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Increase your brand recognition, deliver your products to a huge audience, and get additional profit.

Press the 'Become an Author' button below, submit the form, get feedback from ONE team shortly, and start uploading your products.
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Upload More Items to Earn More

The New Way to

Your income depends on the number of items. More products and downloads ensure a more significant profit.

Increase Your Audience

MonsterONE shares a massive audience with the TemplateMonster marketplace, , and we'll make sure that 2M customers can use your items.

Don’t Waste Time on Support

While we’re providing 24/7 General Assistance support for all ONE items you have more time to create new products.

Simple License for All Pricing Plans

MonsterONE items have an unlimited commercial license that allows using them in multiple projects.

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Items That You Can Sell on MonsterONE

Themes & Plugins

Once you pass a short survey, our review team will give you recommendations on your products. After that, you will get access to your author profile, where you can upload your products.

MonsterONE FAQs

How do you select and review MonsterONE authors?

We are looking for authors with an extensive portfolio that correspond to modern requirements and customer expectations regarding digital products. Сheck the guidelines.

What types of items can I contribute to ONE?

You can contribute WordPress Themes, СMS Templates, HTML Templates, Graphics, Presentation Templates, Fonts, Stock Video & Audio files.

How will I earn money?

We're splitting the net revenue between the platform and the authors. The profit of authors depends on the number of item downloads. More info here.

What about the support?

MonsterONE provides support services that cover simple technical issues that do not involve complex and lengthy troubleshooting, read more about support policy.

What are the terms of exclusivity?

TemplateMonster authors who are selling exclusive products can instantly join ONE.

When will I get the profit?

Your profit for contributing your items to ONE will be added to your account balance on the 5th day each month.

Which license types are there available at ONE?

There’s only one license type available at ONE - unlimited commercial. Read more about the licensing policy in our guide.

What are the terms & legal obligations?

Please check our terms and conditions guide for more information.