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Magento Construction Themes

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Construction Magento Themes - Sure Way to Build Online Business 

These days, many companies are looking for ways to increase profits and attract more customers online. At first sight, it seems that your business may not need a lot of global awareness. And that's partly true if you don't have a goal to reach the international market. But an online presence and SEO are very important to develop the business. How to do it and where to get the necessary tools? Everything is easy with our solutions. We offer you unique Magento themes. The choice is big enough because the answer to whether you can stand out among the competitors and be at the top - a confident YES. Our high-quality products are created with the latest design trends in mind. You may find items with minimalist design, a huge photo gallery, a video background, and much more. MonsterONE subscription gives you all the options, so you only have to choose what you like and work comfortably with the setup. 

Building Magento Themes are Ready for Different Purposes 

The construction business is one of the leading niches. Competition is fierce because everyone wants to get more customers to use the services. Therefore, the one who attracts more visitors and gets the maximum conversion rate will be successful. If you aim to use a template and create a website, it means you already have something to offer clients. A powerful base guarantees that your work with the customization and the subsequent creation of the site will be problem-free and smooth. Our themes cover a much larger field than just construction. You may build a website for:

  • real estate services, 
  • construction holding company, 
  • apartment renovation, 
  • furniture, 
  • interior design services, 
  • home decor, 
  • sales of windows and doors, 
  • architectural firm, 
  • apartment rentals and much more. 

The multi-purpose nature of the items ensures this variety. They are fully adaptable to your wishes. All you need is choose the template you prefer, go to its page, make sure it has the required features and download it by becoming a MonsterONE subscriber. 

Key Features of Construction Magento Themes 

We know that the visual aspect plays a key role when interacting with customers for the first time. But a pretty picture won't be enough to be successful. That's why we have filled our ready-made solutions with all possible features to save your time on the site creation and make this process faster and more comfortable. So, by choosing engineering Magento templates, you will get:

  • responsive design - correct and equal site display on any devices, with the ability to make all operations (select a product, place an order, add to cart it, zoom in the goods, etc.), 
  • amazing visual layout - each theme is neatly and uniquely designed with color schemes based on the product topic,
  • extensions support - to work with Magento, you will need additional modules that you can find on TemplateMonster's official website (mega menu, search on the site, blog connection, wishlist, etc.) 
  • valid and clean code - error-free code and fully customizable,
  • admin panel - useful tools for adjustments at your fingertips, 
  • Bootstrap framework - user-friendly grid to build adaptive design,
  • Retina ready function - clear and smooth image.

You may read more about more features on each product's page. 

MonsterONE Pricing Plans: How to Download Building Magento Themes

If you are already assured that our products are what you've been looking for, but you don't know how to get started downloading them, here is the answer. MonsterONE is a huge library with ready-made solutions for every purpose and taste. It means that you may find absolutely everything here for online and offline projects. To get access to this assortment, you need to subscribe by choosing a suitable pricing plan.

We have a Creative package which includes basic products. These are graphics and design assets (logos, infographics, icons, fonts, illustrations, and more), audio and video materials (effects, templates to work in the editors), great presentation templates. This plan costs $82 annually or $6.80 monthly. 

If you need website tools to work as well, then feel free to choose the All-in-one plan. It includes all items available for a 1-year subscription. These include graphics, presentation templates, CMS templates, e-commerce themes, plugins, audio, and video assets. The price for the package is $179 annually or $14.95 monthly. 

If you're still unsure about MonsterONE's powerful benefits, we present you with a special All-in-one lifetime package. Sounds great, right? Well, with that subscription plan, which by the way costs $599, you can use any product from the library for lifelong. The collection is constantly being updated, so you've got a real income tool in your hands. Especially if you're a coder or a web studio owner, you'll realize that it's much easier and faster to choose a pre-made product and customize it to your clients' needs. 

Construction Magento Themes FAQs

How do I customize engineering Magento themes?

Use the built-in admin panel tools. They are intuitive to use. Besides that, you should understand that the work with the template will proceed at the code level. And if you have any questions, you can watch our tutorials on the YouTube channel. There, experts tell in detail and show you how to edit the code.

How to download the building Magento theme for free?

Please get a free account on our site. It is a great option for those who have doubts or can't subscribe for now. With a free account, everything is straightforward: enter your data (email, first and last name, and password), click Get Free Plan, download products by sharing a link to them on social networks. 
The free account includes templates for presentations, websites, logos, resumes, PSDs files, backgrounds, and icons.

Can you help create an online store based on the construction Magento theme?

Of course! Feel free to use our professional services. Firstly, it is quite convenient, and for subscribers, there is a discount. All-in-One Store Setup will cost $579. The service includes installation and configuration of the template, SEO optimization, and content filling.

What is better: MonsterONE subscription or single construction Magento theme purchase?

Of course, much depends on your budget. If you have the means to subscribe, hurry up and do it. After all, you will get significantly more than you spend. But suppose you need to buy themes only once, and you are not related to online store creation. In that case, it is better to search for a suitable product on the official TemplateMonster digital marketplace.

What is AMP-ready Construction Magento Themes?

AMP is one more feature of our exclusive offerings. If you still don't know what it is and the peculiarities of accelerated mobile pages, hurry up and check out this short video.

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