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Joomla Church Templates

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Lift Your Perishes's Spirits Globally with Joomla Church Templates

Cyber communication has developed rapidly recently. The internet has reached the traditional means of social communication, such as the press, film, radio, and television, on the new millennium threshold. Thanks to this new cyberspace, millions of churchgoers can attend sessions remotely. Man becomes a citizen of the world, liberated to some extent from space limitations, having the opportunity to exchange thoughts with the entire globe. The constant availability of content and its rapid transmission globally have profound consequences, both positive and negative. This process greatly impacts individuals and societies' moral development and the transmission of religious values ​​and beliefs. Spread God's word with our Joomla church templates and let there be light in people's hearts. 

Why Do You Need a Joomla Church Template? 

There are so many reasons for that. Thanks to a professional website, your church will gain credibility. It is because more and more parishes are using the internet to search for prayers or session timings. Why shouldn't you facilitate this search for them? Thanks to this, you will gain credibility through the website, without which potential participants will turn to your other institutions. If you already own your website, but it's not very professional, it probably needs a proper redesign to give your church a respectable image. This is extremely necessary for small churches because they often do not have their platform, which results in a lack of visitors. Other reasons to have decent free Joomla church templates are:

  1. Children spend a lot of time online. To make this time useful, their parents can let their children visit reputable websites that don't contradict God's name. And if your church has a platform, it will be easier for children to pray with its help. 
  2. Parishes all over the world can donate via safe online payment, helping your community to grow.
  3. People will not need to call the church secretary to find out about the session timetable or opening hours. All the necessary information can be well displayed on your website thanks to straightforward customization of our Joomla church templates free download.
  4. Participants can watch online lessons and practice their religion globally.

Leading Joomla Church Templates Features

Apart from modest and minimalistic designs, our web assets have other handy features to boost your online project. Of course, you can easily modify colors, add new layouts, attach different forms, customize various elements. But our Joomla templates church websites also are fully responsive, work perfectly on all kinds of devices, and provide the visitors with numerous modern functionalities. These functionalities include an online donation option, subscription for weekly motivation newsletters, videos, blogs, contact us page, and others. Essential features of our ready-mades also include:

  • SEO optimization. With the help of this functionality, your platform will be ranked higher in Google search results. It means that people from all over the globe can find your God's teachings with ease. 
  • Mobile-friendly layout. Let parishes read prayers or watch online sessions on the go. It is a very important feature since so many people are looking for daily solutions online. 
  • Multilingual support. We all want to pray in our mother tongue to understand God's word. Why not make a multilingual platform where people can find the necessary information in their native language. Our Joomla template church website facilitates this opportunity. 
  • Respectful design. We have designs for all kinds of tastes. You can filter our web assets by colors, topic, and other features. But stay assured that our items come with a minimalistic layout that doesn't distract parishes from the content they came for. 
  • Quickstart package. Even if you don't have a digital experience, you can still install and customize our samples with ease. Thanks to the quickstart package, the launch of your project will be smooth and fast. 

Additional Characteristics to Consider

Other extra functions give our web assets more value. Extend your possibilities with:

  • Easily accessible control.
  • Sophisticated information architecture.
  • Intuitive management system.
  • Semantically correct and valid coding.
  • Optimized source files.
  • T3 Framework and SP Page Builder.
  • VirtueMart extension for e-stores.
  • Rich gallery options.
  • Additional plugins and modules.
  • Extended documentation.
  • Flexible navigation.
  • Eye-catching visuals.
  • Social media as an extension, etc.

What is Retina-Ready and Why Do You Need to It?

Designing "for Retina" is a technique that consists of preparing the design and graphic files (JPG, PNG images) to look sharp on devices with a Retina display (with double pixel density). An important part of this technique is vectors, a file format that does not lose quality regardless of size (SVG files). Websites and applications that use this technology are commonly referred to as "Retina-ready."

All of our templates come with this feature to make sure your customers get a top-quality online experience. Browse our collection of Retina-Ready products via MonsterONE subscription or on the TemplateMonster marketplace

Mobile-Friendly Layout: Let Your Visitors Easily Access Your Website

If your company has its own Facebook fan page or Instagram account, the mobile version of the website is a must. The lack of such a solution will mean that all materials from the website and shared on social media will open inappropriately. In such a situation, running social media is pointless. After all, most users view them most often on mobile devices. Only the website's adaptation to display on "mobiles" will make the transferred content attractive for these users. Hence, it is just a step to increase traffic on your website and attract new customers!

Ultimate MonsterONE Subscription

If you have an ambitious project, you need powerful web ready-mades to represent your church professionally. That is why you need to consider MonsterONE membership, which offers you unlimited access to multiple product downloads. You can forget about licenses and use all of the items for total domains (provided your license is active). Moreover, you can get substantial discounts on all exclusive TemplateMonster products, as well as free one-year usage of Draftium PRO Mockup Tool and free stock photos for any creative idea. 

Three MonsterONE Packages

With MonsterONE, you’ll get unlimited access to our finest collection of premium-quality web assets. 

  1. The Creative plan is for $6.80/month or $82/year.
  2. The All-in-one costs $14.95/month and $179/year.
  3. The All-in-one Lifetime is $549, and it is a one-time fee.
Creative Plan The All-in-one package comes with all items of the Creative plan, plus:All-in-one Lifetime plan comes with:
Graphic & Design assetsWordPress and CMS ThemesWordPress and CMS Themes
Presentation templatesE-commerce ThemesE-commerce Themes
Video & Audio AssetsPlugins IncludedPlugins Included
Unlimited Projects1-year Technical SupportGraphic & Design assets
1-year Technical SupportPresentation templates
Video & Audio Assets
Unlimited Projects
1-year Technical Support
Unlimited Lifetime Access

For a single purchase, please consult the TemplateMonster marketplace

MonsterONE Membership Benefits

Once you become a member, you can enjoy:

  • 24/7 General Assistance chat for simple technical issues. 
  • Technical support via ticket system (Saturday and Sunday off).
  • Regular items updates.
  • Opened tickets status updates. 
  • Special deals for web hosting recommended by our team.
  • Access to more than 60K trendy products (website's themes and templates, slideshow samples, graphic assets, etc.)
  • Secured payment methods (such as Visa or Mastercard, and PayPal);
  • Budget-saving subscription pricing;
  • Discounts for premium services.
  • An exclusive chance to join our team of talented web developers and become an author, etc.

How to Select the Best Joomla Church Template?

You can sort products by:

  • Novelty.
  • Most popular. 
  • Trendy.
  • Undiscovered category. 

Thanks to the filter tool located on your left-hand side, you may filter web assets to find the necessary item with ease. The filter includes: 

  • Topics.
  • Tags.
  • Features.
  • Category.
  • Types.
  • Compatibility.

Downloading the Joomla Church Templates at MonsterONE

The download process is easy and straightforward. You won't waste much time doing that. All you have to do is to:

  1. Login into our MonsterONE account (to create one, but fill in the essential information about yourself and after selecting a suitable plan, go throat a seizure purchase step)
  2. Choose a template that best corresponds to your church concept. 
  3. Press the Download button. 
  4. Customize.

If you require any additional help, please don't hesitate to contact us via live chat on the bottom right corner. We will immediately contact you back and will answer any purchase-related questions. 

Enjoying Premium MonsterONE Products According to the License Policy

Once you decide to join our community and benefit from its multiple advantages to the full extent, you have different options. One of them is a Yearly Unlimited License. With the help of this alternative, you can download any ready-made products from our platform, provided your license is still active. The second alternative is a Lifetime Unlimited License. It comes with more possibilities than the year-one. You can buy any products, extend their functionalities, and add new features, but for a lifetime period.

Whichever pricing plan you choose, there are still some restrictions to consider. So, our license policy covers:

  • Any web assets from our platform are not subject to resale.
  • We forbid to utilize our assets on the SaaS platforms.
  • Use our products to create unlimited final products.
  • All the rights belong exclusively to the MonsterONE authors.

Joomla Church Templates FAQs

Why Do I Need Joomla Church Templates?

As a small project owner, you may think you cannot afford a professional website. But it is wrong. Although designing a website and maintaining it for at least a year can cost you a lot of money, the investment can pay off very quickly because the potential of the internet is huge. But if you opt for a MonsterONE subscription, you will pay even less. From many calculations, the internet is nowadays the best and the cheapest medium to promote your company. Don't miss the chance to boost your sales, and let us help you succeed.

Are your Joomla church templates mobile-friendly?

Yes, they are. You don't need to worry about your platform's quality once visitors come to pray using their mobiles. All the web items from our marketplace are fully responsive and include the adaptation to hand devices. It means that they will look perfect on any screen resolution.

How to download a Joomla church template that I’ve chosen?

First, if you are not a MonsterONE member, you need to join our community. Once you decide to become part of us, you have to choose one of three pricing plans that fit your budget best. After that, all you have to do is log in to your account and select your preferred product. After the installation, you can customize it according to your preferences.

Can I add a feature I need to your Joomla church templates?

Yes, sure, you can. You can edit the items you downloaded, add new features, and customize them the way you wish. Moreover, we offer you to consider powerful additional add-ons and plugins from our collections to extend your project's functionality.

Saving with MonsterONE Joomla Church Templates Video

On our YouTube channel, you can find all the necessary information about the benefits MonsterONE offers you, thanks to various useful videos. Moreover, consider watching other handy tutorials we prepared for web lovers. Subscribe to MonsterONE, get unlimited downloads of the premium-quality assets, and find new attendees with ease.

5 Best Joomla Church Templates 2024

Product NameDownloadsPrice for One Members
New Life Church Joomla Template11Free
Santa Maria Church Joomla Template0Free
Orphanage Donations Joomla Template16Free
Inligra Joomla Template15Free
Christian Responsive Joomla Template19Free

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