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Magento Hotel Themes

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Perfect Magento Hotel Templates

To present and sell your products on the Internet, you need a proper, great-looking resource to attract customers and tell them more about your business. To help develop such exclusive websites, we offer a wide range of Magento hotel templates. 

Who Needs Magento Hotel Templates

To use Magento Community, you need to add the necessary functions to the online store. It won't be easy since, in some cases, it requires certain knowledge (PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, Coding Standards, Design patterns, payment gateways, etc.). 

On the one hand, you can add any function. On the other hand, if you cannot fully install and configure your Magento hotel themes without the help of third-party developers, order extra services from MonsterOne. Even if you take the time to read the manuals, it does not guarantee that your online store will function correctly. Hotel marketing and booking platforms assembled with Magento are a great way to advertise goods and services and offer them to customers.

Great Features of Magento Hotel Templates

The best features you get when using our Magento hotel reservation extension are:

  1. Megamenu. Multi-function pop-up menu for easy use and search.
  2. Provides support for screens of different sizes and adapts and switches quickly.
  3. Sliced PSD. This feature helps you divide your template into separate parts.
  4. Customize theme. You can customize the whole kind of theme using additional options that you like.
  5. We offer complete examples of filling fields, rows, and blocks for a clearer and more convenient integration of templates and Magento online hotel booking scripts.
  6. Drop-down menu. Help you quickly find and select the right category.
  7. Presence of quick tabs. Tabs are converted to harmonica when the CSS breakpoint is reached.
  8. HTML5 plus JS page, JQuery.
  9. Sample content. Helps you immediately see the main components of the page and open the desired one.
  10. AMP. Accelerated mobile pages help you quickly adapt your site and download pages on mobile devices.
  11. Google maps. You can use them to make Magento templates industrial sales look even more attractive.

With an admin panel on Magento hotel listings, you can easily manage orders, discounts, interact with potential customers, and change the site's appearance.

How to Build a Hotel Website in Magento: Pros and Cons

The benefits of creating an online store with a Magento hotel reservation system include:

  1. Continuous development, creator support, regular updates, and no vulnerability to attacks and viruses.
  2. Convenience for visitors and different levels of access for online store administrators.
  3. Advanced analytics, integration with Google Analytics, and convenient tools for managing prices, goods, users.
  4. Varnish Cache is an innovative caching system that significantly speeds up page loading.
  5. Multicurrency, support of various payment systems, including PayPal, the ability to make large purchases, up to 300 items.
  6. A sufficient amount of information, manuals, video lessons, guides on CMS.
  7. A rich selection of templates, modules, extensions; however, most of them are paid. For example, the Magento hotel booking extension can help you to control the website without much effort.

Of course, when using templates, you can distinguish not only the advantages but also several disadvantages. After all, any CMS also has negative sides:

  1. The development of the site should be carried out using powerful hosting and a high-performance server. On a simple, cheap host, the web resource will run slowly.
  2. Volumetric rework. If you need a truly unique and unique online shop with customized settings, you will need to refine the Zend Framework based on which platform is made.

After installing the engine, only one default site theme is available, which can only be used for trial purposes. Then you need to choose the appropriate design, upload it to the server and configure it for your own purposes. It is worth noting that few free templates and the existing ones' capabilities do not allow you to develop web resources with wow design.

Engines and Modules for Magento Hotel Templates

This CMS is distributed in a free — Community Edition and a paid — Enterprise Edition version. The first one is suitable for small projects and as an introduction to the engine. The number of free extensions for it is limited.

However, it is possible to download and install modules for adding social networks, 1-click ordering, automatic sorting of identical products, callback, and other solutions for efficient eCommerce operation.

However, free modules for developing a website with a Magento hotel booking theme should be tested in advance; many of them, as experienced developers note, are not of good quality. Paid solutions are more stable and efficient. However, their use will have to spend a small amount of money.

The paid version of Enterprise Edition can be pre-tested on a demo account, after which you need to buy a license or switch to the Magento Open Source version.

MonsterONE Membership and its Benefits

We've been creating amazing assets for a long time, from resale themes to full-fledged custom e-commerce websites. Look for a few unique expansions available for free in the official directory and a variety of products. You can get them after subscribing, and only if you are 18+ old.

After joining MonsterONE, many more opportunities open up:

  1. ALL-IN-ONE (Unlimited) for $599 per one-time fee for a lifetime.
  2. ALL-IN-ONE for $179 per year.
  3. Creative for $82 per year.

Here you can find what’s included in our pricing plans.

Magento Hotel Templates FAQ

How to Add a YouTube Video Gallery Module to Magento?

To integrate the module on your website, you need to complete 3 simple steps (it will take no more than 3 minutes): 1. Download MagentoYouTube extension and upload it to your website; 2. Create the YouTube gallery widget; 3. Save the changes.
Now you may upload the videos from YouTube to your website.

Who Can Help me with my Magento Hotel Booking System Layouts?

Live chat is always active, and our team is ready to help daily and nightly. It is located at the right bottom corner. Address all your troubles directly to the experts, and they will give you proper instructions.

Do I Get Installation Service Along with Magento Hotel Templates?

When you purchase a layout, it comes without any specialties, but you may obtain various services for an extra fee. We can have your theme installed on the website or even launch an online store.

Can I Become an Author and Provide your Marketplace with Magento Hotel Templates?

If you are a developer of layouts, you may join our team of authors and collaborate by selling us your products. Check out the terms of work and apply here.

Magento Hotel Templates Video

In order to create custom settings using our template, we offer to review the video and clearly see the whole diagram. All manipulations are performed in the Custom Options tab. You can add additional settings using the Add New Option function. After making changes, be sure to refresh the page and check everything.

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