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Joomla IT Templates

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Find New Clients with Modern Joomla IT Templates

IT is a set of methods and tools used to collect, store, process, and disseminate information. Currently, human activities have become highly dependent on these technologies, and they need constant development. No matter what type of IT business you run, our professional Joomla IT templates will help you present your skills or offers perfectly. Thanks to the possibility of adding a portfolio with your completed projects and even the opinions of other clients. 

With our web assets, you can show potential customers why it is worth doing business with you. You can probably say that you can do the same on Facebook, Instagram, or Pinterest. Sure, you can. But all these platforms reduce the quality of the photos or videos you upload to minimize their size, which suffers from their quality. Besides, social media can reduce your visibility. Your followers or people who like your profile cannot see all the posts you post. And yet, your goal is to constantly reach new potential customers. On the other hand, your online platform is your 24/7 representative. Let your clients reach you round the clock globally. 

Joomla IT Templates for Web Projects

Professionals involved in IT work closely with computers and other related devices. That is why, if your project derives from this industry, you should consider designing an effective website, as well as:

  • Specialists who service computer equipment and are engaged in other technical developments.
  • Specialists who create software for various computing devices.
  • Specialists who work with ready-made information products.

Moreover, you can include all likes of services or products you offer and let people know what exactly you are doing, including:

  • Web outsourcing.
  • Site content creation. 
  • Domain name registration.
  • Website customization and promotion.
  • Internet business consulting.
  • Creating a site.
  • Designing a logo.
  • Installing additional modules for a website, etc. 

Multilingual Support and Other Features of Joomla IT Templates

Multilingual features are an important characteristic that allows you to reach a wider audience. Your platform can be accessed from anywhere in the world. Provided there is internet access. If you sell any IT products, think about all the people you can reach thanks to the Internet who would not visit your facility. Or if you sell services, you have a limited possibility to conduct training. Still, if you offer online consultations, you can reach every corner of the globe without leaving your office. Besides, studies show that customers tend to trust more to the website in their own language, thus purchasing products online. Other leading features of our items include:

  • LTR and RTL language support. 
  • Easy navigation.
  • Responsive skins.
  • Clear cancelation policy.
  • Cross-browser compatibility.
  • Semantically correct and valid code.
  • Compatibility with various modern plugins and modules.
  • Search engine optimization. 
  • Extended documentation. 
  • Comprehensive licensing.
  • Google Maps integration. 
  • Blog integration.
  • Professional tech support, etc. 

What is MonsterONE?

MonsterONE is an exclusive subscription that allows you to download an unlimited number of top-notch items. It is a great solution for any entrepreneur who needs multiple web products for various projects. MonsterONE saves money since one package costs almost the same price as a single Joomla item. Moreover, this membership has many other advantages you should consider, such as: 

  • Regular updates of Joomla assets and others available on the marketplace.
  • Our templates are responsive. This means that they look equally good on a large monitor, laptop, tablet, or smartphone screen. 
  • Mobile-friendly designs. Let your clients check out your offers on the go. 
  • The premium services we mentioned above come with substantial discounts for MonsterONE members. 
  • If you are unsatisfied with our subscription, you are free to cancel it within 14 days, provided you did not download anything yet.
  • 365 days of professional technical assistance are included in each package, etc.

MonsterONE Packages

We know how important the project budget is important. That is why we have created three different packages to fit any budget:

Creative ($7.40 monthly/$89 yearly). You get access to:

  • All our graphics.
  • Various audio and video files.
  • Slideshows with no limits. 
  • And one-year tech support.

All-in-one ($14.95 monthly/$179 yearly). You get:

  • All the benefits of the Creative package.
  • Plus the access to WordPress and CMS themes, 
  • Modern plugins.
  • Additional modules, etc.

All-in-one Unlimited is our best offer. For a one-time payment of $599, you get unlimited access to:

  • WordPress and CMS Themes.
  • E-commerce Themes.
  • Plugins Included.
  • Graphic & Design assets.
  • Presentations.
  • Video & Audio items.
  • Unlimited Projects.
  • 1-year Technical Support.
  • Unlimited Lifetime Access.

Joomla IT Templates FAQs

Why do you need a Joomla IT template?

Free IT Joomla templates are a great tool that facilitates many things: reaching a potential customer, showing him the offer in an attractive way, and - most importantly - changing from an interested customer into a customer. For example, if someone is looking for an IT service, they will most likely google it. A lot of web studios will appear in the search results, even on the map. However, users are often unsure whether the phone number on the Google business card is up-to-date (often it is not) or whether such a studio is working (which is also not so certain). That is why they will scroll the search results further to find a company's website and its updated phone-number. Online platforms provide a user with the information about services you expertize. Now, there is only one small step from becoming a customer.

Where to download Joomla IT templates?

You have many options available. You can see our free offers, check out the TemplateMonster marketplace, or subscribe to MonsterONE and get unlimited access to Joomla premium template IT.

Free or paid Joomla IT templates?

It all depends on your intentions. If you are looking for a product for educational purposes, that free item might be a good solution. However, if you want to boost sales and build your reputation, you should opt for paid products. They are original, have proper licensing, and high performance. Besides, they come with the one-year professional support you might need later.

How to customize Joomla IT templates?

Each product comes with extended documentation. It is especially important if you are a beginner. With the help of comprehensive instructions, the customization process will be easy for you.

Succeed with MonsterONE Joomla IT Templates

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