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Download New Joomla Templates

Joomla is one of the most popular open-source content management systems. It's possible to easily create simple business sites, online stores, and solid corporate resources using Joomla templates. These solutions are perfect for those who are on the side of quality design. Their main feature is versatility. Almost every template is suitable for absolutely all types of sites, and they are very easy to edit. With them, even people unfamiliar with programming will be able to manage their projects thoroughly. In addition to all this, thanks to the Joomla templates, you can get sites with original designs. Joomla templates have a clear structure, thanks to which changing templates becomes very easy. It's also important that new components and modules are regularly developed for them, which will help achieve certain functions' improved performance. The Joomla engine is provided under a free license, allowing you to use the platform for commercial and personal purposes. Joomla control panel is easy to use. To get started, the user doesn't need to learn programming languages. Any user will need less than five minutes to publish a new page or a blog post. Thanks to flexible configuration, you can install many different modules on the site, which will expand the functionality of any project. The navigation is simple, so it doesn't take long to create new categories and group content.

Learn About The Main Features Before You Download Joomla Templates

Joomla engine is free. Although almost all Joomla templates that are good are usually premium, the CMS itself is open source and free. Why is this good? Well, building a quality website isn't the cheapest task. Programming services are very expensive these days. And you can deploy a website on Joomla for free. You can even sell Joomla websites you've created. The license allows it. You'll probably buy a premium template if you need a really good website. So why pay extra for the engine too?

Joomla templates are easy to learn. The admin panel of every Joomla template is the most convenient and functional. At the same time, each of them is a platform on which you can build any site, from a small landing page to a large portal. The setup process is also quite logical and understandable. But, at the same time, allows you to create very flexible sites.

High-quality code. Joomla templates have a clean and quality code. The templates' quality is higher than that of many other free and even commercial solutions. The code is also well documented. If you are good at programming, you can easily create deeply customized websites.

Expansion of functionality using additional extensions. Joomla templates have good functionality out of the box. They will allow you to create any business sites and even portals. But if it won't be enough, additional components will come to the rescue. They are available in huge numbers in the official Joomla extension catalog and on our site. Thanks to the ready-made components, you can easily and quickly get your Joomla template's required functionality.

Online store functionality. Joomla templates are ideal for small or medium businesses. You can create a business website using our Joomla templates very quickly. If you decide that it's time to open an online store, you won't need to completely redo the site. You can expand your current business website to a full-fledged online store easily.

Why Download Joomla Templates

Anyone who wants to be successful in the business field must use absolutely all available channels for promotion. Especially the modern ones that appeared with the development of the Internet. Social networks have become particularly popular lately, but classic websites have not lost their relevance. The site is the basis of the marketing strategy of any business. Without a website, it's almost impossible to imagine promotion in current conditions. And it doesn't matter what you do. In this section, there are the highest quality Joomla templates for download. A template is a ready-made website with which the development will be much easier because you don't need to be a programmer. You don't even need to hire such a specialist, and you can control the entire process yourself. And it will take you an hour at most.

Joomla templates combine simplicity with rich functionality. There are more than two million blogs, magazines, online stores, corporate sites, and portfolios that work on it. All of the Joomla templates are brand new, so you can be confident that they are up-to-date and in line with the best web design practices. Note that all templates are premium, which means they cost money. Of course, you can use a free template. Fortunately, there are many other resources on the Internet. But it's recommended to download a template from our site because the developers carefully check all of them for compatibility and correct operation. Plus, they are responsive and free of malicious code. And their cost will pay off shortly, especially since your customer base will dramatically expand thanks to your brand new site.

Joomla Templates Additional Features

  • Joomla templates come with various modules, plugins, and components that extend the site's capabilities. For example, with multiple features for an online store functionality.
  • Mega Menu allows you to configure various features and design of the main menu flexibly.
  • Google Fonts collection.
  • Ready-made layouts. You don't need to develop the design and layout of the pages. You only need to prepare the content and place it.
  • Many ready-made pages. There are often several design options for each page.
  • Joomla templates come with a built-in Page Builder within which you can edit layout elements or create new blocks in real-time.
  • You can choose layouts for completely different business niches, from a coffee shop to a strict corporate website. There are also quite interesting landing solutions, as well as templates for blogs.
  • Prompt technical support. It's very important if you don't want to delve into the specifics of Joomla templates' functioning or to work with page layouts.

What Does This Collection Have To Offer?

Those who are not ready to pay for writing a website and don't have the skills to do it themselves will be happy after downloading Joomla templates. They will exclude any difficult work with writing code. We offer hundreds of various solutions that cover absolutely all topics, including the possibility of launching a project that corresponds to narrow specialization. The most important thing is that Joomla templates have practically the most subtle customization system that can be found among the currently available offers. The developers did everything so that an ordinary beginner could create any project. And this project will have a powerful and comfortable control panel, brightly animated blocks, all kinds of content, and much more.

Subscription And All Its Benefits

Monster One is something like a wholesale offer for developers. One subscription offers all in one place with no restrictions on use, which is very affordable. This site has a vast catalog of everything that a modern developer and illustrator needs. The following advantages of the resource are also notable:

  • A wide range of prices. Depending on the opportunities the products give to the buyer. You can buy a license based on your own needs.
  • Deep customization. You can order everything from the site, from the color scheme to the content.
  • Powerful built-in functions. And after purchasing the product, access to them is unlimited.
  • All source files are included.
  • Unlimited use of stock photos with excellent quality.
  • Special offers and personalization. Among other things, copyright protection is also available, as well as improved SEO functionality.

Also, an unlimited subscription is offered, which is not limited by any means. That is, you can use any number of themes, plugins, and photos to create any volume of sites without any restrictions. The cost of this subscription is higher, but its possibilities are unlimited.

Joomla Templates Download FAQ

What types of sites can you create with Joomla?

Joomla is used to make the most common types of sites on the Internet. For example, government sites, corporate sites, and portals, online stores, news feeds, sites for small Internet businesses, personal pages, blogs, magazines, and much more.

What extensions can I use with Joomla templates?

When developing your site, it's advisable to use Joomla's extensions from official sources (joomla.org and similar sites). It's important not only for the future security of the site. It will also allow you to download the latest versions of add-ons or plugins in the future as most add-ons and components for Joomla are constantly updated.

What hosting is good for Joomla templates?

Before looking for a reliable hosting company, you need to make a checklist of the necessary criteria. It is a way by which you can evaluate the capabilities of the hosting. Before assessing, you need to decide what you expect from the server and what features you need. It will be a checklist. All this will help save time and money and highlight the most priority services for the future site. It is very convenient when the budget is limited, and it's necessary to achieve the optimal combination of price and quality.
List of criteria for choosing a hosting: disk quota, support for the latest PHP versions (for Joomla, you need PHP version 5.3.10 or higher), amount of dedicated traffic, control panel type, ASP and Perl support, up-time value, and, of course, the price.
Also, you should pay attention to other important characteristics. Among them the timeliness of providing technical assistance when contacting support, the ability to back up data, the company's operating time on the hosting market, and reviews about it.

What is a Joomla module?

In short, a module is a mini component that is displayed on pages as a small information block of the site. Information can be of absolutely any kind: weather informer, currency rates, or a static block of text. You can specify the menu items and positions to which the module is attached to display it on certain pages in certain places in the settings. All this you can do through the Module Manager.

Joomla Templates Related Videos

This video will explain why Joomla is the best CMS for building your online community. The video surely has lots of interesting information. Be sure to watch it. It's not very long.

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