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Joomla Entertainment Templates

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Joomla Entertainment Templates — Create Amusement Web Platforms

As the world evolves, everything becomes available online, from goods to services and even guides. With the Internet flourishing, people spend less time on such routine activities as shopping, cooking, or looking for information in local newspapers. Just several clicks and a food delivery arrives, children are enrolled in a summer camp, and you are already signed up at a gym. Therefore, it is tremendously profitable for modern businesses to be searchable on online platforms.

These days, various web tools for creating a website are accessible. Some platforms do not require any special coding skills and have everything needed to boost your business moving it on the Web. Thus, we have a time-efficient and low-cost decision for you. Our Joomla entertainment templates are ready-to-use and easily editable with the convenient admin panel. However, it requires extensions to make some changes, like adding a video or slider.

Joomla Entertainment Template Brilliant Qualities

There are numerous awesome advantages our Joomla entertainment templates can boast:

  • Full responsiveness ensures the themes’ clear visibility on various devices. It makes them adaptable to PCs, laptops, smartphones, tablets. 
  • The parallax effect will make an unforgettable impression on your potential or regular customers. It creates quite an eye-catching web page appearance when the background image moves differently to foreground content.
  • Click on the button with a hamburger icon and observe how the dropdown menu appears. It is convenient as the menu does not overlap the important information.
  • All the templates are retina-ready. The websites created from our Joomla entertainment templates are sharply displayed on high-resolution screens (720p, 1080p, 1440p, 2K, 4K). Most present-day gadgets are released with such high-quality displays.
  • The admin panel makes it possible to edit a theme, add as many layouts as you need, change colors, communicate with clients, track and manage orders, offer discounts.
  • The quickstart package — download and install templates that already bear demo content. The sample content is to inspire you and show you how to organize your website properly.
  • Lead the clients directly to your office with Google Maps integration.
  • Affordable prices on the MonsterONE platform.  

Joomla Entertainment Templates with MonsterONE

MonsterONE is an incredible platform where you can acquire an unlimited number of top-notch web items for reasonable prices. We created three packages to offer:

  1. The CREATIVE plan consists of presentation templates, video and audio assets, amazing design and graphics, a year of technical support. The price of the package reaches $82 annually. It is $6.85 per month. Skip several cups of coffee monthly and get yourself unlimited space for creativity.
  2. Besides the items mentioned above, the ALL-IN-ONE plan contains WordPress and CMS themes, Joomla templates, important plugins, extensions, state-of-the-art add-ons, E-commerce themes, and many more. Pay only $172 per year and embody your dreams.
  3. With the ALL-IN-ONE Lifetime plan, you will contribute incredibly to your future. By acquiring one plan, you get numerous web assets for a lifetime. Moreover, there is no update restriction for you to keep up with the latest web trends. The MonsterONE team cares to meet its customers’ requirements. The package price is $599.

Joomla Entertainment Templates FAQ

How to Install Joomla Entertainment Templates?

If you face difficulties when installing a theme, do not hesitate to choose our services. We are always pleased to give you a helping hand.

What Topics Do Joomla Entertainment Templates Involve?

The topics of our themes are based on the entertainment industry, namely: Game and quest websites; Ticket office web pages; Kids centers, camps, and even babysitters; Clubs, theaters, cinemas, museum radios; Event planners, and more.
Moreover, each template has a blog functionality so you could share recent news or updates on your business, write interesting articles or fill your website with SEO texts to increase its traffic.

Which Type of Website Can I Create with Joomla Entertainment Templates?

There are many useful purposes for our themes. With them, you can make: Blog; Portfolio; Forum; Gallery; Online stores, and more.

How to Sell Joomla Entertainment Themes on the Platform?

Reach our website, then click on the “Become an Author” button, sign up with your Facebook or Google account and start uploading your works. Beware that we test all the uploaded web items thoroughly before placing them on the market.

Downloading Joomla Entertainment Templates

Watch the step-by-step tutorial on how to download themes from MonsterONE. Subscribe to our YouTube Channel to discover more information.

The All-in-One Membership

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