “converter” to make such an effect. It does not make any extra noise to the main composition and usually sounds very close to the original tape. But at the same time, it adds a specific charm to it and evokes the nostalgia feels. 

  1. Distortion effect

Someone might think that such an effect can spoil the composition and make a dirty influence. But despite this fact, the sound is still one of the favorites among the beatmakers and compositors. You can do such an effect by overloading the input. As a result, you will get a compressed sound. Some people call it warm and dirty. It is worth trying to experiment with such an option to give an unusual shade to your creativity

  1. Reverb and Delay

Reverb is an echo-like effect that occurs naturally in a room. The sound is reflected from natural obstacles such as furniture and people and creates additional vibrations. As for delay one, it is a similar audio effect, except that the echo is heard at a larger interval. Conventionally, you can feel the difference by imaging the clap’s sound in a room and the same in the mountains. Such unusual options will help you to make your composition stand out.

  1. Flanger

This effect is associated with an airplane taking off. To achieve it, you need to record the same sound element on two tapes. After that, you need to superimpose one on another with a minimum delay, about 5-15 milliseconds. You can implement it into several parts of the music and create an ellipsis effect. It would be stunning and make your creation unique. 

Free Stock Audio Assets VS Premium Ones

The age-old dilemma - why buy something when you can find an alternative for free? Of course, free products are tempting in that you don't have to spend a dime on them. But at the same time, you lose a lot of opportunities for using the product. Let's take a closer look at the advantages and disadvantages of each option.

You can download a free template in a few clicks. After that, you can unzip the archive and start editing or use the product in its original form. But the item you are getting is not licensed. It means you cannot use it to create commercials, broadcasts, publicity, and distribution. If you are engaged in the promotion and social media management sphere, such a free option, unfortunately, will not work for you.


  • costless
  • fully editable
  • high-quality
  • will be great for educational purposes


  • limited in use
  • non-licensed
  • low uniqueness
  • no sharing
  • no support

When it comes to premium products, everything is much more colorful here. They combine all the benefits of the free options, but in addition to that, you get a licensed quality asset. Depending on the type of license, you can use it for background music in your videos, create unlimited copies, broadcast, and use it for commercial purposes. If you use them for your projects, the customer will be satisfied because high-quality audio is essential. And besides, such use is entirely legal.


  • sharing & copy
  • long-term support
  • unlimited usage
  • fully editable
  • instrumentals included


  • the cost might be high

Retail Stock Audio Purchase Or ONE Membership: Which Is Better To Choose?

The choice of the type of purchase depends on what the final product will be used for. Stock audios on the TemplateMonster Marketplace are sold under four different license types. Each of them entitles you to a specific type of product use. Among them, there are options for distribution and broadcasting. If you work in the media industry and need to use an asset to broadcast it, retail is more suitable. You can choose a license for your audience.

If you aim to use the items for development or beat-making, obviously ONE is the right choice. With the Membership, you will get access to unlimited downloads for every included asset. So there will be no issue to try several options and choose the one that suits your project well. You can still use stock audio for making a background for the video or website. But you need to keep in mind that broadcasting, reselling, and sharing with the item is prohibited. 

If you need to get more information about the options, you can contact us or join our chat. Our pre-sales operators will assist you with plans and tell you the benefits of each one. You just need to say to the agent about your project, and our guys will gladly assist you with all the questions you have. 

ONE by TemplateMonster: What Is It And Who Can Use It?

ONE Membership by TemplateMonster is a subscription service based on yearly payment. By becoming a member, you are getting an opportunity to download any included item as many times as you need. Primarily we have developed this project to help the developers. Depending on the platform, the price per one template could vary from $23 to $180 for a single site license. So, for example, to create five websites, a webmaster spends at least $500. 

With ONE, there is no need to buy the items separately. We can help you save a bunch of money on your projects, as to create five websites, you will spend $179 only! The difference is stunning: you are saving more than $300. 

But now ONE is the project that is useful not only for developers but literally for anyone who works with digital products. Time passed, trends changed, and developers already needed something more than just templates for different CMS platforms. That is why we have included in the subscription the best PSD, PowerPoint templates, graphics, audio, video, plugins for various engines, and the finest high-resolution images.

So by buying the Membership, you are getting an unlimited access to stock audio and much more! What can you find in ONE:

  • HTML: website, landings, and newsletter templates
  • WordPress & WooCommerce themes
  • Elementor Kits
  • WordPress plugins
  • PrestaShop themes & modules
  • Shopify models
  • various Magento themes & extensions
  • Stock Images
  • PSD files
  • Stock Audio
  • Stock Video
  • PowerPoint templates
  • CV, resume, cover letter samples
  • Facebook/Instagram stories covers and templates
  • UI and UX elements
  • Logos

And much more! We regularly update the collection with new items and add at least 100-120 new items each month. So by signing up for ONE, you will get more options to create your unique projects. 

ONE Membership Plans: Differences And Opportunities

We have created three different plans based on your needs. Each of them has its characteristics and advantages. Let’s take a closer look.

  1. ONE Creative $82/year

We made this plan for our most creative clients. If you often use PPTs, pictures, and covers for social networks, this tariff is what you need.  With the Creative plan, you will also have access to all audio and video assets and unlimited access to thousands of graphic templates. And all these come with a license, 24/7 support, and no download limits.

  1. All-In-One $179/year

The plan includes all the items of Creative and website templates. This plan is suitable for web pages developers and designers. With this ONE Membership, you will be able to download and use with unlimited domains the following types of templates: HTML, WordPress & WooCommerce, PrestaShop, Shopify, Magento, OpenCart, Joomla, VirtueMart. Moreover, you will be able to use the additional Elementor Kits, WordPress plugins, and PrestaShop modules. It is the price of 2.3 WordPress/HTML templates separately, and you are getting access to thousands of themes of various CMSs! 

  1. All-In-One ∞ $599 

The best offer for developers. With this plan, you will get the same products included now and ever be included in ONE. Therefore, all of these items come with lifetime updates! There is no license expiration date; you can the designs you download with no restrictions in time. 

With all these products, you are getting 24/7 professional technical assistance, no matter which plans you choose. All the items come with a license; it means that you can use them legally for your projects and rely on our support. 

ONE Membership Additional Services

The circumstances might be different. If you need assistance in editing a template or don't meet the deadline, don't be upset! TemplateMonster has a large team of professionals ready to come to your aid in any problem that arises. We offer a wide variety of services, from simple template installation to marketing, advertising, and promotion.

But we have one more gift for you. The most enjoyable part is that we made the best services at the best price for our beloved subscribers. You can find any service you need and get it at a special price as ONE Member. For example, the Ready-to-Use service costs $249 on the TemplateMonster marketplace. With this option, we will install the template, upload your content to five pages and ten posts, change the logo to yours and color scheme to match it, and activate the contact form and map. As ONE subscriber, you will be able to order this offer for $189 only! You are saving 60$ and getting your project ready in time. 

What other services can you order? We have plenty of useful ones that would help you make your website better and save your time and effort.

  • SEO optimization service to get higher ranks in search engines;
  • Online Store Configuration to launch eCommerce website in 48 business hours;
  • Must-have Plugins installation to ease the website managing;
  • Unique Logo Creation;
  • Web Copywriting Services;
  • Installation;
  • All-In-One package: Ready-to-Use, SEO optimization, Must-Have Plugins, Protection, and stock images set.

If you doubt which option is suitable for you, don’t hesitate to contact our pre-sales operators to choose the necessary service. 

How To Sell Your Stock Audio Assets With ONE Membership

We are always glad to meet new authors and create the best sales conditions for them. We provide a high-profit percentage, easy withdrawal of funds from a vendor account, favorable conditions for providing product support. You can read this page to learn more about the terms of cooperation.

To get more sales, you need to provide a high-quality, unique product. If you are not sure about your item’s price range, you can check how the pricing is formed at TemplateMonster. 

After submitting a template for the review, our Marketplace Review Team will check the item and send you the approval. The process is fast and simple. Therefore you can safely start it right now and don’t lose a moment! We will be happy to welcome you to the TemplateMonster family.

Terms Of Use And Main Restrictions For Stock Audio Under ONE Membership 

Before signing up for ONE, you need to read the terms & conditions. It is necessary to avoid any risks in the future and be aware of the types of licenses you get. There are some general permissions and restrictions for all items provided by Membership.

You are allowed to:

  • download the items and use them for a particular project;
  • use one item with several domain names;
  • transfer the end product to your client;
  • modify any product according to your needs;
  • you can redistribute the modified items provided under GPL 3.0 license. 

    You are not allowed to:

  • resell the items that come under ONE subscription;
  • do a bulk download of the products. If we notice suspicious activity from your account, we would need to suspend it. You can join the support chat to activate your account again;
  • share the products' archives or files on any directory, marketplace, social networks, messengers, etc.;
  • use the items for creating Saas platforms;
  • to promote your services using our products. It means that setting the portfolio of your projects with our articles is illegal;
  • change the copyright and claim your ownership of the items.

Stock Audio by ONE: FAQ

Why is it right to use stock audio?

The main benefit of the stock audio assets is getting a licensed product for a reasonable price that you can use for your projects. No need to make the asset from zero or hire a specialist - the templates are a cheap and high-quality alternative. It is a cost-effective purchase that has numerous benefits.

What should I pay attention to when choosing stock audio?

First of all, you need to make a list of criteria for the asset you are looking for. You can make it based on your customer needs and requirements or your personal preferences. Then you will need to choose a genre. You can use the column on the right side to narrow your search. Depending on a desirable atmosphere, you may also set up the tempo & speed filter and vocals. Make sure that the final product will agree with the terms of use.

Can I use stock audio for commercials?

Yes, you can use them for commercial purposes. But this option is available with the proper license. You can buy it in the TemplateMonster marketplace. Check the collection of the best assets here. If you want to use stock audio for broadcasting or redistribution, you need to purchase in retail as ONE prohibits these kinds of usage.

Is it easy to download stock audio with ONE Membership?

For sure, it is as easy as 1,2,3! After the purchase of ONE, you will have your personal account. You need to log in, find the necessary template here, and download it in one click. It takes less than one minute; we have made the process intuitive and fast for our customers.

Perfect Stock Audio For Your Project: Related Videos

Here you can check the best stock audio samples for YouTube video creations. Draw inspiration and make your ideas alive easily with ONE by TemplateMonster!

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