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VirtueMart Sports Templates

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Fully-Featured Website with Sports Store Virtuemart Templates from MonsterOne

An online shop is a way that any business needs to sell goods in any location. You can find buyers anywhere in the world. It increases your brand awareness. Would you like to create and set up an e-shop yourself? Then, try the CMS system. For example, in the MonsterOne subscription, you will find sports store virtuemart templates. Such designs are suitable for fitness products or food. In the article, we will tell you more about such layouts.

Features You Need for Any Online Market

The shop owner needs to work on making it convenient for customers to purchase on the website.

Here's the essential functionality you'll need to get your project started:

  • simple registration on the website;
  • basket;
  • the exact price;
  • conditions of delivery, exchange, or return of goods;
  • the possibility to make a purchase "in 1 click";
  • adaptability and speed.


It is the classic option for placing this icon in the upper right corner. Some web resource owners sometimes place it in other places as well. Unfortunately, we do not have data on how this affects the conversion of such resources exactly. If you want sales and not experiments and originality, we recommend choosing a place for placing the basket that is familiar to most users.

The exact price of the product

The buyer must understand how much he will have to pay for the product and consider the discount, configuration, delivery option, payment system commission, etc. You should not have any hidden fees or additional fees.

Terms of delivery, exchange, and return

To increase customer trust, pay attention to the following pages of the e-commerce web resource: Payment, Shipping, Returns, About the Company, and Product Page. These points are significant for any e-shop. Explain to users in simple language what they should do when purchasing, shipping, returning, etc.

Purchase in 1 click

Each shop has a category of one-time buyers. People came to you for a specific thing. They will buy it, but they may never return. Such customers need to register on your site. All they want is to buy the product right now. Give them that opportunity. For this, the shop must be able to buy with one click, without registration and other difficulties.

Adaptability and speed

All modern resources should work on mobile devices. The share of mobile users is increasing every day, but the conversion from them still needs to be higher. You may understand why this is happening and correct the situation according to your concept and strategy. The web resource speed is not so much as the loading of the site but the entire sales cycle: from the moment when the user puts the product in the cart until he receives his purchase.

Features Sports Store Virtuemart Templates Provide

Such themes are Joomla layouts with a shop component. Experts built it on PHP code. It was the first e-commerce component of the Joomla management system. It allows you to build a full-fledged e-commerce. These e-commerce skins are easy to use and install. It is a popular extension to use. It is an ideal option if you need to coordinate a site for e-commerce web resources. The extension supports an unlimited number of categories and goods. This plugin can set many prices for one or more products.

The extension can assign multiple categories to goods, as well as sell downloadable products. An e-commerce resource includes catalog mode with the sales function disabled.

Such a layout uses different types of payment systems. The extension implements a program of discounts and coupons for goods. Also, you get a large selection of delivery options and payment systems and the function of working with several sellers at once.

For buyers and visitors of the site, the following options are provided:

  • viewing the history of previous purchases;
  • the ability to use different currencies;
  • the ability to set up your account;
  • multilingualism

Unlike analogs, this is free software. The PHP code is fully available. Such a function allows developers to update, change, or simply view the operation of the e-commerce web resource. It uses a secure HTTPS protocol with 128-bit encryption and a powerful JavaScript-based interface.

It uses skins that allow you to change the look and feel of your skin. You can also quickly change the themes of the order pages, shopping carts, and categories. All this presents the platform as a very popular Joomla extension.

Advanced functionality, ease of use and installation, and a wide range of features as a helpful Joomla component.

Sports Store Virtuemart Templates Videos

Let's say you've launched a site, installed a layout, added content, etc. Now, you should add goods, attributes, and descriptions to them. In this video, you can see how to do it.

Sports Store Virtuemart Templates FAQ

How to Choose Sports Store Virtuemart Templates?

Before choosing, analyze what goods you sell. Review competitors in your niche. And determine the most beneficial functionality and successful design elements. In the subscription, you will find many different skins: fitness, food, yoga, dance, clothes, equipment, etc. Please note that you are changing the content completely. We recommend choosing the most successful layout structure. It is the most complicated thing to change. The more the basic structure suits you, the less time you spend on setting up and running a web resource.

How to Get Sports Store Virtuemart Templates for Free?

You must be a MonsterOne subscriber to download backgrounds for free. You can choose any plan. The creative plan has a monthly and annual tariff. It includes all graphics: 3D, presentations, video, audio, icons, etc. If you plan to develop websites, choose the All-in-One About or All-in-One plan. You can select an annual or lifetime tariff. Options include everything Creative has. You also get CMS, HTML, E-commerce skins, plugins, etc. Also, the option provides the Weblium items and Draftium visual editor.

What Pages Do You Get with Sports Store Virtuemart Templates?

You get all the necessary pages for the initial launch of the shop. You are guaranteed to get a home page, shop, contacts, FAQ, About us, product page, etc. You can change any design. Add or view any items.

What Hosting Do You Need for Sports Store Virtuemart Templates?

You need to take at least a VPS or a cloud server and configure the environment. The current version requires the following hosting configuration: MySQL version 8.0, PHP - not lower than version 8.1, Apache 2.4, etc.

5 Best VirtueMart Sports Templates 2024

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Dobody VirtueMart Template7Free
Martial Arts VirtueMart Template7Free
Extreme Sports VirtueMart Template6Free
Fishing VirtueMart Template7Free
Diving VirtueMart Template6Free

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