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VirtueMart Fashion Templates

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Best Fashion VirtueMart Templates To Build A Special Store

Want to offer cool bags, wallets, fashionable dresses, beautiful coats, and sweaters to many audiences? Pay attention to the excellent and modern designs for the online shop on this site. We offer a variety of color schemes, styles, layouts of blocks on pages, and ideas from web developers. Check out the fantastic and charming collection of fashion VirtueMart templates. You will find an excellent option for your website. MonsterOne has a vast number of graphics, a variety, and many web developers. Be sure to join our fantastic library and get tons of items for one monthly fee!

Who Needs Fashion VirtueMart Templates

First, you need to figure out who is suitable for such designs. Our customers are online stores. After all, products are ideally combinable with software that allows you to develop a store. It's about VirtueMart. As you know, this functionality is perfectly compatible with Joomla and Mambo. Therefore, the layouts above suit you if you work in this CMS.

Note that the following sellers download our designs most often:

  • Clothing and footwear.
  • Jackets, coats, and winter accessories.
  • Glasses and watches.
  • Jewelry.
  • Home decor.
  • Children's books and toys.
  • Meals for animals.
  • Finishing materials.
  • Souvenirs
  • Accessories.

Remember, whatever layout you choose can be customizable. Select colors and fonts, and edit texts. Make your site unique with the help of our beautiful designs, which can always be customizable to your taste.

Advantages Of Fashion VirtueMart Templates

In addition to the proposed themes being unique, high-quality, and having a distinctive style, they also have particular benefits. Web developers try to use the most modern and new technologies and programs during creation. So, our goods change the website not only externally but also technically. Read about the most popular features below. Please find out the full potential of our products and be sure to join our MonsterOne club.


Of course, your project is a full-fledged online store. However, with our graphics, you receive the most convenient order forms, simple fields to fill in, and a beautiful appearance. All these factors together make shopping pleasant and fast. So, people are happy to order your plates, souvenirs, figurines, or accessories.

Sliced PSD

How about editing the appearance of pages in Photoshop? This point is possible if the feature is in the description. Do you have the skills to work in graphic editors? Download the design in Sliced PSD, where each detail is presented in the required format and divided into layers.

Dropdown Menu

It's the block where visitors look for site sections. It plays a significant role in the overall appearance of your project. Also, a lot depends on how correctly and consistently you specify the information in the menu. If there is a large assortment, it's worth considering how to organize and in what order the goods will be in a block.

Google map

If you put the company's address, the firm gains more trust. The more open a company is to people, the more potential customers trust it. Also, the element is helpful if people like to pick up most of the orders themselves and need to come to the fois or delivery points.


Publish important news about the company or guides on choosing the right size, color, or clothing style in the section. Whatever strategy you try, a beautiful layout increases the reader's interest in your articles.


Look at the images on the link, preview them, and download them to the background of the sections. Add uniqueness and elegance to the project. The effect adds depth and spectacularity to any website.

Watch the demo to make the right decision. The main thing to remember is that if you choose the right tariff, you can download unlimited!

New Trends For Web Design

Watch the video to understand how a modern website must look this year. Get inspired by new ideas and immediately start looking for a suitable layout on MonsterOne!

Fashion VirtueMart Templates FAQ

How to choose a VirtueMart template fashion store?

Go to the product page. There, find a demo to see how the future pages may look. Think about how well the style and colors match your project and goods. Then, read the description. Find the features you need, and check compatibility with your CMS. Now you can download it!

Do fashion VirtueMart templates have support?

Yes, goods have a service.

How to download fashion VirtueMart templates?

Please sign up for a subscription and pay the tariff via the link. Then, go to the page of the theme you like and click the download button.

How to set up themes from MonsterOne?

Try to edit it in a graphic editor. The product must have the Sliced PSD feature for this. Also, configure all the details in CMS. Please read the instructions the author added to his layout and make the necessary edits.

5 Best VirtueMart Fashion Templates 2024

Product NameDownloadsPrice for One Members
Apparel Online Store VirtueMart Template17Free
Shoper VirtueMart Template12Free
Clothes VirtueMart Template10Free
Blossom VirtueMart Template9Free
Lizzy VirtueMart Template9Free

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