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Magento Car Themes

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Best Magento Car Themes from MonsterONE to Design Successful E-commerce 

To save time, we make most of the purchases online. So, the entrepreneur needs to design a good online store. There are a lot of platforms for e-commerce, and Magento is one of the most popular ones. Well-known brands like Ford, Christian Louboutin, Nestle Nespresso are using Magento for their business development. Therefore, if you want to design the perfect website and enjoy the full range of advantages from Magento, it is preferable to use the templates. It will help you to save time and avoid extra spending.

You can use the Magento Car Themes with any e-commerce connected with cars, for example, car parts, make models, accessories, etc.

Striking Features of the Magento Car Themes

For choosing the best theme from the MonsterONE, you shouldn't just consider the design. It is better to surprise the clientele with the full range of the website's characteristics as it will make the web page SEO friendly, which will increase the web traffic. So here are the features which you should consider while choosing the template.

  • Responsiveness helps you to adapt the web pages to any screen size. That is why your online store will look attractive both on tablets, laptops, and mobile phones.
  • HTML 5 gives you more control opportunities over web performance. Also, it makes the user experience faster and smoother than the users' experience.
  • JQuery simplifies using JavaScript on the website.
  • Dropdown Menu simplifies the navigation on the website, as the customer will reach the required page easier and faster.
  • Google map helps the clients to find the physical location of the shop on the map.
  • Multilingual support translates the web pages into different languages, which improves the customers' web experience.
  •  Among other features, you get Sliced PSD, HTML plus JS Admin Panel, and Sample content.

Extra Features for Magento Car Themes

Before using Magento, you should understand that you place the theme on the basic web features from the Magento all others you should buy separately. Here is the list of the highly needed extensions for any e-commerce link to get it for convenience.

Custom product builder

Generally, a custom product builder helps change the color of the car parts with just one click. Let’s imagine that the customer has found a perfect car part, but wants it in another color. He is not obliged to scroll the number of pages and finding the required color; everything will be on one page. Therefore, your clients will save more time and see all the particular item's available shades. Besides, they will know how the item with the chosen color will look on the car. It is an amazing feature that all popular and successful online shops have. If you have decided to apply such a feature, click here, and you will be able to download it for free.

Wish list

Such an extension enables your customer to add all the products they want to the wish list. People usually do not buy the item, at first sight, they tend to consider all products to find something better, but after watching all the pages, they decided that the first choice was the best. Then customers start to search for the first product, and it takes time. There is a possibility that they fail to find that item. Such a feature saves time as customers are not obliged to scroll numerous pages to find the product they liked.


A blog is a perfect tool for informing the customers about products and answer frequently asked questions. Such a tool helps you foresee and prevent the possible issues clients might have and build customer loyalty.


SEO friendliness is essential for every website as it provides a better ranking on the search results list. So, it helps to overcome the tough competition in e-commerce. It is difficult to properly optimize all the web SEO elements, reduce the duplicate content, and build good architecture and navigation as all these influence SERPs' ranking. So, it is easier to install such an extension rather than do everything on your own.


Online shop owners consider the shipment the biggest problem, but with this extension, you can forget about problems and decrease the shipping costs and make the process more convenient.

Quick checkout

Some customers get irritated with the slow checking out as they just waste time waiting. So such a feature will increase the speed of checking out and improve the customers' web experience.


It extends the basic menu functionality and allows to configure the subcategories multi-column display easily. It simplifies the web navigation, so customers can quickly find what they want.

Why Should I Choose MonsterONE Subscription for Getting the Magento Car Themes

If you are a developer who designs various websites and needs some fresh ideas or does not have time to create something new, this marketplace is a perfect choice.

  • You save money, as the price for the whole year equals the 3 cups of coffee per month. Don't drink much coffee and enjoy the advantages of MonsterONE subscription. Besides, in some cases, the price for the whole year is the same as the price for just one template. So, why should you spend the extra money? For more details, check the Pricing Page.
  • You get access to the products with high quality and unique designs, which will increase your web traffic.
  • We care about our clients, so we ensure 24/7 customer support. Our team answers any questions concerning the items we provide. If you need extra services like installing or setup so consider ordering additional services.

Pricing on MonsterONE Membership for Getting the Magento Car Themes

 There are three basic plans, and all of them include a full year of technical support. They differ in the type of the available assets for free download, the time during which you can get the items, and the price.

  • Creative. This standard plan allows you to download for free the graphics, presentation designs for PPT, Keynote, and Google slide during the whole year. All these cost just $6.80 per month.
  • All-in-one. It includes free access to all items from the MonsterONE platform during the 365days. The price for this plan is 14.95 monthly or $179 per year.
  • All-in-one lifetime. It gives you unlimited access to all the resources from the platform without any time limits.

Make the right choice and stay with the MonsterONE.

How to Install the Magento Car Themes Manually?

You need to have its code either in the archive or in the directory structure for theme installation.

  1. For the storefront theme copy its code <Magento root-directory >/app/design/frontend. Do not forget to confirm that the high-level directory is <Seller name> or problems with the installation.
  2. Make sure that you copied the store design files to the right place.
  3. Add and commit files.
  4. Drag the documents to your branch
  5. Wait for the successful deployment.
  6. Check your work by going to the Magento Admin and find your new theme in the design category.

Well done! Now you are ready to use the new template and redesign your online shop.

Magento Car Themes FAQ

Why is Responsiveness Important for Magento Car Themes?

We do not usually have access to the laptop. Therefore we make purchases with the phones. In this case, the template's responsiveness is vital, as it helps to adapt the website's design to any screen resolution. So, it will be convenient for the customer to navigate the web pages with mobile-friendly designs.

How to add more features to the website with the Magento Car Themes?

If you want to add more features to your online store and create a better user experience, so add extensions to your online shop on the Magento platform. Additional characteristics include booking, calendar, custom product builder, blogs, etc. Here is the link to the extensions that will make your e-commerce highly customer-friendly.

Why is it Better to Buy the Premium Magento Car Themes than Free?

Themes from the MonsterONE provide you with high quality, modern design, and perfect documentation. While the template might be just attractive, you will have to add extra features and do all the changes independently without technical support from the professionals. Remember, free is not always good.

Can I Sell my Magento Car Themes on MonsterONE Marketplace?

If you are an experienced developer or good at creating new Magento themes, we are welcome to become the Author on our marketplace. Be prepared to provide some of your works to our specialists for their approval. Give it a try and become our Author.

How to configure the layout of the product list on Magento Car Themes?

This video tutorial shows the way of configuring the product listing layout in Magento shop themes. All the actions are clearly displayed on the screen, and all the steps are described in writing. So, watch the video and enjoy the new product listing layout.

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