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Trendy Graphic UI Elements with ONE Subscription

The world of design is quite big and fascinating. UI-design is a detailed elaboration and visual embodiment. It is a set of graphic solutions that determine whether it is convenient for users to be on the site or not. UI elements include forms, footers, widgets, navigation elements, buttons, input fields, input elements, e-commerce, and other components that facilitate visitors' staying in the site. Like no one else, we know the importance of using graphic UI elements. And it is nobody's secret that we surprise with the incredible choice of products. Many years of work, millions of digital sales, millions of satisfied and admired customers from all over the world are the guarantee that you will find the right solution here. And the ONE does everything for effortless and almost free use. So you'll find the most needed sets of ready-made user interface solutions, and it makes creating a website or an application a bit easier for you.

Best Free UI Elements for Any Goal

Application and website development always takes a lot of effort, money, and time to produce the desired result. Another challenge is competitiveness. Any project needs to stand out, be the best, and, if necessary, to improve with the new trends appearing. Today, years later, and tomorrow, most web developments are based on web UI. Professionals use web technologies to create complex applications and modern sites that are very complicated, dynamic and have many interactive elements. And that is why graphic items are a major part of any design. With our unique subscription, you have access to the most needed tools 24/7. You may add interactivity to your user interface, providing the customer with touchpoints during navigation. We offer you solutions in menu items, order forms, admin panels, product and landing pages, blogs, buttons, scrollbars, and others. So you can get all these free just by becoming a member of the TemplateMonster community.

Download Free UI Elements for Easy Work 

You are welcome to download user interface components of different directions. It can be, for example, accordions that allow visitors to expand and minimize sections of content. They help people quickly navigate through materials and will enable the designer to include large amounts of information in a limited space. There are also bento, hamburger and alt-burger menus, breadcrumb, carousel, comment, feed, progress bar, forms, icons, search box, side panel, payment code, slider controls, stepper, and other important parts. The choice is wide enough. There is a perfect variant for every taste. Before choosing an item, select a category of elements.

  1. Input Controls. It is about entering information into the system. If you want your visitors to specify certain data (even country, city), you will use the Input Controls feature.
  2. Navigation Components. In turn, these help users navigate through the site. 
  3. Informational Components. These parts are an essential aspect, namely the sharing of information with the client.
  4. Containers. They include related content together. 

Also, on the left sidebar, you can specify features and tags to simplify the search. There is also a special block with product novelty: Newest, Popular, Trending, Undiscovered. Choose to your liking and act!

Web UI Elements Key Features

All UI tools are, of course, different from each other. And as a result, their properties are also so diverse, but they all have:

  • high-quality screens in PSD and Figma template;
  • integration with Google fonts;
  • well structured and detailed documentation;
  • easy editing and customization;
  • using for different sizes with adaptation to screens.

ONE Price Policy

Our motto is "premium quality products for everyone." That's why we have created access to a huge number of various items at affordable prices. For your convenience, there are three rates: 

  • Creative: The price is $82 per year. For this amount, you may get graphic and design assets, presentation templates, video assets. Besides, an unlimited number of installations per year of use is added. Another bonus is 1 year of technical support.

If you decide to cancel the subscription after 1 year, then, of course, no one will pick up the site created using a certain product. But in the future, using it to develop other sites will not be possible.

  • ALL-IN-ONE: Here, you pay $169 per year for access to all premium elements, including templates for multiple CMS, E-commerce themes, plugins, graphics, unlimited settings, a year of 24-hour technical support. You may also enjoy our services, which are also part of the membership.   
  • ALL-IN-ONE Lifelong: This is the best offer so far because it allows you to implement the bravest and greatest ideas with our offerings for life. The price is very funny (considering what you have access to) - only $599.

Moreover, our collection is constantly updated; we add new goods, more experienced authors, and novice developers join our team. So the sooner you will join us, the sooner you can surprise your audience.

Subscription VS Single Product Purchase

To decide, you need to understand the costs that occur exactly in a full online store, blog, or website creation. To build a strong online presence, you need to buy a template, a unique font, logo, fill the entire project with important components, content, blocks, forms, and more. All you need is more than $6.80, and even more than $14.10. It is how much a monthly subscription of the rates costs. So if you have any doubts about whether the service suits you, you can not pay the full amount at once, but try ONE only for a month. And then continue your journey with our exclusive offers.

Graphic UI Elements Are Absolutely For Everyone!

Our collaboration terms allow anyone to become a part of our team. In this way, you can share your projects with our customers. 

Web-studios and developers

The subscription is overflowing with premium segment website layouts, ready-made solutions for various CMS and application options for online shopping. Everything offered in One is responsive, which means it looks great on any device. It will be able to attract more customers and expand the target audience. The webmaster has access to such a huge library of ready-made solutions and will be able to accelerate the production of new sites and get more profit. 

Designers and illustrators

Any specialists working in the field of graphic design may use the offered goods. And all because the community includes PSD sources, ready-to-use logos, illustrations, animations, fonts, and the like.

Bloggers, managers

Such people are very creative, and they are always looking for the right materials to stand out. Therefore, even for them, TemplateMonster has essential parts. These can be awesome and extraordinary fonts for the stories, icons for the "Actual," stock photos for content design, logos, and lots more.

Business owners

With many presentation themes variants, you present your services and goods very attractive and gain the audience's attention due to the themes' originality and sophistication.

The most important thing is that everyone can save money and time and do an ideal project. 

Monster ONE Team Benefits

Membership is about access to a huge collection of templates for a variety of items. Their use is unlimited, but only for the subscription period. And there is everything that you may need.

  1. Materials for WordPress: design themes, plugins, and templates for WooCommerce and Elementor;
  2. Online stores: templates for Shopify, PrestaShop, Joomla, OpenCart, Magento, VirtueMart;
  3. PowerPoint, Keynote, Google presentations templates;
  4. HTML templates for websites, landing pages, and other purposes;
  5. Graphics: PSD-templates, illustrations, logos, certificates, social networks, CVs, and corporate identity design.

Monster ONE is:

  • Available for free download, without any restrictions. There are various modern projects in different directions and styles in one place.
  • Access to more than 27K items.
  • Use the products thousands of times. If you prefer a single layout in your work, you may use it for as many projects as you want. ONE offers flexible licensing conditions, all to meet subscribers' goals.
  • Discount on exclusive items from TemplateMonster that we do not include in the list. And that's just for becoming a subscriber.
  • Additional services. It includes various tools that will reduce the time spent on the project. And the catalog of other services is quite extensive - from useful tools for website maintenance to search engine optimization.

ONE Services for Flexible and Fast Work

Besides unlimited access to unique products, you can also choose any services to help you build new projects. They are divided into 3 main: Web Development and Customization Services (installation, website creation, store setup, online store configuration); Efficient Project Promotion (SEO optimization, logo creation, copywriting); Project Enhancement (stock images, converting a CMS/HTML template to WordPress, filling a page with a cookie banner, privacy policy page, etc.).

All these services are also at a discount. Choose any of them if you doubt your abilities. And our expert IT team will do its job quickly.

Free UI Elements Support

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our professional technical support team. They will give you the answers quickly or direct you to the solution to your problem. The support team chat is available 24/7. If you get help from the ticket, it is open from Monday to Friday. Our friendly and helpful staff is always available to help. 

Graphic UI Elements with ONE Community FAQs

How to use your UI elements for free?

When you subscribe, you may immediately use the items that are included in it for free. Please read the subscription terms carefully for this purpose. For your convenience, we have included 3 payment options: with Visa, MasterCard, or PayPal account.

How to sell graphic UI elements for ONE subscriber?

Regardless of your qualification, the site can be profitable. To share your projects with our clients, you need to become an Author. Register on the site, confirm your account, and submit the works for verification. After confirmation, you are officially the author of our digital marketplace. But remember, all the projects are thoroughly checked before publication, refusals are not uncommon, and sections for placement are periodically closed due to overloaded positions.

In what cases can I get a refund for my UI subscription?

There are various cases when you can cancel it. Sometimes you didn't like ONE, changed your plans, or you didn't find the right things. But even in such cases, TemplateMonster took care of its subscribers. You have the opportunity to return the money in full. However, there is a certain condition - within 14 days from the date of purchase, there should be no downloads of products included in the membership.

Are there any ONE restrictions when buying web UI elements?

The license is quite flexible. You get access and the right to download and install all included items on an unlimited number of projects within 1 year from the date of purchase. There are certain restrictions, however it is forbidden to resell elements included in a subscription if they are not part of the end product. If your license has expired, you may not use the elements to create the end product. Otherwise, you are practically not restricted. You may use as many elements as you need to create the final output. Also, you may renew your license when it expires.

How to Pick the Right Dark Mode UI Design

Have you still not decided which name color scheme your UI design should have? Pay attention to the trendy dark color. And this video will help you quickly figure out how to set colors and make all the elements readable and enjoyable to watch.

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