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Joomla Industrial Templates

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Industrial Joomla Templates – Powerful and Flexible

Website building is a complex process that requires a good understanding of coding and design. Your site should look impressive, be user-friendly, and all the components have to work correctly. Writing the code from scratch is possible, but it requires too much time and coding skills. Luckily, there are content management systems available that make website creation and management easier. With Joomla, you can download extensions to get the necessary functions. There are many of them, and finding the perfect one requires time. You also need to work on the design. That is when our industrial Joomla templates come into play. They already include numerous modules. Our items also look modern – all the elements are placed to ensure the best possible user experience.

Our products come with the following features:

  • Builder compatibility – modify the page without changing the code.
  • Google Fonts – use the font you prefer.
  • Additional pages – add different pages, like portfolio, history, forum, etc.
  • Social share – promote your site via social networks. It is a quick way to increase the number of visitors.
  • Contact form – it is an option for people to communicate with you.
  • Theme color switcher – modify the used color scheme in a few clicks.
  • Sticky header – it always stays visible and is excellent to add the functions that require quick access.
  • PSD files – modify the style using Adobe Photoshop. The layered structure of the file makes it easy to edit. You can easily access separate elements to customize them.
  • Advanced search – help visitors find the required content.
  • Mega menu – you can easily create simple and complex menus with the required functions. It does not require technical knowledge.
  • Google Maps, valid semantic code, newsletter subscription, documentation, social icons, and more.

Industrial Joomla Templates Versatility

The themes we provide are great for various projects. They are great when you have a website dedicated to specific spheres, such as:

  • Machinery.
  • Mechanical engineering.
  • Heavy equipment manufacturing.
  • Metallurgy.
  • Mining.
  • Chemical processing.
  • Electrical equipment manufacturing and more.

Your site may focus on a certain sphere exclusively or have a general overview. Our items have numerous extensions, and it makes them versatile. Our designs are easy to modify, so they are great for beginners, while professionals will appreciate their flexibility. They are great for sites that include articles and a few photos and pages with numerous multimedia assets.

Getting Industrial Joomla Templates and Saving Money

Premium-quality products help to save your time – they already come with everything you need. It excludes the necessity of downloading any extra extensions. They also provide you with customization flexibility so you can easily achieve the look you want. As a web developer, you want to avoid spending too much money. Luckily, MonsterONE can easily cut your expenditures. With the subscription payment model, you have to pay only once a year. Let us consider a simple example. You need to create several websites for your clients. They want unique-looking sites, and you have to download four themes. They will cost you around $75 each, and the total amount would be $300. With MonsterONE, you will pay $172 a year. The great thing about our marketplace is that it is more than just themes. You can also get videos, audio tracks, presentations, 3D models, plug-ins, graphics, and more. We add new products regularly, so our customers can deal with the most complex projects.

We have several plans, so we recommend checking out the pricing page.

Downloading Industrial Joomla Templates

To get our products, you should:

  • Sign in.
  • Hover over the Get Started button, select the category and the product type, or use a search bar.
  • Set tags, features, topics, etc., via the panel on the left.
  • Visit the product page. It has detailed information about the product.
  • Hit the download button.

It is always better to see the theme in action beforehand. You may download an item and test it personally to see if it meets your requirements. It may take too much time. Consider using our live demo feature to avoid wasting your time.

Industrial Joomla Templates FAQ

What elements should good industrial Joomla templates feature?

If you have a site with articles dedicated to various spheres, you should consider having a gallery. It is always great to have some photos accompanying an article. It is helpful to hear what people think about your site. That is the case when you can add a contact form. Keep in mind that there are right-to-left languages, and the theme should support them. A search feature is great to help people find the content they need. The mega menu element will help you create menus. Social share would be a good option to promote a page. Do not forget to check if the product is compatible with page builders. It would help you achieve the required style without dealing with the code.

Should I use SEO-friendly Industrial Joomla Templates?

SEO is crucial because it improves search ranking. It means that more people will be able to reach your website from the search engines, and you get more visitors. People will not spend their time scrolling through the search results if the first page has what they need. All our products are SEO-friendly.

Are your Industrial Joomla Templates mobile-friendly?

All our themes are 100% mobile-friendly (responsive). It also helps improve SEO.

Will you help me promote a website built with your Industrial Joomla Templates?

We are always ready to help you with site promotion. Please consider visiting the services page. We will improve your site’s overall performance and prepare unique SEO-friendly texts. Our experts will also help with the logo creation if necessary.

MonsterONE – Industrial Joomla Templates and More

This video focuses on our marketplace. It demonstrates some of the items you can get and the features, like unlimited downloads and support.

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