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Joomla Nonprofit Templates

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Outstanding Collection of Joomla Charity Templates 

Our selection of highly responsive Joomla charity templates is a great possibility to build a thriving online NGO project. Extraordinary design, simple adjustability, and layout flexibility are just a few of these templates' impressive characteristics. They are fully compatible with different devices, which makes it easy not only for you as a website owner but as well for a customer.

Joomla Charity Template's Major Characteristics

We are aware of the crucial importance of a website's functionality and easy navigational possibilities, not to mention an efficient design. We present products that include all of these features. Let's have a look at the major Joomla charity templates characteristics:

  1. Smartphone compatible layout. Having a smartphone-compatible website layout is a big advantage for every successful online project. Speaking of charity templates, it is crucial to captivate the attention of a wider range of people, who more and more are using mobile devices. 
  2. Bootstrap. A bootstrap is a great tool that enables your website to modify its content to any display size. It also facilitates page usage and optimizes the platform in the search results.
  3. Retina-ready. Retina-ready templates are shown flawlessly, sharply, and lively on Retina screens.
  4. Google Maps built-in. Enables you to track down your charity establishment on Google Maps and directions to it.
  5. Parallax effect. Briefly speaking, the background elements are scrolling down more slowly than the upfront ones and getting a deeper perception. This feature brings interactive sensation to your visitors.
  6. Blog. Blogging is a truly amazing way to communicate with a wide audience. Anything could be brought to people's consideration - news, updates, reviews, etc. but in a more informal way. Keeping your comments on allows you to receive fair feedback and suggestions from the readers.
  7. Lazy load effect. A certain lazy or delayed loading technique is implemented to increase the website's performance. The nature of this great feature is that pics are loading only on page viewer's demand. 

Joomla Charity Templates for Humanitarian Projects

Joomla charity template collection could fulfill even the most refined request. Our product could be suitable for:

  1. Orphanage donations websites.
  2. Retirement and elderly care institutions.
  3. Charity business associations.
  4. Churches and religious community centers.
  5. Funeral services.
  6. Charitable, educational institutions.
  7. Any other organizations based on contributions, etc.

Elements of Charity Templates Joomla

These are the most important elements to include in your social project:

  • The contact page is a must-have, so try to put it at the best noticeable spot. 
  • Build a page "Who are we?" and tell your visitors about the purpose of your non-profit project through adequate descriptions.
  • Create FAQ page.
  • Mention previous successfully completed humanitarian projects. 
  • Shift the banners from time to time.
  • Effective search tab, good categorizing, and easy navigation are crucial.
  • Utilize high-quality videos.

Free and Premium Templates Pros & Cons

While anticipating the global template market, one could assume that it is packed with poor-performing products. And cost nothing. More frustrating is that free templates could be challenging to customize, unlike high-quality Joomla charity themes. So, if you select a premium product, you get a functional website with high originality. Besides, our templates are extremely straightforward and easy to customize. Also, they are covered with professional technical support, contrary to the templates for free. 

MonsterONE Subscription VS Single Product Purchase

MonsterONE subscription is the perfect opportunity to get the nicest collection of templates along with other products and services in a bundle. It is also a very reasonable deal money-wise. We have arranged three subscription options for everyone. Learn more about them, and feel free to choose the most relevant one to your charity organization. 

  1. The Creative. This option is going to cost you $82 annually. It includes all the audio and video files, as well as graphic assets and best presentation samples.
  2. The All-in-one. For $172 per year, you will get the items mentioned above, plus various themes and handy plugins. 
  3. The All-in-one Lifetime. This unlimited option comes at a one-time payment of $599. It gives you access to any product available on our platform along with the 1-year technical assistance.

There is also an option of single product purchase. In case you are thinking about creating a simple web page like a personal blog, landing page, etc., you may buy a decent template for $72 only but only once. Price-wise, being a MonsterONE member is a great idea. 

MonsterONE Subscription Benefits

The idea to subscribe to MonsterONE is crossing people's minds all over the world progressively. The reason behind it is simple - MonsterONE subscription is a great investment in any ambitious social project, including charity. Among the fascinating bonuses are: 

  • Huge selection of products.

We offer you a wide range of upmarket products such as excellent website themes, plugins, remarkable illustrations, etc. You can also have a Draftium application installed for one year. And on top of that, a generous 50 % discount on all Template Monster products is available to any subscription member. Be certain MonsterONE subscription is the right choice for you!

  • Limitless downloads.

If you are a member, you shouldn't worry about paying extra for product updates. It's on the house.

  • Extra bonuses.

Any affiliated services such as template installation, website customization, SEO optimization, and others come for a very reasonable price. Familiarize yourself with the list of our premium services and choose the right for you. 

  • Technical assistance.

Every MonsterONE subscription option is covered by a 1 year support. In case you have any issues, our professionals will get them sorted to facilitate your fundraising project. 

Joomla Charity Templates FAQs

Why do I need to use Joomla charity templates?

Our Joomla charity theme is adaptable to any kind of humanitarian project. Its installation and usage are relatively easy too. By choosing our product, you get extra items and services that we offer for free or discounted. All these benefits create a perfect necessary bundle to build and promote your NGO website.

How do I select the right Joomla charity template?

The template that suits your web project the most has to maintain a bunch of essential technical features. For a charitable sort of website, you need a lot of video content to be demonstrated. So, you should select a template that has a responsive layout and Retina-ready design. To do so, go to the left-hand side of the tab where you can tig features you need. As well as you can categorize templates' search according to other characteristics.

Are Joomla charity templates mobile-compatible?

Yes, absolutely. All our templates are easily accessible from smartphones. This feature is not a privilege but a requirement these days since most people use mobile devices more often than PCs daily. We keep an eye on the trends and follow them undoubtedly.

Are Joomla charity templates SEO-optimized?

Yes, certainly. Qualified traffic that SEO sends to your website is essential. That is why we make sure that your website visitors' number constantly grows due to good visibility in search results. 

Joomla Charity Templates Video

If you find yourself curious about our charity templates in particular and other services in general, feel free to watch the video under the following link. It will show you all the benefits you get once you become a MonsterONE member.

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