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Joomla Travel Templates

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Why would you need Joomla Travel Templates?

We present to you a large collection of Joomla travel templates. According to statistics, today, more than seventy percent of people search for travel information, buy tickets, and book hotels on the Internet. If just ten years ago most people turned to travel agencies, now everything has changed. And if your company still doesn’t have a high-quality travel company website (with a description of services, understandable interface, etc.), then you are losing many clients. In such a case, this selection of Joomla travel templates will help you. All solutions from this list are of premium quality, have many features, have responsive layouts, and beautiful design. You can make your own unique website for your travel business of any direction. Here you will find the following topics:

  • Travel blogs,
  • Travel magazines,
  • Travel agency websites,
  • Hotel booking websites.

Let’s get down to choosing a Joomla travel template that is right for you.

Joomla Travel Templates Main Features

Any solution presented here will be a great basis for creating a travel website. They all have a great introductory home page. But the most important would be pages with elements, where there are headers, icons, buttons, stylish tables, forms with checkboxes, and a nice arrangement of blocks. Also, if you’re not afraid of some coding, you’ll get your own individual CSS3 files with the help of which you can create an excellent layout adaptive for any mobile device. All the pages are perfectly animated, and when scrolling, you would see the smooth transition of information and pictures. Even the main page of most of the Joomla travel templates can pass for a landing page and be finished into a great one-page website. The overall design’s beauty is that many of the details are done very nicely, especially the animation, making the templates look stylish and expensive. The products, of course, are suitable not only for a travel company but also for many other areas of tourism activity. The functionality available out of the box in most solutions makes them suitable for a travel agency in the first place. The header of each template contains a logo and a menu. Also, the header harmoniously pours into the slider. And there is a convenient search engine with a choice of country, departure date, arrival date, and city. Below you can put the latest offers of tours of your travel agency followed by a block with some extra information (like a choice of a type of vacation). And, of course, there will be a stylish footer with social media icons and contact information. Many people will like such website design for a travel company or agency. Each solution is a well-thought Joomla travel template for business or personal use. It would be perfect for a quick start of your website by becoming a good basis for its further development. What will you get with each template:

  • Archive with the current version of the template and additional modules.
  • Free updates to the template generated based on your feedback and suggestions for improvement.
  • Detailed documentation on installing and configuring the template.
  • Several colorful images.
  • Additional styles in CSS3 format.

Features of the templates are the following:

  • Easy installation.
  • Adaptive layout.
  • Multilingual support.
  • Stylish icons.
  • Modern fonts.
  • Convenient menu adapted for mobile use.
  • A personal account of the client.
  • Optimized and structured code.
  • Support for different browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Edge).
  • Set of beautiful images.

In general, every Joomla travel template is an excellent implementation of a site for a business related to travel. It’s basically a complete website with all the main menu pages and the sitemap page already included. These Joomla travel templates are made in nice colors. A wonderful design of the background must also be mentioned. The templates are perfect for sites selling tourist tickets, sites of exhibitions, travel companies, or travel blogs. The background color is chosen so that the text can be placed on it and it will be readable. All pages of each template are made in the same style and differ only in content. Be sure to check out the demo of every template before downloading. And, of course, you can download them absolutely free of charge after purchasing an annual or lifetime subscription. And it’s totally worth it because each template is a very beautiful and colorful solution for a travel company, a travel blog, or some other resource dedicated to tourism. The beauty of each template also lies in its illustrations. The future site will have stunning images like photos and illustrations of seascapes, islands, planes, etc. If we talk about the structure of the site, then it’s a classic design. It provides convenient navigation, articles with the publication date, title, photos, and preview text. All the templates are made for Joomla and have the latest HTML5 and CSS3 code alongside high-quality images.

MonsterONE Subscription

TemplateMonster was launched in 2002. Initially, the team was engaged in the development of templates with their own hands. Later, after gaining a certain level of popularity, we began to work with freelance developers filling our library with templates for popular engines at the time. Dozens of thousands of templates have been created since then. Their number grew in arithmetic progression, even considering the need to remove old versions from the store. The service also has various localizations. Technical support understands English perfectly and is distinguished by increased attention to customers. This detail characterizes the service and everything that happens within the company pretty well. A few main things characterizing the company:

  • Thousands of authors,
  • Dozens of thousands of products,
  • Millions of buyers,
  • Being one of the three largest manufacturers of web products in the world,
  • A minute is the average response time of technical support.

And unlimited downloads of high-quality TemplateMonster templates are quite possible now, and today we will tell you about it. A few years ago, TemplateMonster released a new super service, the MonsterONE subscription. It contains absolutely all the necessary products for creating a website plus 24/7 technical support. There are also thousands of relevant modern templates for all CMS, including the WordPress flagship. Also, we want to emphasize that the MonsterONE subscription service is a really rare find that will be beneficial both for development studios and freelancers, including those who have decided to make a website for themselves. There will be a benefit for each client, as sometimes it’s difficult to determine if a particular theme will be suitable for creating a conceived design. Until you try, you won’t understand. And with a limited project budget, it can be scary to make a mistake in the choice. Thus, the MonsterONE subscription service was created just so that you can pay once and get a whole set of thousands of products plus all the necessary additional solutions needed to create a website. Most importantly, technical support is 24/7, which will help you deal with any nuances, even if you are working until late at night.

Joomla Travel Templates FAQ

What is WYSIWYG, and why Joomla travel templates must support it?

WYSIWYG (abbreviation stands for What You See Is What You Get, pronounced like “Wi-Zi-Vig”) is a text editing method in which the material looks the same as the final result. In our case, WYSIWYG is a JavaScript application that allows the user to enter web development data in the same way as in text editors such as Microsoft Word or LibreOffice. Joomla has a built-in WYSIWYG editor that is called TinyMCE. However, not everyone found it as convenient as developers wanted to see it, and enthusiasts have created third-party plugins. Support for such plugins by the Joomla travel templates means that you can create a website using them without knowing how to edit the code.

What is a Joomla module?

In short, a module is a mini component that is displayed on pages as a small information block of the site. Information can be absolutely any, like weather informer, exchange rates, or a static block of text. But usually, the module displays information that the related CMS component prepares and processes in advance. For example, in the settings, you can specify the menu items and positions to which the module is attached to display it on certain pages in certain places. All this can be done through Joomla’s module manager. Modules’ positions are defined in the Joomla travel templates through the “templateDetails.xml” file.

How to install a new extension in the Joomla travel template?

To install a new extension in any Joomla template, go to “Extensions” → “Install/Remove,” then select the extension archive and click “Download File & Install.” After that, the installer will do all the dirty work by itself. Note that this works fine only provided that the extension is written according to the Joomla installer’s rules.

What is a plugin, and why do Joomla travel templates need them?

A plugin is also a kind of extension for Joomla. Although it would be more correct to say it is an extension of the core (basic functionality) of Joomla. They can be divided into several groups: 1. Authorization plugins are responsible for logging in and out of users and functions like “I forgot my password.” 2. Editors are WYSIWYG applications for easy content editing. 3. Extensions for editors are mostly buttons at the bottom of them, such as “View More” to separate the preview from the news’s full text. 4. Search ones are full-text site search plugins. 5. System plugins are responsible for system events (for example, you can write a plugin to clean up the HTML5 code for the final page). 6. User plugins are used as user account handlers. 7. XML-RPC plugins are responsible for the remote control of the system via the “XML-RPC” protocol.
As you can see, with the use of appropriate plugins, you can greatly extend your Joomla travel template’s functionality and ease of development and use. And MonsterONE collection offers many useful plugins not only for Joomla but for other systems too.

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