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Magento Food Themes

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Best Magento Food Templates for Your Unforgettable Shopping Experience

Do you run a business in the food and beverage industry, and you want to promote your brand online moving it to a more advanced level? The best solution for you is to create an eCommerce portal that will present your food ordering service and will attract new clients. With pre-made Magento food templates by TemplateMonster, creating a modern and mobile-ready website has never been easier. 

Magento Food Templates Key Characteristics

Alongside multiple benefits of the Magento CMS platform, among which are advanced security, built-in cross-selling option, and meta-implementation functionalities required for SEO, our store assets boast a command of premium features:

  • Customization-friendly layout;
  • Mobile adaptation;
  • Clean HTML coding;
  • Retina-ready design;
  • Easy-to-use interface;
  • Dropdown menu;
  • Extra high loading speed;
  • Integration with popular plugins;
  • Intelligent product filter;
  • Multilingual support; 
  • Multi-currency option;
  • Sample data installer;
  • Versatile product badges and carousels;
  • Countdown timers, star ratings, and much more.

Many extensions, specially developed to make the management process smoother and more efficient, are available for the users. They contribute to the functionality of any sample, allowing you to get a better set of features and settings. Visit our page to find more about extra modules and enrich your ready-made with additional options. 

Who Will Need Magento Food Templates

Opting for our pre-made items, you will keep your store fresh and appealing. All of them are multifunctional and perfectly suit various purposes. Many people will benefit by selecting our top-notch products:

  • Owners of cafes and restaurants;
  • Executive and high-level chefs;
  • Cake decorators;
  • Bakers;
  • Pastry cooks;
  • Sushi chefs;
  • Sommeliers;
  • Banquet and catering managers;
  • Restaurant designers;
  • Food delivery services for ordering products online;
  • Anyone working in the hotel industry, etc.

Premium Samples with MonsterONE

Our revolutionary service is a perfect choice for any user. By selecting MonsterONE and its cost-effective offers, you will get an excellent possibility: paying for the subscription, you may download all items from our collections for free. Besides, the advantages do not end here. A lot of them will be at your disposal:

  • Unlimited access to a rich digital gallery with the best Magento or any other CMS templates;
  • No usage threshold: apply the purchased item for your project any number of times;
  • Constant quality control and fully secure payment methods;
  • Numerous additional features and premium services for easier user experience;
  • Regular updates, enriching the product range with trendy ready-mades;
  • Lifetime support from experienced technical specialists, and much more.

How to Get Free Magento Food Shop Themes

There are three ways to buy pre-made products for your e-store in the food and drink sector:

  1. Free download. To install the preferred item, you will have to pick it out from the list of free ones and share its link on your social media page. Performing this step, you can find your asset in the downloads section of your account. 
  2. Single purchase. This is a fast and straightforward option, for which you need to add a product you like to your cart and move forward to it. After a few minutes left, our managers will send you an invoice for the chosen design and the download link.
  3. MonsterONE subscription. It gives you the possibility to pay once and get free access to any assets from our digital gallery. You only need to log in and click on the “download” button on a theme’s page.

Subscription vs. Single Product Purchase

Our 100% responsive products are premium and top-quality. Unlike free samples available on the web, they are always one and only. As well, each item comes with qualified support from experienced specialists and has all the essential licenses. Our protected by Copyright eCommerce designs are suitable for most commercial purposes. 

If you have not decided which type of pricing option to choose yet, consider that both single purchase and subscription have their pros. However, the first one covers buying an asset on a one-off basis only; it's perfect for business owners who need a product for single use. But if you have several online stores, then MonsterONE is a great choice for you. For the price of a few assets, you get unlimited access to a comprehensive collection of professional eCommerce designs.

Download Magento food delivery themes from us for free and enjoy excellent quality, proven by the time and thousand of positive feedbacks from our customers!

MonsterONE Pricing

Three pricing plans include:

  1. Creative for $82 yearly, provides you with unlimited access to all graphics, audio and video files, and presentation assets;
  2. All-in-one for $179 yearly, grants you all the benefits listed above plus the extra ones, including CMS themes and E-commerce samples, modern plugins, additional modules;
  3. All-in-one Unlimited for $599 offers you the advantages of the All-in-one plan with lifetime access to it.

Magento Food Templates FAQ

What functionalities of Magento food templates should I focus on?

Focus on characteristics that are a must for a successfully running website. They include SEO optimization, adaptation to mobile devices, efficient HTML5 and CSS3 coding, full responsiveness. Integration to the popular plugins, multilingual and multi-currency support, flexible admin panel are essential as well.

Are Magento food templates SEO-optimized?

Sure, each asset features extensive SEO enhancements. Thus, you may achieve a top spot in search engine rankings, improving web traffic.

How may I add my Magento food templates to the TemplateMonster collection?

To share your works, you should consider becoming an author. For this, upload your pre-made file to our platform, add the required information, and wait for confirmation from our specialists.

How to buy Magento food templates?

You can buy a pre-made asset in several easy steps. Sign in to our page. Press the Get started button and pick out the needed category. Now you are free to search for the item for your project. Add it to your cart, download it, and get down to customization.

Best Magento Food Templates - Download for Free

Do you want to learn more about our budget-oriented offers and the Magento platform itself? Then check our video and discover multiple benefits you may get. Unlock a broad horizon of new possibilities together with us!

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