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Magento eCommerce Design for Successful Business People

Magento eСommerce design is used as a platform for 250,000 Internet projects with a combined turnover of more than $50 billion per year, making it the leading platform in the TOP 1000 and HOT 100 with a double lead nearest competitors in terms of the multiple installs. It is a multi-channel eCommerce platform that combines incredible flexibility and versatility, allowing for any project level.

Magento eСommerce Design: Tips for Choosing

Let's build a small layout. This will produce an initial grid of ready blocks and pages and the basic arrangement of the future online storage. Check if the template supports all the functionality that could potentially be useful.

Magento web design is well-thought and has features like:

  • simple back to top button;
  • description of styles for images and texts;
  • various Google fonts;
  • page builder.

The search bar and shopping icons provide a good user experience. The theme design may serve as an excuse for a visitor to stay longer on the pages of your store.

This is true if you are a growing brand. Try to imagine how the landing page will look after you fill it with text and pictures, add a logo, a shopping cart, and adjust the company's corporate identity elements. It should be user-friendly. Visitors don't like hard-to-reach web resources.

Great Features of Magento eСommerce Design 

Such indicators continue to show positive dynamics. The global economy rose the number of consumers and, as a result, increased B2B sales. The volume indicator is forthcoming at the $1 trillion marks. According to experts, by 2023, the total turnover will increase to $1.8 trillion. This is approximately 17% of all US trading stocks.

Besides being completely responsive and easily customizable, our web assets are also mobile-friendly and user-oriented. You can enjoy other handy characteristics, for instance: 

  • drop-down MegaMenu;
  • Ajax;
  • Google Maps integration;
  • multilingual support;
  • online chat;
  • JQuery;
  • W3C valid code;
  • retina-ready layout;
  • mobile adaptation (AMP);
  • performance optimization;
  • multiple extensions and modules, etc.

Connect your existing courier accounts with Easyship

It is important to remember that Magento can sustain single-page assurance, checkout from a guest profile, delivery to other addresses, and many other aspects that include a modern online store. A significant benefit is the support of various payment systems (PayPal, Authorize.net, etc.).

Also, you can easily set up a delayed invoice program. This will make it much easier and more convenient to pay for purchases.

If we talk about platform flexibility, there's a wide variety of modules and enhancements. Developers will easily establish a user module from the very beginning and include all wishes and requirements. As a result, you will have a special and individual product.

Professional Magento eСommerce Themes Management: Needed Skills

Previous experience shows that the self-implementation of payment modules and other functions does not always give a positive result. Therefore, it is best to use the professional help of developers. 

This CMS platform comes with a search engine optimization-friendly environment. Your theme just has to stick to normal scripting practice and do whatever is legal to get bots to index your site. HTML / CSS code must be flawless.

To create extensions, the developer must have experience with this system. You can download ready-made modules. However, it is possible to download and install modules for adding social networks, 1-click ordering, automatic sorting of identical products, callback, and other solutions for efficient eCommerce. More often than not, large companies have sufficient technical background or additional budget to set up an online store. Therefore, both Magento Community and Magento Enterprise will suit you.

How to Install Magento eСommerce Themes

When building a new website with Magento eCommerce design, you can select the most suitable template. After changing the hosting, you can place and activate future resources on the Internet. It is recommended to pick the hostings we suggest.

The next is to install it to the CMS. Try one of the installation services like Softaculuos. It will help you to set everything quick.

Now you can start to "refine" the interface of the new site. To do this, you will need to make some settings for the elements in the Content section (pages, widgets, categories, posts in social networks, blocks, headings).

Configure the specifics of the content blocks separately. Let’s customize the header, footer, main elements. Such settings need to be done through the configure tab. Products — Catalog — Add Product. Go to check Product Details — the section you need to complete. You can also go to Advanced settings to use cross-selling tools, viewing similar products, and more.

Before launching your attractive site, be sure to check that you have added the following important elements (which also significantly affect the cost of a Magento website design):

  • social networks to ensure sales through different channels;
  • contact form for buyers;
  • payment systems;
  • fast authentication function for easy user registration;
  • several site localizations to bring the online store to the international market.

Use a search engine to find a nice Ajax extension.

MonsterONE and its Benefits

Magento's official website offers both free and paid versions of the products. This resource provides templates from $100. But there you can, like ours, download an archive of some materials for free. MonsterONE opens it is possible to get Magento furniture templates at a price 2-3 times lower. In addition, by registering MonsterONE, many more opportunities open up:

  1. CREATIVE for $82/year.
  2. ALL-IN-ONE for $179/year.
  3. ALL-IN-ONE (Unlimited) $599/one-time fee for lifetime.

If it’s not possible, download free Magento eСommerce themes.

For many years, TemplateMonster has been creating and maintaining a website in a wide variety of business niches. Do you need a comprehensive expert approach? Contact us; then, we will create your unique website. You can read more about the licensing and subscription requirements and process here.

Magento eCommerce Design FAQ

Who Needs to use Magento eCommerce design?

Magento eСommerce themes are ideal for any business size — from flashy startups and small companies to multinational corporations. If you have received an order to implement a new website intended for sales, then use our templates, and your client will be in the sky with 7 tons of happiness.

Will I be able to manage the Magento eCommerce design manually?

Yes. You can watch a video instruction that will show how the site's admin panel looks and how to manage it, make changes, adjust the necessary sections.

Is it possible to make a multilingual website with a Magento eCommerce design?

Yes. Magento themes design will not interfere with displaying different languages. To create a multilingual version, follow the path: Stores — Configuration — Locale Options. Fill in the required fields, save the settings. Connect language packs for automation manipulation.

How to apply or update to get the latest version of Magento eCommerce themes?

To embed a theme in your design, follow these steps:
In the Admin panel, choose Content — Design — Configuration. The page will open. Save targeted changes.
Then enter here corresponding to your store view, click “Edit.” The website design Magento configuration page for the selected area will open.
Select the “Themes” tab and newly created.
Save configuration. 
Magento improves cloud infrastructure for scalability, performance, and reliability. They will also be releasing next-generation hosting solutions in the second half of 2021. This will allow for easier upgrades, more constraints, and checks to ensure a smooth migration and improve responsiveness to support.

Magento eCommerce Design Video

This educational video shows how to manage icons in just a few minutes. It has detailed instructions, a step-by-step explanation, followed by the result.

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