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Joomla Holidays & Gifts Templates

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Why would you need Joomla Event Templates?

Joomla Event Templates are the cool roundups of the TemplateMonster team’s best templates designed for companies dealing with various kinds of events. The sphere of organizing holidays and events is now in demand and is growing fast. Whether it’s a family event or a corporate one, you will be able to organize its website at the highest level. If you are involved in this area, and you still don’t have a resource, then you should correct this misunderstanding. A serious company nowadays can’t do without its own website with a high-quality design. This is not only an indicator of solidity but also a serious marketing tool. On the site, your visitors will be able to find all the necessary information about your company, the services it provides, prices, and contact details. By creating a website, you will attract a huge audience and expand your circle of customers. The success of your business directly depends on this. And the best solution for creating an event organization website is the Joomla platform and a premium or free event Joomla template. First, it’s free and very easy to use. You will get a lot of pleasure creating a website on this platform. Secondly, Joomla event templates are ready-made solutions that you need to customize according to your requirements. Basically, you will have a finished website in minutes. It’s that easy with our Joomla solutions.

Joomla Event Templates Main Features

The templates in this collection have very creative bright demos with nice background colors that are guaranteed to be remembered and give a good viewing depth due to eye-catching effects and elements. And also, large fonts and clear presentation of information. All the products are fresh Joomla templates developed by TemplateMonster authors for event websites or portals. The templates have various color schemes and types of custom pages. The main advantage is support for additional extensions, which will allow site users to publish their materials and make important information more visual and accessible. The optimized modular layout is also perfect for a convenient demonstration of products and services on the site pages. The magnificent design and simplicity of the settings will allow you to create a worthy project in the shortest possible time. When buying a template, you get:

  • Design sources (font files, PSD files)
  • Site template installation files (HTML5, CSS3, PHP, and other)
  • Demo data for a quick start
  • Installation instructions
  • Additional modules and widgets of the control system

This is the most common package unless otherwise provided by a specific template. The composition of the archive depends on the type of license and the policy of the developer. Every template is also an attractive new Joomla event management template from experienced developers. It has an extremely effective design with efficient use of space in the layout. It can change the colors of every element. To increase the templates’ capabilities for content management, the developers have added the ability to use the popular K2 component, which will create a high-quality system for managing categories of data and news on your site. And a powerful and functional framework will help create a good site that meets all modern requirements, like support for mobile devices and excellent speed optimization. The templates also support other powerful content managers and many extensions. Therefore, they are ideal for an event portal or a meeting advertising your company. It’s also worth noting that the templates work based on the modern framework. From the control panel, you can customize any detail of your website (setting the column width, interface colors, and font variations).

The MonsterONE Subscription

MonsterONE is an interesting platform for both buyers and manufacturers of web development products. You can be an author and receive a percentage of sales. All works are carefully checked before publication. Refusals are very rare, and headings for placement are periodically closed due to the oversaturation of positions. Natural selection, so to speak. Only the best will be accepted. Also, we must mention the author’s side of interaction with the marketplace since it affects the understanding of the principles of the platform’s operation. So, if you are interested in the client-side, like who can buy here, what can be bought, and who would be interested in MonsterONE in the first place, the answer is simple. Everyone who makes and promotes web content, like web studios, freelancers, marketers, designers, and everyone else, is somehow connected with creating and promoting online business projects. And website creating beginners too, as it’s possible to order creating a website besides the promotion. There are especially many templates for blogs, shops, business sites, and landing pages. They all come for various CMS or are just plain HTML5 layouts. Also, there are many solutions for eCommerce and many plugins. The choice is vast, from cheap to relatively expensive. So, if you are interested in site building, the marketplace will be very useful.

Joomla Event Templates FAQ

How can I change the pictures in the Joomla event booking template?

The downloaded template usually has its own graphics (like pictures, design elements, fonts, and banners), explicitly written in the template’s HTML code or its CSS style sheets. You can change them in two ways:
1. Change URLs referring to pictures written in HTML and CSS. You can do it like this: Go to the Control Panel, then “Extensions” → “Template Manager,” select the template for editing, and click “Edit HTML” or “edit CSS” (depending on where the link to picture is registered). Then modify the file and save it.
2. Replace files manually. By default, image files are located in the “templates/your template name/images” folder.
If you are sure that you did everything correctly, but for some reason, it didn’t work, try clearing the cache of your browser and refreshing the page.

How to customize the appearance of the main menu of the Joomla event template?

 The entire look and feel of your main menu can be customized using CSS3 code. This applies to fonts, link colors, and hover effects. The file with the “.css” extension is located in the root folder of the template. The drop-down menu in Joomla can also be customized with JavaScript. The main skeleton of the site is created in the main menu. One menu item can be configured to display a blog or news where pages can be opened separately. That is, it’s not necessary to create a menu item on every page. It’s enough to create menu items for the parent category only.

Where can I find extensions for Joomla event templates?

We offer a lot of extensions and modules for our templates. But if you need more, you can visit the site extensions.joomla.org, where you can find many extensions for all occasions for all versions of Joomla.

How to make a FAQ section on your Joomla event website?

There are several ways to create such a section on your website:
1. Use a ready-made solution. Try to use ready-made extensions for the Joomla FAQ sections. The best choice, in this case, would be QuickFAQ or Zoo. It all depends on the tastes and requirements for the FAQ section you will place on your site.
2. Use standard Joomla tools. This includes the standard Joomla components, namely “Materials.” If you carefully make links to the sections and categories through the custom-made menu, you can get something like a FAQ section on your site. Create a menu item that displays a list of categories. All its sub-items will display a list of materials in a category. For all of them, set “Show description” in the settings. Everything turns out according to Joomla standards, but there are also limitations to this method. For example, users won’t be able to ask questions themselves.
3. You can do it manually. Those who know PHP, MySQL, and HTML5 and have 2-3 days of free time can write FAQ code themselves.

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