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Joomla Hotel Templates

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Joomla Hotel Template — Create a First-Rate Website Effortlessly

With the technological breakthrough, all businesses are moving online. Potential customers would rather look for the needed items online than waste their time standing in a long queue, being stuck in a traffic jam, or having exhausting conversations with sales managers. Employing just several clicks, you can get essential information, acquire services and products, order food delivery, enroll in some courses and even book an apartment.

Therefore, we highly recommend you consider creating a web page for your business. With our Joomla hotel templates, this process becomes easier to accomplish. The themes are well-developed and have an incredible modern design that will attract customers and not scare them off. Admin panel ensures simple editing; you may choose the number and color of layouts, communicate with customers and many more.

You will stay trendy and privilege your competitors with the Joomla hotel templates as we supply sample content to inspire you. MonsterONE marketplace provides you with amazing stock images, video assets, and music pieces to help you find your style. However, it would help if you used an extension to add a photo, video, or music to your website regarding Joomla themes. But do not get afraid, we will give you a hand.

Joomla Hotel Templates in the Tourism Industry

The image plays a huge role in the tourism industry. Therefore, the visual attractiveness of your web page is a must. Our hotel Joomla templates are the best decision to make a website for:

  •  Hotel, hostel, guest house, bed and breakfast, and many more;
  • Spa resorts;
  • Summer camps;
  • Casinos;
  • Travel agencies;
  • Mountain and other tours;
  • Cozy vacation offers;
  • Tips for backpackers;
  • Travel blog;
  • Hotel/resort/agency reviews;
  • Gallery of sceneries, and more.

Each of these purposes requires modern approaches to content presentation. We take this fact into account.

Key Features of Hotel Joomla Templates 

Our hotel Joomla templates, besides being easy to use and edit, boast the following advantages:

  • Quick-start package.

The quick-start package includes a simple template installation and sample content. Such advantage is in high demand among our customers as it provides everything needed for building a website and shows the example on how to arrange its content efficiently. 

  • Google Maps integration.

Now, your potential or regular client does not have to enter the address in the Google Maps application. They can click on the reference on your website and begin a journey to the office of your company. It will boost your image as people prefer to get more results with less effort.

  • Dropdown Menu.

Sometimes annoying menus overlap some important information on a web page. Such incidents will not happen with a hotel template Joomla because they have dropdown menus. The menus only appear if you click on a certain button. It will not pop out by itself and create an annoying impression on a customer.

  • Full Responsiveness.

Being an Internet surfer, you hate running into a web page with low-quality graphics. The hotel Joomla templates possess excellent quality and are responsive to any device. Therefore, no matter what gadget you use to scroll our websites (PCs, tablets, laptops, smartphones), they are sharply displayed. 

  • Parallax Effect.

The Parallax effect implies that the foreground of a website moves differently from the background. It creates a kind of 3D effect and catches a visitor’s eye.

  • Mobile Version.

Almost 50% of Internet users surf it via smartphones. Therefore, if a website has a mobile version, its traffic is half higher than a website without such a feature.

  • Browser Compatibility.

Our themes are compatible with almost any browser (Yahoo, Google Chrome, Yandex, Opera, Vivaldi, Mozilla Firefox, and more). The more browsers display your website, the more clients you get. We care to meet our customers’ requirements. 

  • Unlimited Downloads.

Enjoy unlimited downloads of our top-notch web items with MonsterONE. One subscription gives you access to Joomla templates, WordPress, CMS, E-commerce themes, video, and audio assets, various plugins, extensions and add-ons, excellent quality stock photos, and many more. We created three packages to suit your needs and financial abilities. Each either contains additional items or is available for different durations. Technical support comes with each plan.

MonsterONE Affordable Rates

As we do not know your exact preferences and financial capacities, we did our best to meet your possible requirements. There are three plans to choose from:

  1. The CREATIVE package is affordable and useful for anyone from an average student to a business executive. Acquiring this package, you get presentation templates, fascinating stock images, stylish video and audio assets, and many more. The price is $7.40 a month ($89 annually), which equals avoiding several coffee-breaks a month.
  2. With the ALL-IN-ONE package, you get access to all our first-rate web products unlimitedly. The number of downloads is up to you. WordPress, CMS, E-commerce themes, the latest plugins, and trending add-on are at your disposal. Buy a yearly plan for only $179 and dive into boundless space for creativity. It will cost you spending some weekends at home instead of going out or having a trip. However, it would even bring you some benefits, staying inside and planning your future.
  3. Have you ever dreamt about having a lifelong supply of ultra-fine web items? We are pleased to announce that you can seize such an opportunity with an ALL-IN-ONE one-time fee package. Create limitless projects and contribute to your future with MonsterONE. We do not limit you from updates. Therefore, you will always have access to trendy designs and state-of-the-art features. Such a package costs $599. Skip a modest vacation abroad and achieve success.

Joomla Hotel Templates FAQ

Are Joomla Hotel Templates Easy to Customize?

Yes, they are. Nowadays, you do not have to be a computer genius to own a website. With the straightforward customization process creating a web page becomes as easy as pie. No special computer skills are required. However, if you run into some trouble customizing a theme, do not hesitate to take advantage of our additional services.

Is it Important for Joomla Hotel Templates to Be SEO-friendly?

It is. SEO optimization has the following advantages:
It makes your website visible in search engines, placing it on top spots.
It increases traffic.
SEO optimization reduces advertisement spending.

How Can I Download Joomla Hotel Templates?

Create an account. It should include billing information, download history, and technical support requests.
Log in, scroll the platform. You can find the needed products using keywords, tags, and characteristics given in our website’s left columns.
Once you have search results, read the detailed description of each template.
Make your choice and click the “Download” button. Customize a theme and use it with great pleasure:)

How to Sell my Joomla Hotel Templates on the Marketplace?

Reach the “Become an Author” page and sign up. Start uploading your work. Beware that each uploaded item goes through rigorous revision and testing before being approved and placed on the market.

Joomla Hotel Templates Video

Watch the video and discover more about Joomla. We advise you to subscribe to our YouTube Channel to get more information about web design, E-commerce, SEO, and many more. Welcome to the MonsterONE family.

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