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Magento Travel Themes

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Magento Travel Templates by MonsterONE

Are you the owner of a traveling agency or store of traveling equipment and accessories? Anyway, you are in the right place. As nowadays the right presentation on the Internet gives great brand awareness and a lot of sales, you should have an appropriate website. Magento travel themes are exactly what helps you to build a multifunctional and modern website for your travel business. So, what should you know about these templates? Let us figure this out.

Main Features of Magento Travel Templates

First of all, you don't need to be worried if you have never built your own website. Due to the powerful features of Magento travel tour themes, you can customize them to the websites with ease. Secondly, the features will make your travel website complete and user-friendly. Most notable of them are:

  • Unique design - all Magento travel design stores have the original layout that provides more traffic to the site;
  • Responsive layouts - your theme will show well on all devices' screens;
  • Easy to use admin panel - due to this feature, you can find and modify every item without a headache;
  • HTML5 and HTML plus JS - symbol codes you need to simplify your website design;
  • Sample content - helps to create own content of travel business;
  • Functional extensions - allow you to add necessary services to your website. These templates have a Magento travel booking system that allows you to book any service you provide. Moreover, there is the Magento setup price for children and adult travel that you can integrate into your website.

Download Magento Travel Themes for All Types of Projects

Don't hesitate to download these templates because there are so many advantages and appropriate configurations that you will be surprised. Magento allows increasing sales of even such traveling goods as chess, domino, checkers, and other games for having fun during traveling. The type of design, layout, options, and other elements of the website depending on your kind of activity. Speaking of different types of themes, it is essential to mention you can use them for the following businesses: 

  • Travel agency
  • Travel goods
  • Excursions
  • Hotels, resorts, apartments
  • Transportation
  • Liners
  • Airlines
  • Cruise, etc.

As you can see, you can choose a suitable template for your needs, starting from selling travel bags up to selling tours to the Maldives.

Magento Travel Themes from MonsterONE Membership

You have already seen amazing designs and learned about the main features of our templates. What if we say you can use several themes at one price? Yes, it is real. MonsterONE subscription opens great opportunities for clients. Thanks to it, you get all the products you need for building a perfect travel website. Paying once you can use any theme and solution for your business. So, there are three plans for every requirement and budget:

  1. Creative. It costs $82 per year and contains the presentation templates, graphics, and other helpful visual elements.
  2. All-in-one. Its price is $179 a year and it includes all products from the gallery, in particular the best Magento themes, plugins, graphics, audio, and video assets. Moreover, this plan implies free technical support.
  3. All-in-one Lifetime. This plan is lifelong with a price of $599. This payment opens a wide range of all digital products from the gallery. You can use each item you want for each of your projects.

Magento Travel Templates FAQ

Why should I choose Magento travel templates?

Magento travel templates are ready-made themes with a unique layout for any travel-related website. Due to them, you can create a website as you want with all necessary additions. For example, appropriate blocks with content will help you present your product from the best side and buttons help your customers buy it in one click. So, by choosing Magento travel store designs from the gallery of Magento templates you can realize every idea about the presentation of your business and selling goods or services via the Internet. Besides, you can do all of the above, saving money with ONE Subscription.

Can I pick several Magento travel templates?

Yes, because purchasing one of the pricing plans from Monster ONE Membership, you can download and use as many items as you wish. It is a convenient option, as sometimes it is difficult to choose which design you like most. Moreover, you can select as many extensions as you need. All these opportunities that ONE Subscription provides, help everyone to create definitely high-quality travel websites.

Is it easy to install the Magento travel templates?

Our developers made the installation process effortless! Firstly, you need to log in ONE account. Secondly, pick the category Magento themes in the left sidebar and choose the topic Travel. Click on the design you want to download. Find the Download button and press it. Also, you can visit our technical services if you have any issues. There you will find such services as installation, copywriting, online store setup, logo creation, and more.

Which extensions of Magento travel templates should I choose for my project?

Whatever your travel business is, whether it is selling excursions or touristic equipment, you can use additional opportunities for your website with Magento travel templates. Exactly a wide range of extensions will make your website unique, complete, and user-friendly. According to your business requirements and purposes, you can choose them based on your taste. It can be either Megamenu, Ajax Search, or Google Maps. For example, you want to inform your clients and visitors about the advantages of your product, or why they need it. Then pick the Blog Magento extension and post any information you think is important. The option to display popular or recent products on the homepage will induce your clients to buy, increasing your profit.

How to Create a Business Website with Magento Travel Templates

This video shows how to build an attractive travel website step by step. Moreover, it will help you to create a complete vision of the structure of business websites. Watch this video, choose Magento travel templates, and create a good-looking profitable website today!

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