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Create Appealing Website Facade with Joomla Web Design Templates

You are a builder, creator, or a visionary. You make other people’s lives better by creating beautiful surroundings. Your works adorn the streets and interiors. Your artistic style shows character. But what use is for all of that if you cannot properly sell your services? Try our Joomla web design templates and learn how to make a website worthy of your artistic nature.

eCommerce is the best way to sell your skills to the general public in every sphere. This can mean both direct sales through the website or advertisements of different services. It used to be an arduous task back in the day when nobody knew how to make websites and attract traffic. Today, even if you are unfamiliar with the technology, it is fairly easy to get going.

If you are among the majority of people that have never learned how to code or program – you are in luck to have found us. We are here to help you with our Joomla web design templates.

Who needs Joomla Web Design Templates?

Many different professions can apply themes for designers. Here is a small list of businesses that will find those templates useful:

  • Interior designers – make the website cozy and welcoming. Relay the homey feeling your customers can expect after ordering your services.
  • Exterior designers – display your results in transforming old shacks into small magnificent castles. Every small detail counts when making the outside of a house, so turn your customers’ attention to the smallest changes that make the difference.
  • Landscape designers – work in tandem with mother nature. Showcase the beautiful lawns and parks of your creation.
  • Architects – show how a blueprint is transformed into an actual building. Show every step of the process and the final product – whether you are building the next Sistine Chapel or a modern office building.
  • Construction companies – you are the brunt force behind the glorious architecture. So, show this force on your personal website. Tell everyone that you are the one building the world!
  • Furniture and home appliances retailers – no home is complete if it’s empty. This is where you come in, filling it with all the necessary stuff. Show your original items and fill the apartments of your customers.
  • Door and window manufacturers – a proper website is both the doors and the windows for your customers to see your items. So why not use our charming Joomla web design templates to help your company truly shed light on your splendid produce?

Advantages of Joomla Web Design Templates from MonsterONE

Just like you, we have competitors as well. And just like you, we have many advantages over them. Here are the pros of using Joomla web design templates via MonsterONE subscription for your company:

  • Responsive design Joomla templates – the world is ever-evolving, and today mobile phones are all the rage. It is estimated that more people are surfing the web using smartphones than any other platforms. Our templates are adaptive and will stretch, scale, and change UI depending on which device the customer uses to view the website for a sublime user experience.
  • Retina-ready – most modern displays come with the Retina technology that allows showing more colors, making the picture deeper, sharper, more saturated. Any disciple of the visual arts will tell you that having better colors is never bad, even in monochrome.
  • Bootstrap – using this framework is extremely easy but has tons of functions. It has highly customizable HTML and CSS templates, as well as JavaScript extensions.
  • Ajax – this technology allows the website to have dynamically-updated information. Show stats, infographics, and more without having to reload the website every time.
  • Clean HTML5 – the codes we write are clean and orderly. This allows having faster loading times and better organization, making further modifications easier.
  • Google Maps Integration – you build the city, so it’s only fair for everyone to know where you are. Put the marker on Google Maps with your physical location, mark some of your better works as well for good measure.

Get More Joomla Web Design Templates with MonsterONE subscription

Singular purchases are so out of fashion these days. Subscriptions are generally cheaper and more desirable – so we decided to go with the times. Here are the different pricing plans available for MonsterONE:

  • Creative – get video, audio, graphic, and design assets with additional presentation templates for just $7.40/month, totaling a small sum of just $89/year. Just one week of not drinking coffee per month, and you will be able to afford this.
  • All-in-One – gain all benefits of the previous subscription plan with the addition of e-commerce, CMS, and WordPress themes and myriads of plugins for them. All for only $14.95/month – or $179/year. This is less than a single meal in any European or USA mid-tier restaurant.
  • All-in-One Lifetime – same conditions, different duration. Get all of the aforementioned perks forever for a one-time payment of $749.

Not sure if you are ready for the financial commitment? Don’t worry, we have a solution for you – the free subscription plan. If you want to test our services or look at different templates – this is a perfectly viable option. It’s even good enough for long-term projects if you do not need the additional functionality or have the creativity to work with a limited asset pool.

The free subscription plan includes over 86,600 various web-assets: templates, stock photos, video and audio assets, and much more. Some restrictions apply, and the functionality is limited, but it is good enough for starters. And if you like a particular asset and want to extend your possibilities with it – feel free to upgrade to one of the premium subscription plans and gain all the benefits.

Joomla Web Design Templates FAQ

Can you help me set up a website with your Joomla web design templates?

There are many options for a completely hands-free experience. We can install the template with sample data or fill in your desired information. We can even fill it with some content if that is something you would be interested in. Click here to check these and other options.

Is there a limit for Joomla web design template downloads with MonsterONE?

Downloads with MonsterONE subscription are unlimited, and you can use as many assets as you need – as long as you have an active subscription.

Will there be more Joomla web design templates available via MonsterONE?

We are adding new assets monthly, so expect the library only to grow bigger. This also includes the free subscription plan – all of our authors are encouraged to contribute to it.

Will I receive updates for my Joomla web design templates with MonsterONE?

As long as you have an active subscription, you are eligible for all updates to all of our assets available via MonsterONE. We keep all of our assets up-to-date.

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