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Magento Industrial Themes

All Items
CMS Templates 9
Magento Themes 9
Industrial 9
Responsive 8
Admin Panel 8
MegaMenu 7
HTML 5 6
JQuery 6
Sliced PSD 6
Dropdown Menu 6
Google map 6
Sample content 6
HTML plus JS 5
Ajax 5
Online Store/Shop 5
Retina Ready 5
Bootstrap 4
Blog 3
Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) 2
Parallax 1
Performance Optimization 1
Advanced Theme Options 1
2.3.4 1
2.3.0 1
2.1.7 4
2.1.0 1
1.9.2.x 2 2

Magento Industrial Themes For Factories And Plants

Undoubtedly, this CMS is one of the most demanded in the sales and purchases market. Read more about it in the blog. It is recognized as the fastest platform for building online stores. It is the absolute leader among multi-channel eCommerce for B2C and B2B markets worldwide. To grow your business, you can try to use the Magento industrial themes.

Who Need Magento Industrial Themes

Only experienced programmers, whose services are considered one of the most expensive in the niche of site development, can properly configure and customize CMS. Another blow to finance is paid modules and layouts. With manager (Magento) industrial products, setting up and designing a website may well be expensive, especially if you need to connect management, warehouse, and accounting programs. And this price does not include developer services. Given this, CMS Magento recommends only large-scale projects, marketplaces, and supermarkets with an assortment of 500,000 or more products. 

Great Features of Magento Industrial Themes

The powerful functionalities:

  1. Dropdown Menu or MegaMenu.
  2. The adaptive design accommodates different screen sizes. 
  3. Advanced theme settings.
  4. Example of filling fields, rows, and blocks.
  5. The drop-down menu will allow you to quickly select the desired category.
  6. Responsive tabs.
  7. HTML 5 plus JS pages, JQuery.
  8. Web applications have become faster and more convenient with Ajax.
  9. Sample content.
  10. Online store (shop design).
  11. Google Maps to make Magento templates industrial sales look even more attractive.

Choose beaver industrial supply Magento for production and factory. Manufacturing plays an important role in the business world. It is the force that keeps the environment moving.

Pros and Cons of Magento Industrial Themes

One of the key advantages of this engine is open source and use on a free license. Thus, professional developers can create web resources with powerful functionality and distinctive capabilities. 

Besides, the benefits of creating an online store on Magento include:

  1. A full-fledged "box" version with a set of basic options for developing a commercial web platform.
  2. Excellent adaptation of the system for search SEO promotion, indexing pages in the background.

Disadvantages of using Magento 2 industrial sample data for the online shop. As is known, any CMS has positives and negatives. We have already considered the advantages of the engine; now we describe its cons. 

Complex installation and management procedure. To install and configure, you need to involve professional developers and experienced administrators whose services are not cheap. It will be extremely difficult for a beginner or specialist to perform any operations with no knowledge of this CMS.

MonsterONE and its Benefits

Magento's official website offers both paid and free versions of the assets. MonsterONE makes it possible to get Magento industrial product templates. 


  1. ALL-IN-ONE (Unlimited) $599/one-time fee for lifetime.
  2. ALL-IN-ONE for $179/year.
  3. Creative for $82/year.

You can read more about the licensing and subscription requirements and process here.

Magento Industrial Themes FAQ

Can I get free Magento industrial themes?

On our platform, you can register a free account. This type of access allows you to use more than 450 items. You have access to different resumes, presentations, and websites. Also included in the list are the logo, backgrounds, and icons, PSD files. The number and variety of themes are constantly updated.

Are Magento industrial themes mobile-friendly?

Every asset is good because they open on mobile phones, tablets, and computers. Long-awaited customers will be able to view your site from any device.

Why do people choose this CMS to use Magento industrial themes?

Magento is an open-source solution and is supported in Community and Enterprise Editions, making it available for e-commerce projects of any size. It has most of the functionality you'll need to build right into it, but also, when you need something a little different and decide to work with a developer; it doesn't have to cost a lot of money. For example, look at the download statistics for Magento 2 sample data industrial.

Is there technical support for proper Magento industrial themes integration?

When you purchase a license (annual or unlimited) for the use of products from our online shop, you get full technical support from our company's best professionals. Consultations are conducted according to the license requirements and are free.

Magento Industrial Themes Video

Without spending a lot of time, you will learn a lot of useful information. This lesson will show how to resize the slider in industrial products responsive Magento themes.

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