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OpenCart Restaurant Themes

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OpenCart Restaurant Themes

OpenCart is most popular among small and medium business owners who want to launch online sales without a large financial investment. Since the engine is open-source, many free add-ons and shop designs, such as OpenCart restaurant themes, extend the basic functionality.

OpenCart is a content management system for online stores that offers a turnkey solution for launching online sales. You receive a working store with examples of products right after installing the engine and adding a theme. You need to add products and descriptions and replace the template. The shopping cart does not require additional configuration unless you want to change particular parameters.

OpenCart Advantages

  • Open source provides almost limitless possibilities for customization and add-on development.
  • A free license allows you to use OpenCart for projects with a low starting budget.
  • Suitable both for stores with several dozen products and for sites with thousands of positions.
  • A high level of security ensures the protection of transactions. It also prevents hacking, fraud, and data loss.
  • Clear administration - you can easily find a content manager or train a staff member to work with content on the site.
  • A steadily growing base of add-ons, modules, and templates greatly simplifies and speeds up OpenCart's sites' development.
  • High performance with relatively low server load reduces hosting and code optimization costs.
  • SEO-friendly with fast indexing and conformity for basic search engine requirements.

OpenCart Restaurant Themes Designs

OpenCart restaurant theme designs are sets of files and styles responsible for the site's appearance in the browser. Templates give the browser information about how your store pages will be displayed on the screen, while the store pages' layout is still the same. For an affordable price, MonsterOne offers a wide choice of  OpenCart restaurant themes. Subscription to all products will cost you 4 times less than a cup of coffee per day. That is why subscribing is more profitable than buying individual items separately. You can check the prices here.

OpenCart Restaurant Themes

The website is the hallmark of a cafe, restaurant, or store. It should present your place in a good light - be aesthetic, simple, and convenient. Every detail of the website draws an analogy to the restaurant itself. If the site creates an unpleasant impression, then hardly anyone wants to visit an OpenCart restaurant. Poor design repels, and the only desire when viewing such a main page is to close the browser's tab. Therefore, you need to pay a lot of attention to website design. OpenCart restaurant themes are created to get high-quality designs for minimal money quickly. Whether you offer pastry, wines, seafood, or desserts - you can find samples on any topic.

eCommerce Designs Use Cases

  • Classic Restaurant
  • National Cuisine Restaurant
  • Fast Food Restaurant
  • Grocery Store
  • Drinks & Beverages Store
  • Sweet-Shop
  • Vegan Store
  • Bakery Store
  • Liquor store

Top 10 OpenCart Restaurant Design Tips

  • Your design should reflect the restaurant's unique personality
  • Choose mobile-friendly themes - a large number of OpenCart restaurant online ordering will be from mobile devices
  • Don't overdo your site when a few main pages are enough
  • Provide customers with only the information they need and make it easy
  • If your OpenCart restaurant or store is growing, your site should too
  • Think about color psychology - do you know that some colors stimulate appetite more than others?
  • Take care of typeface, as readability is key, and the right typeface decides a lot
  • Publish tasty images - it's all about creating a first impression
  • The menu should be neat; you don't need a lot of everything
  • Make integration with social networks

OpenCart Restaurant Themes FAQ

How to choose hosting for sites based on OpenCart restaurant themes?

Free hosting for OpenCart restaurants or stores is completely inappropriate (as for any commercial sites). Attempts to save money on hosting will lead to the fact that the site will be slow and unstable since free hosting is based on cheap or very outdated equipment. To install CMS OpenCart, it is better to choose high-quality hosting so that the site works quickly and is constantly available.

Using a dedicated server is the best way to ensure the consistently high speed of your website. This approach's main disadvantage is that the server must be configured and maintained independently, or you must hire a specialist and pay for his work.

How to create a website with an OpenCart restaurant theme?

You can install OpenCart after registering a domain and paying for the hosting provider's services. If you chose hosting service without CMS autoinstall support, do the following:
Download the latest version of OpenCart from the developer's official website.
Create a database in the hosting control room. Enter the name, username, and password.
Unpack the archive and upload the files to the server using an FTP client. Get the data for accessing the server via FTP from your hosting provider.
Enter the site URL into the address bar of your browser. Accept the license agreement, provide your database access details and install the CMS.

How to download and install an OpenСart restaurant theme?

To install the theme, download the file to your computer. Unzip and upload it to the server using an FTP client. Upload the folder with the theme files to the root directory of the site on the server.
Enter the System - Settings menu. Click the edit icon next to the store name.
In the settings in the Theme field, use the drop-down menu to select the downloaded template.
Save your changes. Make sure the store's theme has changed.
Also, the theme can be installed through the administrative panel in the menu "Modules and extensions - Install extension.”

Why OpenCart is the Best Choice for Your Online Business

In this video, you can take a quick look at the OpenCart platform. All the main thesis will be disclosed by TemplateMonster, which are directly involved in developing OpenCart store designs.

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