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Joomla Interior Templates

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Interior Design Joomla Templates for Bright Ideas

One of the design's features is its evanescence. Every year there is a new trend and to stay in the market, you need to follow it. To make sure you stand out from the crowd, we offer you to consider our interior design Joomla templates. They come with many handy features and will be useful for various design-related projects, including:

  1. Furniture designs (chairs, beds, tables, sofas, cabinets, etc.) 
  2. Real estate agency.
  3. Designs of commercial establishments.
  4. Architecture company.
  5. House renovation. 
  6. Restaurant or hotel designs. 
  7. Construction enterprise, etc.

Interior Design Joomla Templates features

Each of the pre-made items we provide is 100% responsive and comes with many excellent characteristics essential for any successful online source. The list of the most prominent ones contains:

  • SEO-optimization;
  • Mobile-friendly layout;
  • Semantically valid source coding;
  • Extended documentation;
  • Sophisticated and well-planned information architecture;
  • Fast and easy customization;
  • Fully accessible control system;
  • Various add-ons and additional plugins;
  • Integrated social media extensions, and even more.

Mobile-adaptability and Its Importance

Due to changes taking place in society and civilization progress, more and more people use phones and mobile devices. It is estimated that this number exceeds 50% of the population. Doing so entails the fashion of being online all the time. More and more people do their errands online, such as paying bills, shopping, etc. Most of these activities take place via mobile devices. You cannot exclude your site from this trend, embracing more and more people. 

Thanks to our interior Joomla template, you can rest assured that your potential customers can easily find you using their handheld devices. 

Top 3 Interior Design Trends 2021

The year 2020 brought us many unexpected challenges and fundamental life changes. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, many people began to work, play, and socialize at home, making our homes' decoration and furnishings more important than ever. Besides, it has forced people to rethink and evaluate their homes. More and more people want to make their home not only the place where they come to sleep. They want to make it a place to feel comfortable. That is why your job now is to help those people to complete their ideas in reality. There are some trends you should follow that are going to be popular this year:

Colors and shades

There will be various accessories, furniture, and decoration in the interior design in dark green, dark blue, black, burgundy. Popular colors will be complex dull, metallic shades, noble gray colors. Instead of your favorite gray came a rich truffle hue in light and dark.

Ecological materials

Attention to ecology has been focused on the last few years, and eco-trends are not giving up. When decorating houses and apartments, it is recommended to minimize the use of artificial synthetic materials. That is why wood, metal, glass, concrete, cork, rattan remain relevant.

Simple shapes

Clear lines and shapes are well known to us since the advent of minimalism by Frank Stella in the 1950s. Later it was well incorporated by Scandinavian design. In the new season, round and hemispherical objects are welcome, which go well with the usual square, rhombus, and triangle. 

What is MonsterONE?

Suppose you are looking for a revolutionary service where you can find versatile assets for any taste. In that case, our platform is what you need. This unique marketplace allows its customers to build a website from scratch, providing you with only high-quality and licensed ready-mades. Besides, we offer only the trendiest items so that you will stay tuned to the modern digital world. 

Creating our MonsterONE service, we selected security, wide functionality, uniqueness as our key concepts. No matter what type of web portal you run, what level of coding experience you have, or which creative plans you aim to achieve. Anyone will find the best solutions for their multi-purpose projects. But in case you opt for a single purchase, please refer to our TemplateMonster marketplace to find the best Joomla template

Subscription Strong Points

Our platform boasts numerous cutting-edge advantages:

  • Comprehensive collections of more than 60K premium products;
  • Fully secure and the most trusted payment methods (including Visa or MasterCard, and PayPal);
  • Constant free updates of our range with new assets and offers;
  • Customer-oriented and budget-saving pricing;
  • Multiple premium services, saving your time and allowing you to get the best in the shortest possible terms;
  • Possibility to join our team of talented web developers and become an author;
  • Top-notch lifetime support, always ready to give expert advice and help with any technical issue;
  • Warm and friendly atmosphere, inspiring you to return again and again!

Check our price list to find a package suiting your budget. 

Interior Design Joomla Templates FAQs

Can I create a website using your interior design Joomla templates all by myself?

Yes, even if this is your first experience in this field, you may build a web page with our ready-mades and easily customize it on your own. The detailed documentation of our products is always at your disposal. Here you may find answers to all questions concerning the installation and configuration processes. You are also free to ask our experts for assistance if needed.

Is your interior design Joomla template digital-friendly?

All the pre-made items from our range are fully responsive and come with adaptation to mobile devices. They look perfect on any screen resolution, allowing you to create excellent digital-friendly content.

How to download the interior design Joomla template I picked out?

To download a ready-made from us, first, join our community. Choose one of three pricing plans that fit you best, and log in to your account. Click the Get Started button, select your preferred product, and start the installation. Now it's ready, and you may customize and modify it according to your preferences.

Can I add the functionality I need to your interior design Joomla templates?

Sure, you are free to edit the asset you downloaded, add new features, thus, extending the functionalities. Beyond that, numerous add-ons and powerful plugins from our collections are at your disposal.

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