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Joomla Gaming Templates

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Why would you need Joomla Gaming Templates?

When you want to create your first website to start or expand your online project, many factors can influence your decisions. There is a vast number of templates for Joomla. Still, it's not always easy to find exciting and stylish solutions for your needs. But it’s the case when MonsterONE subscription can help. Using it, you can have access to an unlimited number of premium quality Joomla templates after paying just once for a single subscription. Our Joomla gaming templates are responsive solutions for a gaming catalog. Like all templates from TemplateMonster, they look very stylish, professional, and modern. Of course, if desired, these templates can be used not only for a gaming catalog as they are universal. And given the many settings (like layout, colors, and typography), you can change them even without editing the CSS3 code. The templates are perfect for a gaming company website with or without a product catalog. Novice webmasters also prefer Joomla as a platform with no programming skills required. There is a component for creating a product catalog, and it also has such features as online shopping and delivery options. You can use any solution after buying a subscription to MonsterONE or buy a premium theme separately. We recommend purchasing high-quality templates made in trusted template stores such as MonsterONE.

Joomla Gaming Templates Main Features

Every template has a responsive Joomla design for creating gaming resources. It will allow you to create beautiful and functional websites. With the help of any solution you choose, it will be possible to organize a full-fledged gaming catalog with the division into categories, filtering, search, etc. In addition to the game catalog sites, the templates are perfect for creating any other types of gaming resources. The presence of balanced color schemes and the ability to customize colors even without editing CSS3 code make the templates easily adaptable to each specific project’s needs. We considered such web standards as HTML5, Bootstrap, CSS3, and jQuery when we created the products. The templates render well in most modern browsers such as Firefox, Chrome, Safari, and Opera. Plus, mobile browsers like iOS Safari, Android Browser, Chrome for Android, and others are supported. Joomla itself is a universal content management system. It is built with PHP (web programming language) and MySQL (database type). PHP files are responsible for all the logic, calculation, and information output of the template. And the MySQL database stores all the information like texts of articles, extensions, site settings, user data, and other various information types. Therefore, if you suddenly want to transfer the site to another server, you will need to move both the files and the database. Its primary purpose is to create:

  • Corporate websites;
  • Sites of companies and firms;
  • Organization websites;
  • Information sites;
  • Online stores.

Also, there are various components for online stores, catalogs, message boards, galleries, etc. Creating a gaming website is, of course, one of the available options. No coding skills are required to run a Joomla gaming website. At the same time, the engine offers tools with which you can implement any functionality. Adaptation for solving different problems is carried out through templates' features and extensions. The main features of the Joomla gaming templates are:

  • An unlimited number of pages.
  • Optimization of pages for the requirements of search engines.
  • Delayed publication of posts.
  • Deep customization of the appearance of the site.
  • Convenient addition of modules to extend the functionality of the basic Joomla engine.
  • Visual editor designed to add new materials to the site using drag-and-drop functionality.
  • A content manager that allows you to manage publications and monitor user reactions to materials.
  • Powerful search with built-in filtering tools.
  • Blocks for working with banners, adding feedback forms, and related products and accessories.

Joomla CMS itself also implements the ability to manage user rights groups. For example, unregistered visitors can only view pages the author has allowed. Registered can add and edit materials, and the superuser has all possible rights.

Joomla Gaming Templates' Plugins

For convenient work with the Joomla gaming theme, it's recommended to add several plugins to it. It is the so-called must-have list of extensions. Its composition may vary depending on the project, but there are general tasks that must be solved:

  • Ensuring site security by creating backups and protecting against spam and hacking.
  • Optimization for the requirements of search engines by the formation of a sitemap and setting up metadata.
  • Improving website usability by adding social media buttons, contact forms, and turbo pages to speed up the loading.
  • Obtaining statistics on site performance and using web analysis tools like Google Analytics.

The required modules are available on the MonsterONE website. You can install them through the plugin manager. Each module has its settings that allow you to change the parameters of its operation. Usually, you can leave the default settings. Still, sometimes it's a good idea to find the optimal parameters for your project.

MonsterONE Subscription

With MonsterONE, you don't need to buy templates separately for getting a high-quality solution. The bottom line is clear: for those engaged in web development for years, it's profitable to purchase lifetime access, as it will pay off a million times over. In comparison, one high-quality template costs about $75. Payment is accepted by cards and through PayPal, and payment transactions are secure. With a subscription, you will get access to a wide range of products:

  • Materials for WordPress like plugins and templates;
  • Online store templates for WooCommerce;
  • Presentation templates;
  • HTML5 templates;
  • Graphics like PSD templates.

The subscription is most interesting for those who heavily use WordPress, store engines, or are engaged in projects' graphic design. MonsterONE subscription includes unlimited access to a significant portion of TemplateMonster resources. There will be no problem under a typical working scenario in terms of usage rights, and you won't feel any constraints.

Joomla Gaming Templates FAQ

How to edit Joomla gaming templates?

 Editing a template can be done in two ways:
First, using preset settings. Usually, the user can change the background, logo, link color, and fonts. In average free Joomla gaming themes, there are few or no settings at all. Our templates have a lot more customization tools.
Second, making changes to the template style files. It will require knowledge of HTML5 and CSS3.

What other solutions rather than Joomla gaming templates are available?

Let's consider the most common types:
A business card is a small site with a list of services, information about the author, and work examples.
Store. To add products, customer, and sales management tools, templates with e-commerce modules are required. Each template has a set of compatible plugins. It allows you to create individual configurations to suit your needs.
Informational site and blog. Despite the decent functionality for managing content out of the box, a high-quality site with publications still requires unique templates with a built-in commenting system and automatic post announcements to social networks.
Social networks. You won't make a Facebook competitor, but a thematic site with the ability to exchange messages between users is an authentic project. The MonsterONE website provides all the necessary tools for this.
Many other projects can be developed using our responsive Joomla templates: video hosting, gallery, portfolio, and message boards. The main thing is to choose the right Joomla theme and a list of modules that will add the functionality you need.

What is the cost of Joomla itself?

Joomla is a free CMS. The latest version is available for free download from the developers' website. And on most hosting sites, Joomla is available for installation in one click from the administrative panel. There are also many free options among plugins, probably the main plus of any popular open-source CMS.

How to edit Joomla gaming templates?

Often, the settings available in the administrative panel of the site are not enough. In such cases, you may need to edit the style sheets or other template files. In such cases, the knowledge of CSS3 is indispensable. And sometimes, you may require knowledge of PHP and JavaScript. It will also be a good idea to master the intricacies and features of the version of Joomla with which you work. In some templates, the settings may contain particular fields to enter fragments of the desired CSS3 code.

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