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Download Joomla School Templates and Pass with Flying Colors

Today, most customers search for information online before purchasing or using a service, even if they plan to make a purchase at a local store. This situation is known as the ROBO effect (Research Online, Buy Offline). If you don't have a website, your customers will search and buy elsewhere. With our modern Joomla school templates, you can become a serious player both online and offline. Present your educational services professionally. 

The website also allows you to reach potential participants who can check out the projects' website and participate directly. Theoretically, anyone can become your member this way. And you can assume that once you create a website, it will be flooded with orders. The reality, however, is usually not so rosy because your competitors also have websites, and, as everywhere else, on the Internet, you also compete with them for customer orders. But with our web assets, rest assured you will stand out from the crowd and beat your competitors with ease. 

Joomla School Templates for Educational Projects

If you want to spread a piece of knowledge about something useful, you should consider our web assets; they are a great solution for anyone related to education, including:

  • Private tutors.
  • School teachers.
  • University professors.
  • Educational psychologists.
  • Teaching assistants.
  • Learning mentors;
  • Education administrators, and many more.

Besides, you can showcase educational institutions or organizations associated with the learning or training courses, such as:

  • Schools, colleges.
  • Higher educational establishments (universities).
  • Kindergartens.
  • Foreign language courses;
  • Online conferences and seminars, etc. 

Browser Compatibility and Other Key Features of Joomla School Templates

Typically, users view your site through a browser. Each browser interprets the site's code slightly differently, which may appear differently depending on the browser. The wide range of available browsers and devices on which you can surf the Internet means that developers are responsible for the compatibility of websites and internet applications. Testing browsers is challenging because the generated code must be compatible with the most popular versions of browsers and the newest ones.

There are many website testing tools based on generating screenshots in different browsers. But don't worry about all of these things; all our web assets are thoroughly tested and come with efficient cross-browser compatibility. Let your customers know more about your project regardless of the browser they tend to use. Other handy features of our template Joomla school education include:

  • Responsive layout.
  • SEO optimization.
  • Full drag & drop customization.
  • Easy-to-edit and modify the design.
  • High loading speed.
  • Efficient navigation.
  • One-click demo import.
  • Cross-browser compatibility.
  • Multilingual support.
  • Multi-currency adding option.
  • Google Maps and blog integration.
  • Mobile-friendly design.
  • Modern skins.
  • Google fonts included.
  • Professional tech support, etc. 

What is SEO and Why Is It Important?

Search Engine Optimization is a process aimed at achieving high positions in the Google search engine for specific keywords and, consequently, obtaining high-quality traffic from organic search results. Search engine optimization is one of the most important digital marketing types and one of the most profitable in the long run. Without search engine optimization, people just won't be able to find your educational portal online. With our template Joomla school, rest assured that your potential clients will easily find your project online. 

Google Maps Integration: Why Do You Need It?

Suppose you operate locally and have a stationary office. In that case, it is worth creating a business card, thanks to which each business can be displayed on Google Maps. The business card is free and provides users with basic information about your company. Anyone will be able to designate a route to the company, make a direct call, issue or check reviews, and in some industries - even book accommodation or register a visit. All in all, the integration of Google Maps with the website gives many benefits, including additional traffic, links to individual offers and products. 

Go Mobile-friendly and Find New Customers with Ease

More and more people visit websites using mobile devices. It is estimated that 30-40% of website traffic comes from phones and tablets. Some websites may turn out that the traffic from these types of devices reaches over 50%. Constant changes in the market mean that the traffic from mobile devices is increasing. Mobile users have become just as important as people using desktops.

The second important issue that should encourage you to consider our mobile-friendly Joomla templates school is the Google search results position. The Mobile version is one of the website's features that makes it more attractive to the search engine. The lack of a website in the mobile version may be the reason for losing a client. They will become discouraged by using it on the phone or miss it because it will be low in the search results.

What is the Purpose of the Joomla School Template?

To compete in today's marketplace, you need a strong internet presence. Why? Because that's where your potential customers will search for information. Now that the coronavirus has made it difficult to do business offline, many companies have decided to create a website and move their business online. There has never been a better or more important time to invest in a website.

Some business owners say that they do not need a website. They believe that they already have many orders anyway, cannot afford the website, or will not handle it. Some think that customers will find them even without a website on Social Media. 

All in all, the website is the perfect place to create a brand image. It works like a digital business card that users can reach at any time. Using appropriate content and graphics allows you to shape the narrative about your company. You impact how potential customers see you.

What to Include in School Joomla Templates?

Create a completely separate subpage for the mission of your school project. Posting all the homepage goals would lead to the excessive expansion of such a section, and not every visitor wants to read it right away. Also, try to create a subpage such as "Portfolio" or "Completed Projects." No need to say to showcase your best and the most successful ones. 

If you are an owner of a private school, "About us" or "Team" pages will be a good idea. This makes sense, especially when your crew members stand out with something special. Besides, potential visitors would like to see with whom they will deal once they come to your educational establishment. 

MonsterONE - Best Way to Save on Web Products

Opting for a big-scale project? Or maybe there are numerous projects you need to complete? Then subscribe to MonsterONE. With it, you get unlimited access to the best-quality pre-designed items that come with multiple handy features. These features are SEO optimization, mobile-friendly design, and high loading speed. Besides, we consider the latest trends and promote only the newest assets. Apart from regular updates, as a MonsterONE member, you also get:

  1. Cost-effective offers, such as:
    1. The Creative subscription for $82/year. It gives access to all the graphics, video & audio files, presentation templates. 
    2. The All-in-one plan for $179/year. All of the products mentioned above, plus assets for WordPress, CMS, E-commerce, and different plugins, are at your disposal.
    3. The All-in-one ∞ for $549/lifetime. It is the most extended and beneficial offer. It opens unlimited access to all the ever included designs. Moreover, we add 4000+ new items every month.
  2. Top-quality products.
  3. Secure licensing.
  4. Extra bonuses to widen opportunities. Discounts include reduced prices for our premium services, such as:
    1. Logo creation.
    2. SEO optimization.
    3. Copywriting services.
    4. Online store set up, etc. 
  5. Flexible cancellation policy.
  6. One year of professional tech assistance included in all three packages, etc. 

The table below shows you products you get to download without limits with each plan. 

Creative Plan All-in-one All-in-one Lifetime 
Graphic & Design assetsGraphic & Design assetsWordPress and CMS Themes
PresentationsPresentationsE-commerce Themes
Video & Audio AssetsVideo & Audio AssetsPlugins Included
Unlimited ProjectsUnlimited ProjectsGraphic & Design assets
1-year Technical SupportWordPress and CMS ThemesPresentations
E-commerce ThemesVideo & Audio Assets
Plugins IncludedUnlimited Projects
1-year Technical Support1-year Technical Support
Unlimited Lifetime Access

Joomla School Template FAQs

Why do you need Joomla school templates?

Customers usually prefer to do business with people they "know." On your website, you allow them to get to know your company (and maybe you). Having a professionally designed and easy-to-navigate website will help you to attract potential customers. You can convince them that they want to do business with you and that your products and services are better than your competitors. Currently, especially by younger Internet users, the company is judged based on its website. The lack of a website on the web makes consumers perceive the company as less reliable. Thanks to the website, you can gain their trust and interest in new customers.

How to customize Joomla school templates?

The best way to customize your portal is to present information about the project, the current offer of products and services, inform about new products, promotions, announcing upcoming events and special promotions. You can also provide users with the so-called added value in the form of guides, e-books, interesting articles. You can also customize your educational platform by adding such essential elements as:
The About Us page.
Contact page.
Projects completed page.
Our Participants page, etc. 
What's more, the website gives immediate communication in a form convenient for the customer. When potential customers call you to ask for an offer, that's half the battle. But a fight that you already won.

Can I add an FAQ page to my Joomla school template?

Yes, sure! Seams like you often spend time answering the same questions from different clients? By creating an easily accessible FAQ page for the customer, you will quickly answer the most frequently asked questions. Besides, you can provide the customer with information about the offer of interest, saving your time. What's more, with our template, you can:
Arrange visits.
Download documents.
Make payments.
Automate marketing or after-sales mailing, etc.
Thanks to these actions, your school project functions, even when you are asleep.

Will you enlarge MonsterONE collections with new Joomla school templates?

Yes, we will. To meet our member's expectations, we enrich our gallery with new products each month, adding over 80 000+ multipurpose items for any project. Join our community, and we guarantee great results. 

Browse Through Your Project with MonsterONE Joomla School Templates

If you want to know more about our services and how to benefit MonsterONE, please check this video. Let's immerse in the web design world together. Don't forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel so you will not miss any updates.

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