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Joomla Furniture Templates

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The Coziest Joomla Furniture Templates For Your Projects

Building a home is an essential part of our lives, as it’s the only place where we can relax after a long hard day. That is why we should take care of it and turn the four walls around into a cozy corner. With the current live flow, we don’t have much time to go shopping around and look for furniture in shopping malls or markets. Firstly, we do the research and then decide the further steps. It makes having a web page a must-have option for all business owners. To help your workshop succeed, we have put together the best Joomla furniture templates. 

With these designs, you may be sure that website development and setup will be smooth and fast. And various editing tools let you customize the layout according to your branding rules effortlessly. You’ll find helpful information about this page’s themes, their installation, editing, and other features that you can use to grow your online presence in the blocks below. If you require extra help to make the right choice, don’t hesitate to join our live chat and ask a pre-sales agent for assistance - we are here for you 24/7! 

Who Can Benefit from Using Joomla Furniture Templates

All the designs go through precise testing by our Review Team before they become available for download. We check the archive’s fullness, loading speed, responsiveness, compatibility with the platform requirements, and files’ correctness. Due to it, you get a premium quality product and can feel safe about viruses, bugs, and errors. We care about the item’s value, so we aim to provide our buyers with the best customer experience.

Joomla is an open-source platform so that the editing can be both via the admin panel and source files. Moreover, it gives you another advantage of using free engine software, extensions, community support, and CMS updates. Thus, it’s a great option to start and save your money, so such themes are a perfect choice for:

  • furniture manufacturers;
  • interior and exterior designers;
  • business owners;
  • ceramic, glass, wood suppliers;
  • on-demand shops;
  • website developers and designers. 

If you are a developer and love working with Joomla CMS, the MonsterONE option is the best solution. You can enjoy the unlimited free downloads of any included template for every project, therefore saving thousands of dollars on the basic development elements.

How to Get Joomla Furniture Templates

There are several options available to get a perfect theme for your future website. 

  1. Free download. You can get a design by choosing it in the free items list and sharing it on your social media. Also, a free download is available with the MonsterONE Subscription. 
  2. TemplateMonster Shopping. Add the layout you want to your cart and proceed through a quick checkout. When the payment is through, the theme is yours forever! Also, you can pick the extra customization services from our TM Web Studio, and the team will make the necessary changes for you in the mentioned term. 
  3. MonsterONE. After becoming a Subscriber, you get an opportunity to download any included layout for free under the commercial license. What does it mean? You can use the same design for unlimited projects without the need to buy a single site license again and again. 

Free Joomla Furniture Templates or Premium?

It’s common for human beings to save resources, and money is not an exception. When choosing a design, you should keep in mind that saving now might be spending more in the future. Free items are good as you don’t have to pay a dime, but they are bad as authors don’t provide support and updates. Majorly, they are here for you to learn more about the platform, investigate the insights and play around with the design itself. To make your website’s future safe and avoid stalemates, we recommend choosing premium items backed by a license, support, updates.

MonsterONE Advantages

Every developer, sooner or later, faces the old problem of overpaying or buying products they don’t need. Clients’ needs are dynamic, so you never know whether the project’s requirements will change. We are all human, and it’s okay to change our minds, but it hurts to lose money on one’s decisions. With MonsterONE, you can forget about this experience, as you have thousands of designs for unlimited free downloads. So if your customer needs something different - no worries - just log in to your account and download another sample at no charge. And all these come at an affordable price. 

Subscription Pricing

We have three plans for any project you might have.

$6.80/mo$14.95/mo $599 one-time fee
Graphic and design assetsWordPress and CMS themesWordPress and CMS themes
Presentation templateseCommerce templateseCommerce templates
Video & Audio AssetsPlugins includedPlugins
Unlimited projectsGraphic and design assetsGraphic and design assets
1-year technical supportPresentation templatesPresentation templates
Unlimited projectsUnlimited projects
1-year technical support1-year technical support
Unlimited lifetime access

More Benefits

MonsterONE is not only about digital design but a vast supporting family that is always here for you. And, of course, some specials are in the pack as a pleasant bonus:

  • one year of pro mockup tool - Draftium;
  • up to 35% off any non-included design;
  • special offers for hosting and customization services;
  • up to 50% discount on TM Web Studio offers;
  • 24/7 online assistance in chat, tickets, and email;
  • authors support;
  • affiliate program - refer a friend to MonsterONE and get a commission for each sale;
  • regular updates - we add 4000+ new items to Subscription each month;
  • stock hi-rez photos for all your projects.

Joomla Furniture Templates FAQ

Can I install extra extensions into Joomla furniture templates?

Yes, sure! Ensure the extension you upload has the same version as your Joomla engine and is provided by an official supplier. We cannot guarantee the full compatibility of our templates with third-party untrusted software. Follow the installation documentation to avoid errors. If you need help, you can hire our developer, and we will install the additional modules for an extra fee.

Who can assist me with editing Joomla furniture templates?

With a MonsterONE Subscription, you’ll get 24/7 assistance for any included Joomla furniture store template. You can always rely on our professional team when you feel stuck. If you aim to save your time on editing, you can go for the website setup services, and we’ll deliver a full-featured website for you in up to 5-8 business days.

Are Joomla furniture templates in MonsterONE mobile-friendly?

We know how important this feature is, so it is the first criterion to check when examining the theme. All the templates are fully responsive and easily accommodate any screen size. You can check how it looks on different devices by choosing a tablet or mobile version in the live demo.

Can I resell Joomla furniture templates with MonsterONE?

It is prohibited to resell the designs under Subscription, as we care about the copyright and intellectual property. But you can download a layout, personalize it for your client and sell it as a final product to the particular end-user. Note: you cannot use themes for Saas development (builders, CRMs, etc.).

Joomla Furniture Templates Related Videos

Check out a handy guide on how to download a template with MonsterONE. The process is fast and effortless, and you can start editing your design in a few minutes after logging into the account. Have a great experience with an outstanding digital design Subscription!

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