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VirtueMart Furniture Templates

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CMS Templates 30
VirtueMart Templates 30
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Sliced PSD 21
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Tabs 21
Sample content 21
Quickstart Package 21
Blog 12
Parallax 5
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3.6.5 4
3.5.1 1
3.5 9
3.4.x 6
3.3.6 3
2.5.17 5
2.5.11 1
2.5.10 4
2.5.8 1
2.5.7 2
2.5 13
3.2 2
3.0.19 1
3.0.18 1
3.0.14 1
3.0.12 1
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Joomla Furniture VirtueMart Themes - Features & Benefits

Ready-made assets from the collection are a real boon for developers. They provide an excellent basis for a future resource with an attractive design and powerful functionality. The layouts have top functionality for online shopping and provide customers with a pleasant experience with the company. There is a convenient catalog, a wishlist, different payment systems, and many more top features. Moreover, there are unique tools for conducting discounts and marketing campaigns.

The great advantage of mockups is their complete customization. They adapt to all modifications and allow you to realize all your ideas. Do you need to change the color, add a caption, or remove a button? As easy as pie! Use a convenient drag-and-drop editor to edit blocks without diving into the code. See more features below:

  • fully responsive layout;
  • SEO-friendly;
  • dropdown menu;
  • blog module;
  • gallery & portfolio;
  • eCommerce functions;
  • web forms, including contact, newsletter, and sign-in & sign-up;
  • Google Maps;
  • stylish appearance & clean interface;
  • live chat;
  • fully customizable blocks;
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  • 24/7 technical support.

Choosing The Best Layout for Your Project - Tips & Tricks

Have you appreciated the collection and want to find the best option for your top-notch project? Follow these simple tips to choose the perfect mockup and create a successful resource:

  • Define your goals and plans. What is the scale of the future resource, and what functionality do you need? Decide on all the details to move forward with a clear plan.
  • Use the sidebar to indicate your preferences and filter the collection. Clarify colors, tags, features, and other parameters to see options that match your criteria.
  • Go to the asset to explore the available information. Try the demo to evaluate the operation of the pages and read the description with reviews. Consult with your team to find out all the pros and cons and make the right decision.
  • Download the layout and proceed to customization.

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Joomla Furniture VirtueMart Templates FAQ

What are the advantages of Joomla furniture VirtueMart templates?

The main advantage of the layouts is that they provide a professional basis for the future online store. With them, you don't have to worry about developing from scratch, since you have a pre-designed look, features, and structure.

Can I edit buttons in Joomla furniture VirtueMart templates?

Yes. Mockups are customizable, so editing colors, buttons, or images is as easy as pie. Moreover, thanks to the open-source code, you can implement innovative features for your future store.

Which MonsterONE plan includes Joomla furniture VirtueMart templates?

Templates and plugins are available in All-in-One and All-in-One Pro packages. Check them out if you plan to deal with web development.

Where may I use Joomla furniture VirtueMart templates?

Mockups from the library are an ideal option for many design-related companies. Check out some options here:
- interior design agency;
- distributor;
- carpenter;
- online furniture catalog;
- repair service;
- housewares store;
- housing planning companies.

5 Best VirtueMart Furniture Templates 2024

Product NameDownloadsPrice for One Members
Furniture for Comfort VirtueMart Template7Free
Tools & Equipment VirtueMart Template10Free
Housewares VirtueMart Template7Free
Tools VirtueMart Template5Free
Terraceda VirtueMart Template10Free

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